Bel’s Blog Bonanza – Ragefire, Nostalgia and Anticipation

Hey folks and welcome to Bel’s Blog Bonanza, a bi-weekly feature here on MMOGames where I attempt to highlight some of the more interesting topics currently cycling through the gaming blogosphere. One of my favorite aspects of writing about games, is the interactions I have with other bloggers. In this column, it is my goal to highlight some of the individuals in this community and present their interesting take on current issues. Let us dispense with the introduction and get to the awesome.

Newbie Blogger Initiative – Talkback Challenge 3


This week sees my return to the more traditional version of the “Bonanza” but there is still a lot of awesome stuff happening as the Newbie Blogger Initiative month begins to wrap up.  This week bloggers were challenged to tell our readers “What Made You A Gamer?”.  The end result was a series of varried and nostalgic posts from the Newbie Blogger Initiative participants talking about their early gaming roots.  I even chimed in with my own background that started with a Sears and Roebuck Pong console.

Waiting for WoW 6.2


This week the client started preloading content for the upcoming 6.2 patch.  With this patch comes a number of new features including the next tier of raid content, and significant changes to the Garrisons system.  As such many players are in a bit of a holding pattern as they talk about what they are doing in this calm before the patch.  There seems to be mixed feelings about the effect this patch is going to have on the current state of the game.

Anniversary of Conan


It seems that the Age of Conan Unchained celebrated their seventh anniversary and it seemed to go relatively unmarked, but two bloggers noticed.  One spent time talking about their disappointment with the new Shadow of Vanaheim content patch, and the other shared frustrations that Funcom doesn’t really seem to be promoting this game very well any more.  It has been years since I spent any time thinking about Age of Conan myself, but it might be worth looking at again during the Anniversary event.

Ragefire Server Launch


This week also saw the launch of the highly-anticipated new Everquest server, which experienced more than a few technical difficulties getting started.  Ragefire is another in a long line of nostalgia centered classic Everquest servers, this time with a series of voting based rules in place to slow down the progression.  During the week a handful of bloggers wrote about their own experiences getting started on the server, and dealing with the technical issues.

Old MMO Memories


During the week Digital Initiative made a series of deeply heart felt posts talking about his experiences in past games, beginning with Everquest.  It seems to be one of those weeks when the entire community is turning their eyes inwards and thinking about past experiences.  Tam especially talks about the sometimes bittersweet experience of forging friendships among people you may never actually meet.  He also talks about how some of these folks can end up being some of your strongest allies.  The sequence of posts are only loosely connected, but taken as a whole they provide this interesting window into our online gaming world.

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