10 Things To Do Before Legion Launches

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Hey, you over there with the sad expression and the Blizzard authenticator! Maybe you don’t realise, but that Warcraft sub’s still active and you never cancelled it, and that means you could be in game right now making sure you’re prepared for the Legion’s arrival in August! So while I have your attention, there’s an important point to make: lots of stuff vanishes once that happens, never to be seen again. It’s time you got organised and prepared yourself.

Therefore MMOGames is please to present the guide to 10 things to do before Legion launches. This selection is far from comprehensive, but covers the notable highlights that I myself am planning for, and in some cases realising might simply have to be left to one side as there’s already too much to do. Without further ado therefore, let’s get down to business. Pad and pencil at the ready? Okay, let’s start with the one change that’s already making me cry, because I know full well how much I’m going to miss this when it finally gets nerfed.


1. Howl Bomb go bye-bye

By far the biggest loss you’re going to experience in Legion if you care anything about the serious side of Pet Battling is no more Howl + Whirlpool + Geyser = Win. As the vast majority of my Celestial Tournament strategies pretty much depend on this combination, I’m currently doing my damnedest to get the thing done before it’s all over, and I have to go back to actually learning how to play to get by. Pet battling’s a bit like Marmite: you either love or hate it, and because I’m a lover not a fighter a collector of pets before I want to beat anything up? These are sad times indeed. It’s hard enough finding the time to LFG and even play right now, without worrying about these kind of details. I remember when all this was just Vanity pets… Also, there’s a ton of pets you can still collect in Warlords. Even I was missing a few and I thought I had all of them.


2. 300 Toys = 1 Mount

The Toybox was a brilliant master stroke in Warlords, and now you’re going to need to find and collect an awful lot of stuff to hit the new glass ceiling: 300 Toys. If you do that? Then you get a Mechanized Lumber Extractor, a recolour of possibly the coolest mount in game: the Goblin Shredder. No, it’s no Mimiron’s Head, but that’s beside the point. It’s the mount that actually makes me motion sick when flying and possesses without doubt the coolest sound set of anything you’ll mount in Azeroth. You may think 300’s a lot, but trust me, many MANY items that weren’t Toys before will become so now, including all your Engineering Trinkets. Time to make a list and start farming now. Of the 10 things to do before Legion launches? This one’s a biggie, and it’s also including items from every expansion since The Burning Crusade. Get yourself organised!


3. Trinkets for the Trinket God

Those of you lucky enough to be geared to a certain standard should probably be considering Mythics whenever the bonus week rolls around: not simply for the kudos they provide plus the improvement in gear, but the fact that there’s FIVE special BoA trinkets that have a chance to drop from bosses. These will scale with you to Level 110, and anyone worth their Dusky Crab Cakes can tell you just how useful the heirloom weapons were that everyone nabbed from Garrosh before Warlords launched. Of course, with Artifacts, no more need for shiny hitty sticks on the Broken Isles, but Trinkets is a different matter. Traditionally one of the hardest items to find when you’re levelling, I expect Legion to be no exception to that rule. Go find four mates, presumably including a tank and a healer, and get to it.


4. Brawler’s Guild and Taking Names

In an unprecedented move Blizzard announced via a Developer Tweet that the Brawler’s Guild will be going on hiatus as soon as the pre-Expansion patch hits. This is presumably as a result of all the class changes which will have a fairly drastic effect on the ease (or otherwise) of these special indoor Arena bosses. As a result, there’ll be no using this to help you get more shirts for your wardrobe (see No. 6) or grabbing the Brawler’s Mount once everything changes. This one happens even faster than September (probably end of June/early July) so really, get a move on. Many of our 10 Things to do before Legion launches will simply become impossible once the Expansion arrives. This one is likely to change forever, and you may never see some of these bosses again. Expect long queues however, especially on busy server clusters.


5. Mount your Garrison

I know some of you don’t ever want to go back to the Garrison, but there’s still at least one thing in there that you can’t do alone. I’m still lacking a Platinum Invasion achievement and at some point I gotta try it, so I suspect this is the one I’ll be working the hardest to achieve in the weeks that follow. Forget that there’s a chance for one of four mounts for completion and realise you have six rare drops to wish for in the hope you can then summon half a dozen rare ‘Garrison’ bosses, and suddenly there’s a despair to complete the task that utterly eclipses all those weeks you sat doing Missions in your homestead and forgot to actually leave. This is one of those things I suspect that if I can’t finish before Legion, may never get finished at all. It will depend on how much they nerf the whole thing once Legion hits (note: it will be nerfed a LOT. Trust me on this.) Mostly, you also need to kill mobs in Draenor that nobody cares about and nobody else farms to start Invasion events. In that regard at least, things have become a whole lot easier.


6. I know what I like (in your Wardrobe UI)

Of the the 10 Things to do before Legion launches this one’s not simply the most time consuming, but for me the most fun. I get an actual Wardrobe. It’s Mogging Mania when the Expansion hits, and this virtual space will become the place that frees up all your bag slots (that aren’t full of items that become Toys) and allows you to share that rare item you only have on one mail wearing alt across them all, Account wide. I’ve already done the work to get the Fabulous title (25 of each armour item + Tabards) with one exception: shirts. Once my tailor gets that done? I am ready to embrace my inner Dwarven Goddess and dress everyone in new and shiny outfits. I’m also mogging pretty much every Artifact weapon when I get them, and Blizzard will hate me. Again, you’ll need lists to prepare for this one, and bank space. Tons and tons and TONS of bank space.


7. Digital rewards also go bye-bye

I didn’t know this one until it was pointed out to me by a friend, and so I repeat it here because if it was news to me, then the same may be true for you. The rewards you received for buying the Digital edition of Warlords (from the Blizzard store) will summarily vanish once Legion appears, so if you want a Giant Blue Flappy Thing or a Cute Small Blue Birdpet? Better get yourself sorted. Oh, and then there’s that Moose you can get if you kill that big Legion bloke but I don’t talk about that because I’m not raiding any more. No, I don’t want a carry either. Really, it’s fine. If I can get it myself, it doesn’t matter. That reminds me, I must go finish the Pandarian Dungeon Achievement… Did I mention there’s just not enough hours in the day to get all this stuff done?


8. Ashran

It was trailed as the future of PvP. Needless to say, we all know how Ashran worked out. However, it still remains a place full of achievements, drops and generally cool things to do if you’re waiting for new content and haven’t experienced it before. It’s not actually going away I am told, but if you’re one of those people who like to say you did stuff when current? Might be an idea to give it a look at. If all else fails, you could buuild a Gladiator’s Sanctum in your Garrison and do that as ‘new’ content until the actual new content turns up in August. Mostly this is your reminder that PvP changes forever come Legion launch and if you want to know just how much better everything gets by experiencing the old way first hand? Get ye to a Battleground!


9. Stupid Bird

Oh yeah, and then there’s Pepe. I’m not a fan, let’s be brutally honest, but he has achievements which involve an awful lot of work for (quite frankly) very little return. If all else fails, if you cannot find anything else to do, then why not take the bird out and do stuff. This only got in the 10 things to do before Legion launches because I know some people enjoy having small fluffy companions on your head. No, I really don’t get this at all. I mean, really… just, NO.

But if you are a fan and lets be honest, most people are, then now is the perfect time to do things with Pepe.


10. Level an Alt

I know you’ve got a lot to do here, and I’m also aware that some of you won’t think any of these suggestions are even worth your time. For you, I have one gilt-edged suggestion. You can have more than one character in game. One of my friends has got over 20, another has close to 30. I’m not saying you need to dual box an AV side here, anything but. Maybe with all the changes coming with Legion you might want to consider a change of pace or scenery. Perhaps you could join the fast paced world of the Paladin? I can heartily recommend Hunters, Mages or Warlocks as I’ll be levelling those first when the Legion arrive. Mostly, it comes down to a simple choice: what do you want to do with the time available?


I already have books laid out, notes written and spreadsheets complete. There’s a metric shedton of stuff to complete, and I’ll honestly be lucky if I get half of it done. Remember, it’s June now, and that means less than three months before Legion arrives. It’s time to get your skates on. This might only be 10 things to do before Legion launches, but trust me when I say there’s so much else that still needs to be finished.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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