Creating your character in an MMO is unquestionably one of the more personal and important steps of playing, and having a lot of options is incredibly important. Conan Exiles customization appears to have more choices than many other MMOs, as character creation features options for male genitalia, and even introduces a physics engine.

Christopher Livingston at PC Gamer has shared this discovery while playing the early access build of the game in a variety of very animated tweets (very NSFW content a-head). Character creation allows players who choose male avatars to adjust the size parameters of their fifth leg, and the game even includes a physics engine that reacts to movement.

It should be mentioned that when creating a character in Conan Exiles, options to start life with coverings for soft parts, coverings for the lower half or no coverings at all are available. Those who are interested in trying out the game's early access can give their character a shred of decency, but should be prepared for potential full nudity in addition to waving manhood.

Our Thoughts

We're not saying that the introduction of full male nudity and physics for jibbly bits is going to smash the patriarchy, but we also appreciate how this design decision is setting the tone for the entire Conan Exiles game; that no matter what gender you are, you are starting with nothing and everyone is on equal footing. A game where physics for male genitals as well as for female anatomy does seem to drive that point home.

Your Thoughts

Are you playing Conan Exiles and were you surprised by the character creation options? How do you feel about a game that introduces features such as male genitals with physics? How many squats has your character done? Whip out your thoughts in the comments.

Source: PC Gamer (seriously, lots of NSFW content you guys)

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