Healing and Party Play Demonstrated by Bless Online

I can only count a total of two healer classes I’ve genuinely enjoyed playing in MMOs, so when Bless Online showed off its classes in action, I was curious whether the Paladin would be a third. Now, a new Bless Online group gameplay video is granting myself and perhaps others like me a chance to consider the possibilities.

bless online group gameplay video

According to the blog post, the new footage is a direct response to the earlier class preview footage and the comments it spawned from curious fans. The video’s point is twofold: to offer a look at just how the Paladin’s healing abilities work and to see how Bless Online’s group dynamic operates.

As before, the gameplay footage in question is from an earlier developer build of the MMO and so could differ between now and whenever early access launch begins, which still does not have a firm calendar date. All the same, you can take a look at the embedded video and decide for yourself whether healing in Bless Online will be your bag.

Our Thoughts

Personally speaking, healing as a Paladin in Bless Online doesn’t look to be as active as I would like, meaning WildStar’s Gunslinger remains the top of the healer class heap. That said, it still looks like an interesting enough class and it’s also nice to see the MMO’s group gameplay in action. Where do you stand on this latest preview?

Source: Steam

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