Listed: 7 Ways to Spend Your Time in Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online has finally been released after years of pining for it here in the west. Having known about this games for years, we have gazed upon the beautiful world and awesome character creator during that time. We can finally sink our teeth into this new and massive game. But once you have bought and downloaded the game, what should you do? How should spend your time in Black Desert Online? We have put together a list of 7 ways to spend your time in Black Desert Online.

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Creating Fun And Famous Characters

This might be the first thing that came to many minds when the game was initially announced, and especially now that it has been released. The character creator is vast and immensely detailed, which makes it a great way to spend your time in Black Desert Online. We’re very pleased with the character creator here at MMOGames and in this article we look at recreating some famous character from other games and real life actors.. You can create whatever character you want and make them look like anyone you can think of. Having this vast tool at your disposal makes it really easy to lose countless hours just creating beautiful, or funny, faces.

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Being a sandbox game with a huge world to freely explore however you wish makes Black Desert Online the perfect game for players who are all about finding new beautiful places and hidden areas. The game comes with many different climates and forms of scenery; if you see it in the distance, you can get to it. The best way to move around the world is by horse, which is both fast and visually appealing since the horse-riding looks great. This combined with the excellent auto-navigation system makes moving around the world very simple and easy to do, and it makes for an excellent addition to the list of 7 ways to spend your time in Black Desert Online.

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Building Your Dream House

What would an open world be without your own house to stay in and lay low at from time to time? Black Desert Online gives you the opportunity to decorate your perfect home or shop to do business from. Buying a house in Black Desert Online is very much like buying a house in real life; you get the chance to view the house and then bid for it, while the highest bidder gets the house. The house then comes completely empty making the decorating rely completely on you. So this is your chance to decorate that fantasy house of your dreams, which will be a perfect place to hangout when you just need to relax in a large and beautiful world like this.

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Kill Stuff

Black Desert Online is very much about killing stuff. There is no point in sugar-coating that grinding enemies will be done in one way or another with this game. But with the great classes and an amazing combat system, killing stuff is a great joy with Black Desert Online. Jumping into a group full of imps and quickly destroying them all, with great animations and an enjoyable fighting system, is one of the best parts of Black Desert Online . Having an intuitive and engaging combat system that works well is a good enough reason for this to be one of the 7 ways to spend your time in Black Desert Online.

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Sitting Down And Taking It All In

The world in Black Desert Online is big and greatly populated by both NPCs and players. This is a living world where you can either do standard things like crafting and questing, or spend your time just enjoying the world. You could drop everything you’re doing and take a stroll down the city or park yourself on a bench. The world will just continue to go by whether or not you do anything, NPCs will continue their lives and players will run past you while continuing their quests. The game has some great ambient sounds that you should stay and enjoy. Add in some smells of the outdoors and it’s almost like you’re actually outside.  There are so many things to do in Black Desert Online, sometimes it’s nice to just do nothing at all.

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An advanced crafting system is vital in any modern sandbox MMORPG. In Black Desert Online you are treated with a wide variety of new ways to take on crafting and gathering. You have the node system which lets you trade and get new materials via your trading routes, and you have your own hired workers who can help you with the gathering but also do the crafting for you. The game lets you take on these areas in a new and fresh way, which makes it a great way to spend your time in Black Desert Online.

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Enjoy The Scenery

If a single aspect about Black Desert Online has been promoted more than anything else, it’s definitely the aesthetics. The visuals have always been brought up as the game’s strength, and with a very good reason. Stopping up and enjoying the scenery clearly fits among our 7 ways to spend your time in Black Desert Online. Whether you are in a small village, a high mountain top or walking through a dense forest, the surroundings will look absolutely amazing. This is one of those games where your screenshot folder will exponentially grow in size as you make your way through the game.

 7 ways to spend your time in Black Desert Online

What Are You Waiting For?

The world of Black Desert Online is waiting for you right now. As we have shown with this list, there are many ways to spend your time in Black Desert Online. This is a game that will suit the hardcore role players as much as the casual players. Whether or not crafting, exploring, killing or living the good life is your way of playing, you will find it in Black Desert Online.

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