7 Things You Could Buy Instead of the Star Citizen Legatus Pack

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, you’ve most likely heard the news about the Star Citizen Legatus Pack which sells for $27,000. To even find out what is in that pack you have to have spent $1,000 already. The pack comes with 117 ships and 163 extras like beacons, modules, and additional models.

Every corner of the gaming community has been discussing the pack since it was announced. Threads on Reddit are getting tens of thousands of comments, Facebook groups can’t stop talking about it…and maybe that was the plan all along. Star Citizen hasn’t been in the news very much recently but now everyone is talking about it, including me.

$27,000 is a lot of money to spend on a game. You would have to make $12.98 an hour to make that much in one year, and that assumes that all the money you get from your job goes straight to the Legatus Pack and nothing else. That’s just slightly less than the highest minimum wage in the United States.

So all of that got me thinking about how much money that is and what else I could buy with it. I’ve put together a list that includes a house, a fancy hotel stay, a whole lot of caffeine, and more. Here are 7 things you could buy instead of the Star Citizen Legatus Pack.


A 3 Bedroom House

7 things you could buy instead of the Star Citizen Legatus Pack

In Akron, Ohio you can buy yourself a 3 bedroom, 1,518 square foot house for $27,000. Ohio is home to some of the cheapest houses in the United States. On the other hand, 7% of all American astronauts have been from Ohio so you have to ask yourself what is so bad about that state that people go to space to try to escape it.


117 Day Cruise Around the World

For less than $27,000 you can take a round-the-world cruise with MSC. The trip is 117 days long, with 113 nights spent on the ship. This isn’t even for the cheapest room, this is the one with a window. Anyone who has been on a cruise before can tell you how much of a difference having a window makes. Getting a room with a balcony on the 2020 cruise, which MSC is currently selling would cost you another ten thousand dollars. On this cruise, you stop in 26 different countries from Italy to the Pitcairn islands.


5,094 Big Macs

No list talking about money is complete without a Big Mac. The iconic burger from McDonald’s is sold around the world and has become a trusted way to measure the purchasing power parity between two currencies. In the United States, the average Big Mac costs $5.30. This means with 27 thousand dollars you could buy 5,094 Big Macs. That’s enough for one person to have one Big Mac a day, every day for almost 14 years. Nobody likes Big Macs that much.


181 of the Most Expensive Starbucks Order

Starbucks can get a little bit ridiculous with how expensive it is….okay, really ridiculous. In fact, it has become a bit of a thing online to order the most expensive drink at Starbucks that you can. Drinks get increasingly more expensive by adding more and more things to it. The current record stands at $148.99 for a flat white with 173 shots.

The drink has 11 grams of caffeine in it, the Mayo Clinic recommends no more than 400 mg a day. So, if you divided that drink up by your daily caffeine allowance you could share it with 28 people. You could order this drink 181 times, providing sweet, sweet caffeine goodness to almost 5,100 people.


27 Nights at the Plaza Hotel in New York City

With $27,000 you could spend nearly an entire month at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. That’s the hotel Donald Trump used to own that was featured in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. You’ll be staying in one of their cheaper rooms while you’re doing it, but even the cheapest room has a whole lot of style. Plus you’re in an excellent location right next to Central Park.


Buy a Camero or Mustang New

You could buy either a Chevvy Camero or a Ford Mustang for just a little bit more than the Star Citizen pack will cost you. In fact, if you add in the $1000 you have to spend just to get a look at the pack, you’ve got yourself one of these two cars. It’ll cost you extra if you want the convertible, but if you’ve gone that far why not go the extra distance?


10 Best Seats on the Titanic

Finally, just because it’s fun to talk about the Titanic I thought I’d take a look at how many of the best first class tickets we could get with $27,000. The answer to that is 10. In 1912 it cost $2,560 for the most expensive tickets, that’s the equivalent of over $61,000 today. Of course, we all know what happened to the Titanic so maybe that money is better spent elsewhere…



Ah, if I were a rich man…

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