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Beta Data: April 3, 2015

It has been quite a strange week with April Fool’s landing right in the middle and with many games using April Fool’s to have some fun, it felt a little bit odd on the news side of things. Regardless, there has been some fantastic beta news this week so let’s just sum up the stuff that you might have missed.

Big news from Skyforge this week as the Allods Team announced that Open Beta will be coming to North America and Europe this Summer, with Closed Beta tests to continue in the interim. Meanwhile, Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void Closed Beta went live on April 1st with no NDA. Trion Worlds’ Trove launched their voxel sandbox MMO’s latest update ‘Fish ‘N’ Ships’, adding in the Pirate class and several ships to the Open Beta. And Cabal II announced a little while ago that Western players can now sign up for the game’s late April Beta test, though in the meantime ESTSoft have unveiled information on their unique Abysmo mini-dungeon system which allows players to spawn groups of mobs throughout the world by clicking Abysmo cores scattered throughout. Crowfall broke their recent silence to let players know that they’ve been working hard since the close of their Kickstarter with a reorganization of its plans as the core modules expanded so much with the Kickstarter stretch goals, with the aim to keep the game on track for a Summer Alpha release.

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Find links to everything new this week and much more in the list below. Look for this new-flag-round-orange-29x12 to see everything we added this week.



Pre-Alpha, Alpha, and Early Access

Games in Pre-Alpha, Alpha, and Early Access often require a purchase and/or access to Steam.

Camelot Unchained - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

Camelot Unchained


Albion Online Official Site Medieval Sandbox MMORPG Founder’s Pack
Arena: Cyber Evolution Official Site Sports MOBA Early access
Asteroids: Outpost Official Site Scifi Survival Sandbox Early access
Beasts of Prey Official Site Dinosaur MMOFPS Paid Alpha
Blitzkrieg 3 Official Site MMORTS Paid Alpha
Blockstorm Official Site Voxel FPS Paid Alpha
Camelot Unchained Official Site Fantasy MMORPG Paid Alpha
Das Tal Official Site PvP Sandbox MMORPG
DayZ Official Site Zombie Survival
Divergence Online Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Earthrise: First Impact Official Site Sandbox MMORPG Shooter
Eleven Official Site Non-combat Web MMO Glitch-revival
EndWar Online Official Site Strategy MOBA(ish)
Ever, Jane Official Site Jane Austen MMORPG Early access
Factions: Origins of Malu Official Site Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG Early access
Games of Glory Official Site Shooter MOBA Open Alpha
Gigantic Official Site MOBA
Heavy Gear Assult Official Site MMO-ish PvP Arena Early Access
Heroes of Rune Official Site MOBA Open Alpha
H1Z1 Official Site Zombie Survival
Immune Official Site Post Apoc Sandbox
Life is Feudal Official Site Medieval Sandbox MMORPG
Line of Defense Official Site MMOFPS Early access
Mage Faire Online Official Site Non-Combat Sandbox
MyDream Official Site Sandbox MMO Early access
Offworld Trading Company Official Site RTS Early access
Oort Online Official Site Voxel Sandbox MMO Early access
Pathfinder Online Official Site Sandbox MMORPG Early access
Project Gorgon Official Site Fantasy MMORPG Open Alpha
Rainbow Six: Siege Official Site Team-based Shooter
Reign of Kings Official Site Medieval Sandbox MMO Early access
Rise of Incarnates Official Site F2P Fighting Early access
Savage Lands Official Site Multiplayer Survival Early access
Shadowrun Chronicles Official Site Multiplayer Co-op Early access
Shards Online Official Site Sandbox MMORPG Pre-Alpha
Shroud of the Avatar Official Site Fantasy MMORPG Paid Alpha
Skara – The Blade Remains Official Site MOBA(ish) Paid Alpha
SkySaga Official Site Voxel Sandbox
Star Citizen Official Site Massively Spaceship Simulator Early access
Starbound Official Site Scifi Sandbox Adventure Early access
Stash Official Site Multiplayer Turn-Based RPG Backer Alpha
Supernova Official Site Sci-fi MOBA
The Repopulation Official Site Scifi Sandbox MMORPG Early access
The SKIES Official Site Post-Apocalyptic MMO Limited Alpha
Toxikk Official Site Arena FPS Early access
TUG Official Site Sandbox Survival Early access
Utherous Official Site Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG Pre-Alpha
Valiance Online Official Site Superhero MMO
Venus Rising Official Site Adult MMO
Wander Official Site Combatless MMO Paid Alpha
Windborne Official Site Sandbox Adventure Early access
Windward Official Site Co-op Sandbox Adventure With Ships Early access
Xsyon Official Site Sandbox Apocalypse Early access


Closed Beta

MMOs in Closed Beta are those which require a key to participate in. These events are only for a limited number of people.

Hounds: The Last Hope - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

Hounds: The Last Hope

Arena of Fate Official Site Action Strategy
Armored Warfare Official Site Tank MMORPG Begins Q1 2015
Auto Club Revolution 2.0 Official Site Car Based MMORPG
Battlecry Official Site Team Based Action
Block n Load Official Site Voxel Shooter
Brawlhalla Official Site 2D Platform Brawler
Cabal II Official Site Action MMO Begins April
Combat Arms: Line of Sight Official Site Shooter
Dirty Bomb Official Site Team-based Shooter
Echo of Soul Official Site MMORPG
new-flag-round-orange-29x12 Elite: Dangerous Official Site Space Simulator Mac Beta
Elvenar Official Site City Building
Etherium Official Site Futuristic RTS
new-flag-round-orange-29x12 Ghost in the Shell Online Official Site MMOFPS Korean Beta April 8
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Official Site Fantasy MMORPG Expansion Stress tests
Heroes of the Storm Official Site Brawler MMO
Hex Official Site TCG
new-flag-round-orange-29x12 Hounds: The Last Hope Official Site Multiplayer shooter
Karos Returns Official Site Open World PvP MMO
Landmark Official Site Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG
Mabinogi Duel Official Site CCG
MapleStory 2 Official Site Korean MMORPG Korean CBT
Moonrise Official Site Mobile Multiplayer RPG
Ocean at War Official Site MMORTS
Orcs Must Die! Unchained Official Site Team Based Action
Otherland Official Site Scifi Action MMORPG
Planetside 2 Official Site MMOFPS PS4
Sevencore Official Site MMORPG French/German CBT
Skyforge Official Site MMORPG
SNOW Official Site Skiing MMO
Soul Master Official Site RTS/RPG Blend
Spellweaver Official Site TCG
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Official Site Scifi Military RTS Expansion
Star Trek: Alien Domain Official Site Online Strategy
Survarium Official Site Survival MMOFPS
The Black Watchmen Official Site Alternate Reality Game
The Settlers – Kingdom of Anteria Official Site City Building
Tree of Savior Official Site Anime MMORPG Korean CBT
Vainglory Official Site MOBA for Mobile
Victory Command Official Site RTS/MOBA
World of Speed Official Site Racing MMO
World of Tanks Generals Official Site WWII CCG
World of Warships Official Site War Ship MMO


Open Beta

Open Beta is the phase in which anyone can take part. No key is required.

Trove - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs


Chrono Wars Official Site Browser Based MMORPG
CroNix Official Site MOBA
Deadbreed Official Site Spooky Themed MOBA
Dragon Heart Online Official Site Turn-based MMORPG
Dream of Mirror Online Official Site Social Anime MMORPG
Dungeon Fighter Online Official Site Action MMORPG Ends April 13th
Heroes & Generals Official Site Multiplayer FPS
Interloper Official Site RTS
Journey to the West Official Site MMORPG
LEGO Minifigures Online Official Site Kids MMO
Linkrealms Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
MU Rebirth Official Site MMORPG
Nosgoth Official Site Team Based PvP
One Piece Online Official Site ARPG
Pockie Kingdom Official Site Browser Based MMORPG
Rushwar Official Site ARPG
Strife Official Site MOBA
Summoner’s Legion Official Site Browser CCG
Tribal Wars 2 Official Site Fantasy MMORPG
Trove Official Site Voxel Sandbox MMORPG


Other Beta Related Events and Kickstarters

Find out about Gaming related betas and Kickstarter events taking place.

Aylus: Exiled Dominions Kickstarter Multiplayer RPG With VR Ends May 3
Citadel of Sorcery Open Donation MMORPG
Descent: Underground Kickstarter Spaceship Arena Shooter Ends April 11th
Gloria Victis Open Donation Medieval Sandbox MMORPG Pre-Alpha
GunnIt Kickstarter Multiplayer 2.5D Platform Shooter Ends April 15
Hanako – Soul of the Samurai Kickstarter Feudal Japan Online Combat Game Ends April 23
Legions Kickstarter Collectible Strategy Card Game Ends April 12
Neos Land Open Donation Sandbox MMORPG
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Open Donation Fantasy MMORPG
Ralin Kickstarter Hack and Slash RPG Ends April 16
new-flag-round-orange-29x12 Reiner Knizia’s The Confrontation Kickstarter Multiplayer RTS Ends April 29
new-flag-round-orange-29x12 Roguelands Kickstarter 2D Multiplayer RPG Ends April 29
Starship Empire Kickstarter Space PvPMMO Ends April 12
new-flag-round-orange-29x12 The Withering Kickstarter Survival Horror Simulator Ends June 1



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Elvenar Closed Beta Keys Giveaway
Summoner’s Legion Beta Keys Giveaway
Survarium Beta Keys Giveaway


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