Hello and welcome my friends, lovers and game enthusiasts! Love is in the air here at MMO Games since it’s Valentine’s Day! Ah, the romance, the amour, the fragrance of love is everywhere. We at MMO Games believe that you should spend a little extra time with your significant other. That means sitting down and playing a videogame with them of course!! Which one you might ask? Well here’s a list of what our writers believe are the best of the best!


I’ve been playing MMOs with my wife for many years, but if I were to pick an MMO for couples to play, it would probably be World of Warcraft. From a casual perspective, the recruit-a-friend option is ideal for clingy ‘lovebirds’ who prefer being partied up with each other most of the time. Also, there’s just so much to do in the land of Azeroth.

We are looking at something that’s been around and constantly evolving for more than 9 years after all, so couples would definitely have tons of content to work with. Another factor would be WoW’s ruthless world PVP (provided that you are in a PVP server).

Fending off mobs together is one thing, but saving your significant other from a bunch of bloodthirsty players is just downright sweet. You probably won’t succeed most of the time, but at least you died together <3

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The best MMO to play with your significant other, is probably entirely up to what you prefer playing. Enjoy massive amounts of content and easy to learn casual play-through kind of experience? I suggest you try out World of Warcraft. If you’re not into the pay-to-play kind of thing, there are also other cheaper alternatives.

Lots of great free MMOs out there which are loads of fun too! I suggest you try out games such as Neverwinter or Tera, if you like the fantasy type of MMOs. Sure the games may be a bit more skill focused then WoW tab targeting, but hey, at least they’re free! My sister at the moment, is playing Guild Wars 2 with her boyfriend, and she enjoys that a lot as well. They leveled together and are trying to reach end game content so they can raid together.

Maybe you’re more into sci-fi games? Star Wars the Old Republic or Firefall may be right up your alley! Also free-to-play and they're still being updated, making it worth checking out. My advice: gaming with your significant other always strengthens each others bonds! Doesn’t matter what game you play, as long as you’re having fun and spending time together it’s all worth it.

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I’m fortunate in that for most of my MMO playing life I’ve had a built in partner with my husband. Together we have explored several worlds and been many people. In my mind only one stands out in my mind as the best MMO for couples; Rift. In 2012 when marriage was introduced to the game nearly 22,000 couples exchanged virtual vows to break the world record for the most in game marriages in one day.

But it isn’t just the ability to wear a ring that puts Rift in the number one spot for me. The ability to make complimentary builds and have characters who work together with ease is for me the biggest thing. It is easy to get lost for hours in Telara with your significant other. All of this thanks to a system which rewards groups and allows for complimentary builds without sacrificing something else.

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The best MMO to play with your significant other…. I'm going to have to answer that in a few ways. In my mind there is the best game to play with them, but it's only multiplayer, and there is the game that is going to be the best.

First the best game to play with them? Hands down, no argument, Mario Kart. It doesn't matter which one. It's Mario Kart. If you can't have a good time trying doing that, not sure you're meant to be together.

The game that is going to be the best? It's wide eye idealism from me at this stage not knowing any better, but I have to say The Division.

Engaging in video games with my significant other (and finding an appropriate way to phrase that) is very rewarding. We know how we both play, we know each others style. A post apocalyptic MMO where having that one buddy who will work with you through thick and thin, till respawn do you part? I can't think of anyone I'd trust more to support me playing it or anyone who I'd want more to back me up.

Now... the actual best thing to play with your significant other would get me in trouble with the editorial staff. Especially if I got illustrations for the gameplay guide…

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Events in World of Warcraft are generally a lot more fun to finish if you do the quests with a party or together with your significant other. There's Love is in the Air every February where you get to go on a picnic together or finish flirt-with-disaster quests.

Obtaining the Explorer and Elder titles can be also be tricky (try sneaking into the enemy camp together and see how they 'welcome' you). All in all, going on in an adventure together in WoW with similar goals in mind is quite fun. Hearing that familiar ‘ding!’ and getting an achievement together at the same time feels like a milestone as a couple.

You may bicker and blame each other other for some failed attempts, but at the end of the day, you'd still call for your partner to cover your back when you have an annoying ganker just after you rolled a new character. You know you're still most likely to send your partner a hearty /kiss and /flirt after that.

Valentine’s Day is, for many people at least, the most romantic day of the year. This is a time that couples from all over the world should get together and celebrate! With this list of suggestions, I hope we informed you well enough about which games are best suited to play with your loved one. Of course, almost any game out there has a Valentine’s Day extravaganza going on! So get out there, in the wild virtual blue yonder and have a lovely time together!

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