attack of the swag

Attack of the Swag: Week Three


Welcome to week two of our month long giveaway of swag, in game items, and even complete games! Every day we’ll be giving away two items which you’ll be able to see below. If you want to win one of them leave a comment on this post saying which one you want. Every morning (London time) we will announce the next day’s giveaway as well as the winners from the day before! You are welcome to try for both prizes in one day but know that we will only pick you for one each day. So we suggest you pick which one you want most and go for it.

Some items will only be available in a limited area, when that’s the case we will make sure to announce it.

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Enjoy Attack of the Swag and good luck!


Day 17: Neverwinter and The Repopulation


Back to business for Day 17, but with a twist. Three phoenixes and three Repopulation codes means even more chance to win!


3 Neverwinter Xbox One Mystic Phoera Companions

NEverwinter Phoera Attack of the Swag


3 copies of The Repopulation – Silver Keys

The Repopulation Attack of the Swag


Day 15: Gunnar Glasses, Rift, Trove, and ArcheAge!


ZBOT – Gunnar Intercept Glasses
rswilson – Arclight Rider
slyBoots – Amethyst Solarium
Shadewarp – Magic Carpet

We’re now half way done with Attack of the Swag so we’re celebrating with our biggest day yet!


Grab a Magic Carpet from Trove

Trove Magic Carpet

Or an Arclight Rider for Rift


Or an Amethyst Solarium for ArcheAge

Image from Percy Meets ArcheAge

Image from Percy Meets ArcheAge

OR Gunnar Intercept Glasses

Gunnar Intercept Glasses


Let us know in the comments which one you’d like to win most.


Day 14: The Secret World and Devilian Beta Access


Wabby – Devilian
George Harrow – The Secret World

Win a full copy of The Secret World

The Secret World


Get into the beta for Trion’s upcoming game Devilian!


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