Bel’s Blog Bonanza – No Fly Zones and F2P

Hey folks and welcome to Bel’s Blog Bonanza, a bi-weekly feature here on MMOGames where I attempt to highlight some of the more interesting topics currently cycling through the gaming blogosphere. One of my favorite aspects of writing about games, is the interactions I have with other bloggers. In this column, it is my goal to highlight some of the individuals in this community and present their interesting take on current issues. Let us dispense with the introduction and get to the awesome.


Newbie Blogger Initiative – Talkback Challenge 4


Just as the month of May is coming to an end, so is the Newbie Blogger Initiative for 2015.  This week there was a significant amount of engagement in the fourth and final talkback challenge.  This time blogger Joseph Skyrim asks about our Seven Deadly Gaming Sins, and the community answered with an overwhelming response.  It is an interesting read as each blogger expands on the ways they have shown each of the seven deadly sins.

Wildstar Going Free to Play


The absolute latest buzz going through the community is about Thursday’s announcement that Wildstar would in fact be switched to the free to play model.  While this has been a rumor almost since launch, it is being received with both cheering and trepidation.  As I was making one final pass to pull together the information for this Bonanza, I was slightly shocked to find that a large number of bloggers have already left their commentary about the events.

Ragefire Week Two


Not surprisingly there are still a large number of bloggers riding the wave of nostalgia that has come with the release of the Ragefire progression server.  It seems like folks really are partying like its 1999, or at least enjoying pretending it is.  There is a huge part of me that has a draw to join them in reveling in days gone by.  If nothing else it is extremely enjoyable to read about their travels so far.

No Fly Zone: Warcraft


In quite possibly the biggest topic I have seen to spread through the community, an announcement came down last week from Warcraft Lead Game Designer Ion Hazzikostas stating that there would be no flight in the Warlords of Draenor expansion at all.  As one might predict this lit the Warcraft player base on fire, as many have been anxiously waiting on the time where they could use their stable of flying mounts on Draenor.  The blogging community has reacted with every shade of emotion making for some extremely varied reading.

Making of a Gamer


Finally in something completely different I wanted to highlight an extremely charming post from Ravalation on Diary of a Gamer Girl.  It is in truth her belated contribution to last week’s Talkback Challenge topic of “What Made you a Gamer”.  Normally I would have let this pass as I had other topic stragglers, but there was just something about this one that struck a chord with me.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading about what made the awesome person we now know as Ravalation and I think you will enjoy it too.

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