Airtime: MMO Stream Schedule (11/10/2014 – 11/16/2014)

Hello and welcome to another weekly installment of Airtime! Your source for developer and official streams for MMOs, MOBAs, and Shooters!

With blizzcon winding down, so are Blizzard’s Hearthstone, Starcraft II and World of Warcraft tournaments. Trion Worlds has further reduced their stream times by removing not only Trove but also RIFT from their lineup. Wildstar will also begin making an appearance on Tuesdays at 2PM.

This week we’ve added a daily dose of TOME to our schedule and is also this weeks featured stream! Move over, Smite!

Featured Stream: TOME: Immortal Arena

All times EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

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Monday 11/10/14Nyri_0

Tuesday 11/11/14

Wednesday 11/12/14WS_MORDESH_NOBG

Thursday 11/13/14

Friday 11/14/14mj3v

Saturday 11/15/14

Sunday 11/16/14

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