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18 Guild Wars 2 QoL Improvements We’d Like to See in 2018

Quality of life improvements are kind of my favorite. Sure, I love new content and features, but it’s the little things that make a big difference in an MMO. That’s why this year I wanted to start off with a list of 18 Guild Wars 2 QoL improvements we’d like to see in 2018. Some of these are personal picks, some of them are taken from Reddit, and well, some of them are just plain unavoidable on social media. So without further delay here are the quality of life improvements we’re crossing our fingers for.


Library in Home Instance

We’ve been getting all sorts of really great books that are filled with interesting lore. Some of them are rewards for achievements, others are just laying around the world. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to store all of these in a library? They could be added to the hero panel UI, but it already has so much of what we use in the game. Why not put them in a library in the home instance instead? It would give people more reason to visit home instances, which is something the feature badly needs.


Tonic Wardrobe

So you’ve got a collection of tonics that you love using, but you hate having to store them all in your bags. If you alt, you’re never going to have the one you want on the character you’re on. An easy solution to this is to have the tonic wardrobe. Just like you have access to all your minis, glider skins, and mount skins, the idea is to add a new section specifically for tonics. Now you don’t have to worry about space or moving them around to different characters.


Custom Names in Guild Chat

In the roleplaying guild I’m a part of, we have a lot of people with a lot of alts. So when you see the character’s name in the guild chat, chances are you have no idea who that is. I don’t expect all 500 people in the guild to know every one of my 28 characters. This could be fixed a few different ways, but my favorite has to be allowing for custom names. Is that a name you pick for yourself or one that others assign to you? I don’t know. It would certainly make things easier though if everyone knew who they were talking to.


Toy Box for Gizmos

It’s a similar problem to the tonics with gizmos. They’re fun…but they take up space. There’s also having to put them on different characters all the time. So, how about an account-wide toy box in your inventory to put all your gizmos in? It would make them a whole lot more popular as it makes them easier to use.

LFG Full Map Icons

Getting in a group for a map meta is great. What isn’t great though is joining a nice big group only to find out their instance is full. A little icon in the LFG that says the group’s map is full would go a long way to relieving the heartache. If you want you can even take it a step further and alert commanders when they put their group on LFG that their instance is full.


Mastery Points on Map

Mastery points are great but unless you happen to run into them, you would never know they’re out there in the world. Putting them on the map would be a huge QoL improvement for them. It would also mean fewer trips to the wiki. Don’t get me wrong, I love the wiki, I just hate having to rely on it when something in game could and should be showing me the way instead.


The Option to Auto Store Materials

What if instead of having to deposit your materials they did it automatically? That’d be great! But, I also know that’s not always what you want. Some people don’t store materials at all and sell them instead. So make it a box you can tick. Decide for yourself if you want all the materials to go into your bank automatically. Doing this might also increase the popularity of portable banking options.


The Option to Auto Consume Essence of Luck

Most of the time when you get an essence of luck you consume it right away. Or at least I think this is how it goes for most people, do tell me if I’m wrong. Yes, there are some things in the game that require them. So, I’m not suggesting you should always automatically consume them. That would create problems. Instead, make it an option you turn on and off easily. Have it be part of the hero panel, right under the counter for how much you have. Yay, less clutter!


Mount Storage in Home Instance

Wouldn’t it be cute to be able to visit your mounts in your home instance? Have a little stable put into our home instances where we can stand beside our friends. (We don’t REALLY need an orphanage, do we?) I see this as being something that roleplayers would benefit from the most, but I think everyone would enjoy.


A Way to Enter Elona from the Rest of the World

We need a boat or a portal, or even a doorway. Something that takes us from Tyria into Elona without having to teleport to a friend, go through the guild hall, use the pass for the Lily of the Elon, or doing the story. My ideal way of doing it would be a new zone to the north of Elona that connects with the gate in the Fields of Ruin. But that’s just because I really REALLY want to see that gate used. I’d also settle for a portal or a boat from Lion’s Arch, not that I’m particularly fond of using the zone as it takes forever to load. The NPCs in the crafting areas could offer to teleport you to Amnoon as an additional option, but Elona really needs to be made more accessible.

More Guild Hall Decorations

Guild Halls need more decorations. They also need more affordable decorations. When talking about guild halls, I always look at Rift as an example of guild halls and personal spaces done right. There’s a massive amount of options, they’re all fairly affordable, and there’s a lot of customization to be had. What are some of the things I’d like to see? Mounts with some idle animations, chairs you can sit in, and things that make guild halls feel more like places where people gather, live, and work.



For a game that is often called Fashion Wars, it seems odd that there isn’t any easy way to change your appearance. What if you could save a few different looks and pick between them in Wardrobe UI? This could even be something that ArenaNet could put in the gem store. Everyone gets one free slot when they’re introduced. Then sell more in the gem store. It would use armor skins but use the stats from your primary armor.


Favorites in Crafting Lists

When you’re a high-level crafter, those lists get pretty long. It would make things a whole lot easier if you could save a few as your favorite and have them at the top. This way you aren’t sifting through the entire list trying to find that one thing you want that somehow always manages to be at the bottom. This feature would be great for anyone who is working on a guild hall or legendaries.


Put Bounty Markers on the Minimap

If bounties were marked on the minimap with a big old skull I’d swerve to take part! Bounties have, since the launch of Path of Fire, felt like the bastard child that no one wants to play with. Except when you find massive groups running them. It really feels like this isn’t how they were intended to be. Another way to alert people could be to literally alert people. We know when crazed creatures appear, give a map-wide announcement saying a bounty has been started and mark it on the map for people to get to.


Portal to Fort Trinity

This is actually what inspired this entire article. I wanted to take my newest characters to Orr for some Elder Wood farming. The problem was, the closest they had been was Lion’s Arch so I climbed on my Skimmer and went for a…hover? It was certainly a journey and a bit of an annoying one at that. So I started thinking why, if we’re the Commander, can we not get to Fort Trinity easily? The real answer is because we’ve not done the story, but I am not going to repeat the personal story 28 times…just not going to happen. So why not put a portal in Lion’s Arch that you can use once you’ve become the Commander on one character?

Guild Wars 2 QoL Improvements

At this point in the list, we’re looking at what I think are the biggest QoL improvements ArenaNet could make, and the ones I am personally most hopeful we will see before the end of the year.


Specialization Accessories Account Bound

In Path of Fire, we got a bunch of new specialization accessories. They would be really awesome, except they’re soulbound on acquire. My Weaver has no use for a Deadeye accessory. Making them account bound is one change that would make them something that people actually use.


Build Templates

It wouldn’t be a complete list of Guild Wars 2 QoL features we want to see if we didn’t include build templates. If you look at Reddit and the forums, you’ll quickly find they’re the most requested QoL feature going back…quite some time. Will we get it? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


Remove Unidentified Gear from Salvage All

When I started making this list I didn’t actually think to include unidentified gear. It took me logging in and getting annoyed to get the lightbulb moment. Salvage All is amazing, easily one of my favorite Guild Wars 2 QoL improvements in recent memory, but it got completely screwed up with the introduction of Unidentified gear. I don’t want to salvage the gear and I don’t want to open it right away either. Unidentified gear should act more like a container than like armor. If you want to salvage it, right click on the stack. It really shouldn’t have been included in the salvage all and that is why it tops my list of Guild Wars 2 QoL features I want to see in 2018.


And with that, you have the 18 Guild Wars 2 QoL improvements we’d like to see in 2018. Are there any improvements you’d like to see made that I didn’t think of? Leave it in the comments! You never know when ArenaNet is watching.

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