Listed: 10 Ways to Survive in The Division’s Dark Zone

The Division is a game that almost manages to live up the hype surrounding it, as you can read in our PC review of the game. It is a game that is filled with a variety of things to do, but there is one thing that stands out and makes The Division endgame unique; it’s the PvP. The Dark Zone is about fighting NPCs for loot and trying to get the loot extracted by a helicopter while other players can attack and steal it for themselves. Entering the Dark Zone might seem scary at first, and it can on occasions be really difficult to survive in the zone. To better your chances on making it in the Dark Zone, we have put together this list of 10 ways to survive in The Division’s Dark Zone.

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Group Up

The best way to ensure that your survival rate goes up in the Dark Zone is to party up with other players before entering. If you have friends who are playing, it is easy to party up with them and move as a group through the zone. If your friends cannot be found online or are at a different level then you, the matchmaking system in The Division is really great. With just one click with the map open, or by using the computer at a safehouse, you can be in a group at the border of the Dark Zones. Getting in a party before entering is a key-element to surviving in the Dark Zone, which is why you find it on our list of on 10 ways to survive in the The Division’s Dark Zone.

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Upgrade Your Gear

Like all MMOs the key to success, no matter what part of the game you play, is having the right gear to do it. If you are roaming in the Dark Zone while leveling up you should really make sure that your gear fits your level. If you are on level 30 you should at least have purple gear in every spot if you want to have a chance of making it in the Dark Zone. You can get gear by playing the PvE sections and doing the daily missions. You can also acquire great gear from the Dark Zone through a number of different ways. The main object of the Dark Zone is to kill NPCs, which can drop really good gear and especially the bosses who drops the best weapons and armors. NPCs also drop credits that you can use to by gear and schematics; just remember to use these often because you lose a lot of them when killed. You also have the opportunity to open chests all over the Dark Zone that can provide great gear, but only if you have keys and the right rank.

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Choose Your Fights Wisely

Never pick a fight with someone you know you are going to lose against. This is a motto that should guide you both in The Division and in life. If you find yourself stumbling around the Dark Zone all alone and notice a boss with many yellowed bar friends, you might want to reconsider going in alone. If you are under-geared in anyway, this sort of battle will be impossible for you. Even players geared well can have some problems in the higher level areas of the Dark Zone. The same logic is applied to other players roaming the Dark Zone. If you see a group that you want to join, think twice before revealing your position. They might kill you as soon as you get near and take your hard earned loot. Being paranoid is what the Dark Zone is all about, which is why choosing your fights so important.


Be Safe

Following the former advice of choosing you fights carefully, you should also plan ahead and be well equipped in order to stay safe and live longer. The first thing you will need is all the medkits you can carry and remember to upgrade you medical wing so that you can carry more medkits. You should also keep an eye on your gear since some of it gives you an extra medkit spot. You should also make sure that you have good survival skills equipped. Having an upgraded first aid skill, with the possibility to revive if down, will keep you going even when you are outnumbered. You might also consider getting a security wall to keep some bullets away from you. Healing, running and hiding is necessary to surviving in the Dark Zone.

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Learn About the Extraction Points

Even if your bag is filled with great new loot after fighting through the Dark Zone you cannot equip the new gear without first extracting it via a helicopter. This is the most crucial part of the Dark Zone and where the PvP really begins. After you have sent for a helicopter you will have to wait 1.5 minute before it arrives and you can attach your loot bag, which also takes a couple of seconds. During this time, you can expect other players to be drawn towards the extraction point, either for securing their own loot or for killing you and taking yours. Knowing the extraction point and where to hide or set up your defense can play a key part in extracting you loot, which is why it fits on this list of 10 Ways to Survive in The Division’s Dark Zone.

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Find Solo Players and Kill Them

You cannot trust anyone in the Dark Zone and while group of players are the most dangerous, solo players are the most unpredictable. You should be very cautious when approaching solo players, they can actually be in a group attempting an ambush on you and your friends, or they can front as an ally and betray you for the loot. So instead of believing in the best of people, you should play it safe and kill solo players before they can kill you. Making sure no one is following you or pretending to be your friend is an excellent way to survive in the Dark Zone.


Grenades Rule

Grenades are one of the best weapons to surviving a difficult fight, which make them essential to surviving in the Dark Zone. Not only can they do great damage on enemies grouped together, but the grenades also comes with different area effects that provide an advantage. Setting enemies on fire, confusing or blinding them will give you a great opportunity to either kill them or run away. Grenades also hinder enemy mobility. Always make sure you are well stocked on grenades of all different types and use them frequently; they may end up saving your life.

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Do Not Trust Anyone

We have touched upon this before, but not trusting anyone really is something that will save lives. The most important thing here is to never trust a group of people, or even get close to a group before you have observed them before. They might play nice and help you kill NPCs at first, but when you get close to the extraction they will most likely stab you in the back and take your loot. Even if you play with people through matchmaking, you should really stay alert, it is easy to be kicked from the group and killed.

10 Ways to Survive in The Division's Dark Zone

Learn The Map

You may need to run or hide in the Dark Zone to survive from players chasing you. If you want to have a chance on making it to a safehouse, or a checkpoint without getting killed, you need to know your way round the map. If you still don’t know the map there is a large risk you will run into dead end alleys or towards places where groups of NPCs are waiting for you. Knowing the map together with unlocking all the safehouses on the map will greatly improve your chances on survival.


Have fun

The last, and possibly most important, stop on this list is to have fun. Even if this might not keep you safe from bullets and backstabbing friends, it will make those harsh death seem worth it. Even if you follow every step in this list, you may end up lying dead on the ground in the Dark Zone. There is always someone with a bigger gun. But if you still end up having fun while trying to make it, you are a survivor. So go out into the Dark Zone tonight and prove that you can survive with your loot.

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