10 Reasons Why You Should Play Battleborn

Battleborn is a game that might have passed unnoticed to many players given its release, that was close to that a lot of other big games. Some of those games, at a first glance, might seem visually similar, like Overwatch.

For those of you who haven’t heard about it, Battleborn is a first-person MOBA from Gearbox. The game is filled with everything you would expect from the creators of Borderlands but also adds something new to both the MOBA and the FPS scene.

Battleborn is overall a really interesting and fun game that just had bad timing, which is why we have put together this list of 10 reasons for playing Battleborn.

Battleborn gameplay

Great Visuals

Battleborn is a great looking game, one of, if not the best-looking MOBA out on the market. It has the cartoony aesthetics we have come to love from the Borderlands franchise, but with a lot more color and Disney feeling to it. Everything from the very detailed heroes to environments that are filled with small things, but which also feels epic in a sense.

While the visuals are one of the many strengths of Battleborn, it is also the same direction Blizzard has gone with Overwatch. This made players compare the two games, but aside from aesthetics, they are completely different.

Battleborn gameplay

Great Heroes

Battleborn comes loaded with a great variety of heroes who all seem unique and fun to play with. All heroes come with a completely different set of weapons and powers that you can change and customize in vast ways. All characters also have a very unique look and personality which enhances the experience when you play them.

While some of the heroes are unique in the sense that you haven´t encountered any similar character in a game before, some are extreme satirical characters based on ones we often find in both FPS and MOBA titles. Battleborn has 25 different heroes at launch and you can play everything from a mushroom to a vampire samurai.

Battleborn heroes


New kind of MOBA

Even if Gearbox themselves have distanced from the term MOBA and continue to call the game a cooperative multiplayer shooter which is objective-based, it is a MOBA at the core, but that is a good thing. The FPS together with the game modes that differ some from other MOBA titles, makes it feel very unique. There´s also a great variety in the maps which opens up for very different approaches and tactics.

Battleborn may share some of the pillars which makes MOBA, but it manages to stand out on its own and adds new aspects to the genre, renewing it.

Battleborn gameplay

Story missions

If you want a better chance to succeed online against other players, there is an 8-mission campaign to play through. The campaign introduces you to the game’s heroes but also to the maps and different game modes in a fun way.

The story itself gives both a great background lore to the game and the reasons behind all the fighting, and the laughs that have become a trademark for Gearbox, especially with Borderlands. The campaign works great for playing shorter bursts and for feeling great about your skills.

Battleborn gameplay

Really funny

Battleborn is simply a very funny game, very well-written. Gearbox once again show how well they handle the writing of a game and how they pour all of their humour in it. While the humour at Gearbox is special, it is one that will give you a big smile while playing.

The humour extends from just having funny and extremely weird characters to how the extreme the game is when playing. If you did enjoy watching enemies turn to giblets in Borderlands, you are in for a real treat with Battleborn.

Battleborn gameplay

Buy 2 Play

While free2play has been the norm for MOBAs and also online FPS in one sense the last few years, it is great to see Gearbox giving us a full-fledged AAA game with a standard price tag. This lets you enjoy the game fully with all the characters available without any paywalls and where everyone will level in the same speed without any boost or way to make yourself better just because you pour more money into it.

While there are microtransactions in the game, they are all purely cosmetic. Gearbox is going fully b2p with having the upcoming five heroes available as free DLCs, something that is always appreciated.

Battleborn gameplay

Varied game modes

Battleborn comes with three different game modes that play very different from one another. First we have Incursion, which is the common MOBA mode. Here your tram will defend you base from minions and the other team while attacking their base. Secondlym we have Capture, which pays homage to FPS. Here you capture and hold objectives on the map while killing the other team. Lastly, we have meltdown, in which the teams led their minions to the centre into a furnace where their deaths counts as points.

Battleborn gameplay

Builds upon Gearbox’s great legacy

Looking at the previous titles of Gearbox, there are some great games that had a good release and a big amount of players, some still play their older games even now.

Battleborn is supposed to build further upon their legacy and be the game that displays everything they have learned so far, showing their full potential. But it is also a game that explores new territories for Gearbox, meaning there is an interesting future to look forward to.

Battleborn gameplay

Customization and progression

Battleborn is a game with a heavy emphasis on both customization and progression. During matches you have a leveling system which most MOBA fans will be familiar with: their character starts at 1 and levels up to 10 during the match. You have the opportunity to customize your playstyle with each level.

But there is also a persistent progression system happening outside of the matches. You can here level all characters permanently to level 10, which unlocks new skills and upgrades, making your heroes fit the way you prefer to play them.

There is also a player rank in which you progress after each match, and it comes with both a bragging rights and with new hero unlocks.

Battleborn gameplay


Most importantly of all reasons, Battleborn is very addictive. It is a game built on the principle of “one more match”. Together with a progression system, great cast and a humour that is hard to get enough of, it is a huge strength.

If Battleborn has passed unnoticed by your radar because of May’s other big release, you should really pick it up and give it a chance.

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