10 Reasons To Explore The World With Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO has finally been unleashed upon the world. While it is only officially released in a few countries due to server problems, the rest of the world can play it at the moment with some easy workarounds, but it will be released officially across the world very soon. As you can read in our first impressions of the game, there is something addictive about Pokémon GO even if the game has a lot of bugs at the moment.

Despite all the kinks and lack of activities aside from collecting, Pokémon Go has already become one of the biggest mobile games ever and everyday I see a number of people walking around trying to catch Pokémon. If you still have not decided upon whether to give this game your valuable time, we have put together this list of 10 reasons why you should explore the world with Pokémon GO.


Closest thing to a Pokémon MMO

A Pokémon MMO is something a lot of players have dreamt about ever since Red and Blue was released. To be able to explore the world of Pokémon with or against friends, to have an online progression system where you and your Pokémon can stand out and where you can strive to be the gym leader… These are elements that Pokémon GO offers, and even if you can’t fight people on the street or train your Pokémon to become better, it is by far the closest thing we have to a Pokémon MMO. It is also a game that over time has the potential to evolve into that MMO we have dreamt about for so long.

Catch ’em all

Collecting things seems to be rooted in human nature on some level and Pokémon has always been a collector’s dream. With Pokémon GO your collecting needs will be met while talking walks or just going to the supermarket. The game has all the first 151 Pokémon in it and you won’t be able to catch all of them in your city or even your country. But once you start collecting them, there are few things that beat the buzz of a Pokémon being nearby and every time you see it is a new Pokémon your heart will race and the need to catch it will be more important than anything else.


Find out new things about your city

Pokémon GO is about more than growing you collection of Pokémon and becoming the strongest collector trainer out there. It is also a game which encourages you to explore where you live and which lets you learn new things about your, or the nearest, city to where you live. The Pokéstops in the game are all places which have something unique, whether it is a statue or a cool graffiti.

In my rather small town, I have encountered a huge amount of hidden statues and even old viking graves that I hadn’t heard about before. Even if you are not that interested in Pokémons (you will be in time), the game can be your own tour guide.

Pokémon GO Launch

It´s (somewhat) free

One of the biggest reasons for you to give Pokémon GO a chance is that it is free. There is nothing but a short download keeping you from experiencing Pokémon in the real world. The game is free to download and free to play, there is even a great system in place to get new items such as revives and Pokéballs without having to pay a dime for them. Every Pokéstop and level will give you items. But if you want to level quickly, or live at a spot without Pokéstops or a big number of Pokémon, you will have to pay to get items that help you in your quest of becoming the best trainer out there.

Keep on walking

Pokémon GO is more of a training application than a game. Just a quick look at Twitter will tell you that this game demands long walks, which makes that players all over the world are either happy about getting something for their exercise or complain about sore legs and feet after hours of walking to catch new Pokémon. Everything about the game is made so that you actually move outdoors. To get new Pokémon you will have to walk further and further away from home. The eggs which you can put in an incubator require a certain distance to be walked before they hatch. Finding new Pokéstops and Gyms is only done by walking and exploring since the map cannot be moved away from your character.

Reasons To Explore The World With Pokémon GO

Be a Gym Leader

If you are more than a pure collector, this is the reason for getting Pokémon with high combat power. There are Gyms located throughout the world and if you live in the city, there will be numerous gyms. Becoming a gymleader is something many Pokémon players have dreamt of since the first game and now it is possible. To become part of a gym you need to beat a player and their chosen Pokémon. Before entering a gym battle you need to be level 5 and chose one of three teams. Other team members can then put their chosen Pokémon in that gym and help you defend it, the one with the strongest Pokémon will be the leader.

GO full-geek with Pokémon GO Plus

If running around outdoors looking at your screen is making your adventure less enjoyable, there will be a solution coming soon. The Pokémon GO Plus accessory is a small Pokéball which you can put around your wrist like a watch. This nice-looking device will then alert you on when Pokémon or Pokéstops are nearby and help you catch them in a click. The device will only work with Pokémon you have already caught, but it makes you focus your eyes on the road ahead or your companion instead of the phone.

Find Pokémon in the weirdest places

Pokémons can be found everywhere, literary everywhere. There are already numerous news stories on how shops don’t let players catch Pokémons unless they are paying customers or how the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C complain about people catching Pokémons there. The right Pokémon can also appear at the right moment, which can make for some great photos for you to share with your friends. What about a Magikarp in the frying pan or a Horsea in the toilet? The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to finding the right Pokémon at the right place.

pokemon go plus

Fun for the whole family

Nintendo has always been a company producing games for the whole family. The concept behind all their consoles has been to bring the family together, where they can enjoy games that both the youngest and the oldest like. Pokémon Go is the perfect example for this.

Gathering up the family for a walk outdoors can be difficult sometimes, but with Pokémon GO in someone’s hand it can be really fun and the walk can easily go from 20 minutes to two hours. This goes for walks alone too, but like most things, it is more fun to do in the company of someone close to you. So take your partner, kids or pets, and enjoy Pokémon GO together.

Pokémon GO – connecting people IRL

While catching Pokémon and fighting at gyms might not look like a social experience at first sight, the game manages to bring people together in real life. It is quite easy to see another player trying to catch a Pokémon since they will just stop in their tracks and point their phone somewhere, or you could see them using items to bring Pokémon to a Pokéstop.

Talking about Pokémon has become the best icebreaker ever during the last week. You could very well meet the love of your life or at least a long lasting friend just by looking for Pokémon. There are also numerous gatherings being organized all around the world in order to help each other out in Pokémon GO. So go out there in the real world and make some new friends while you get your daily exercise done with Pokémon GO.

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