10 Reasons To Be Excited For Overwatch

The Open Beta for Overwatch is upon us, which means that everyone will have a chance to try Blizzard’s new game before it is releases later this month. Being one of the biggest online titles scheduled for this year, Overwatch has gathered a huge amount of hype and has much to live up to. With what has been shown so far, Blizzard has another classic on its hands. If you had any doubts about trying the game before, we have put together this list of 10 reasons why you should be excited for Overwatch.

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Blizzard’s Back

Blizzard has both the money and the resources to build and refine any game it wants until it is completely polished. Among its history of classic games like Warcraft, Lost Vikings, StarCraft, and Diablo, we also find games put to rest after years of development. The latest of these examples is the game that went by the code name Titan; this was a game that was supposed to be the next MMORPG to redefine genre standards. However, the progress on the game didn’t live up to the company’s standard, so they scrapped it and from its ashes rose Overwatch. Blizzard has a knack for making games that many enjoy for decades, which means Overwatch has a lot of potential.

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Mixing Genres

Redefining and mixing up old genres is something many developers aim for and Blizzard has always manage to accomplish. With Overwatch, they are at the core trying to fuse a team-based fps with hero variety from the MOBA genre. The result of this mixture is a fast paced shooter with a wide range of characters to choose from. It might not be something completely new, but it is a combination that Blizzard has polished better than any other studio.

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Overwatch is about giving the player a multitude of choices in regards to playing the game. With 21 launch characters, and possibly more to come afterward, there are plenty of options regardless of your playstyle. All characters come with their own unique looks, abilities and moving patters that greatly differs from one another. This makes the gameplay change depending on who you play as but also who you’re playing with. The best part of it all is how easy you can switch between characters while in a match and adapt to any situation.


Team Focus

Overwatch is above all a team-based FPS. Think about Team Fortress 2 in terms of both gameplay and visuals but with more characters to choose from. There are different objectives in the different modes that all demand your team works together. Having a team full of healers, or everyone picking a sniper, will most likely lead to a defeat. So talk with your teammates and learn what works together. While many FPS games are all about running your own show, Overwatch is trying to make the teamwork matter, which is always appreciated.

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Blizzard has a certain knack of making its games accessible to everyone, even if you aren’t familiar with the genre. Overwatch is no exception to the rule and you will feel comfortable with the game after only a few matches. FPS veterans will immediately feel familiar with everything from weapon mechanics to skill loadouts, but there will also be excitement when trying out new strategies for different maps. Overwatch is a game that will appeal to its general fans as well as to anyone who likes team-based shooters.



Overwatch is very accessible and a perfect game for casual gamers to jump into when they have the urge to enjoy a shooter. Like all Blizzard games, Overwatch is a games that includes a lot of depth, which also makes it the perfect game for hardcore players as well. Learning all the characters, their skills and weaknesses will take time and will be necessary if you aim at playing on a high level. Also learning what tactics to use on the various maps will require time and dedication. This means that you can spend a lot of time studying and planning different tactics while outside of the game in addition to testing them while inside.

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It should come as no surprise that Blizzard is aiming for Overwatch to be its next big eSports title, and it’s one that has the potential of becoming its biggest eSports game. Being able to bring in both the casual audience and the hardcore players is a must for a game to succeed in eSports, which is something that Overwatch manges to do impressively. the depth of tactics and team requirements will showcase high-level team coordination and individual player skill, and this will make Overwatch very exciting to watch. It is also a game with clear objectives that most FPS players are familiar with and this makes Overwatch very accessible to multiple audiences.


Not Free-to-Play

One of the biggest surprises Overwatch dropped was its buy-to-play business model. In a time where most hero-based games are transitioning to free-to-play, with the option to earn new characters or to buy them with real money, Blizzard is taking a step backwards and giving you a full game for a standard price. This is an approach that many gamers were hoping for and something that has been getting a lot of praise since then.

10 Reasons To Be Excited For Overwatch


The history of Blizzard shows that its games last for a very long time and they aren’t simply made for a quick profit. Seeing how Diablo 2 is still getting support from Blizzard, and how people are still playing it, Overwatch has the potential to have a stable playerbase for a decade to come. The possibility of buying a game today and knowing you will still have the opportunity to play it with other people in five years is a sign we seldom see.

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With the Open Beta coming to a close, it is only a few weeks until we can play Overwatch in its full form. The release date is set for May 24, which makes it a great time to start getting excited for Overwatch’s launch. Be prepared for the release of Overwatch by getting on the hype-train today and studying guides for your favorite characters.

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