Black Desert: What We Know So Far

Black Desert is an upcoming MMO that is highly anticipated. Gamers are looking forwards to new MMOs every day and hoping for something new and this may be it. From what I’ve seen and heard, Black Desert can be very promising with the right hosting and presentation.

According to an interview with one of the heads behind Black Desert, the company behind Black Desert are finalizing and applying their finishing touches to their game. The provided information is gathered from various sources. Make sure to take in the information with a dash of cayenne pepper since not all of it is set in stone.

General Information

I will state the information that is generally known and spread across the internet. Some things are yet to be confirmed and will be stated with question-ability. Let’s get started.


Disclaimer: Names are unconfirmed. Different sources were using different names for the classes. Please take note that some of these may also be branches from a base warrior or mage class.

  • Ranger/bow

From what we can tell, there will be a ranger. The aiming with a bow will be in real-time thus, making the player more involved. They will have some minimal melee combat capabilities for when monsters close distance on the player.

  • Knight/Sword and Shield / Two Handed Sword

These guys will most likely be the front-liners of the battlefield. They will take the damage and deal the damage to a certain degree while supporting their party by being the meat-shields.

  • Sorcerer(ess)/ Talisman

The magic damage of Black Desert. Their magic looks very dark, almost evil. Their spells and combat style seem very versatile. They can attack from a short or long distance depending on a player’s current situation.

  • Giant/Dual Axe

Most likely to be the sword and shield user’s right hand man; they’ll be in the front smashing on monsters alongside. From what we can gather from interviews and videos, they may be restricted to a certain race. The play-style for these guys seems to be all-out-barbaric. The run-in-and-destroy-everything class.

The Unreleased Classes/Weapons

  • Wizard/Staff

Another form of magic damage. My guess is that it’ll most likely be a support, light, or elemental magic caster with hard hitting medium-long range spells. One source states that wizards will possibly be area-of-effect and/or crowd control oriented.

  • Tamer/Summons(?)

This class seems to be able to summon a dark wolf-type spell and also uses a straight-blade weapon of sorts. The weapon’s design has no guard and looks like a quick-draw type weapon. I thought it was a stick until I looked more into the class.

  • Blader/Katana

This class seems to be the fast melee class of the group. They can move quickly and attack. Their swings are quick and they can maneuver around their targets very quickly to avoid any damage in combat.

  • Valkyrie(?)/Sword and Shield

I have my doubts about this one, but I figured I would throw it in. This class is to be rumored similar to the ‘knight’ class. They may be a branch of possibly similar, but with different abilities. The information for these guys is also very vague.


There will be multiple races to choose from. The ones that are confirmed are Humans, Elves, and Giants(which may have a different name). A few sources state that there will possibly be two more races which are Dwarves and/or Hobbits.

Gender Lock Information

Black Desert was originally designed and may still be designed to focus around a group of characters. This will focus the story to lock the characters as certain genders as if players are playing that particular important role. However, there is a rumor circulating that there is testing and consideration going into the customization to allow players to create what they want. Classes may also be locked to certain races, but there is no confirmation. In my opinion, it would be kind of strange to see a large man running around with a small bow, but I’m not against it. I, for one, enjoy the comedy of character combinations.


Black Desert is not a next-gen combat game. There are features of combat that have been done by other games and other companies, but Black Desert does it well. I believe that the difference in gameplay compared to other games will be established in character choice; for example, the sorceress is able to combat and use magic spells which isn’t seen very often in many other games. Overall, the player seems to have a lot of choice in play-style even after choosing a class; some players can later choose to use a two handed sword and players that choose to play the sorceress can choose to play her close or long ranged focused.

Environment Interactions

Players can interact with the environment as well. There may be some very interesting implementations of this as a player progresses into the game, but from what I can see, it’s mainly the destruction of certain structures in the environment. I, personally, enjoy these little features. I think they’re the best part because it shows how much effort was put into making this small interaction happen just for the enjoyment of the player. This isn’t really all that important to the game and isn’t really anything new, but it’s something I wanted to share out of my own interest. I found it humorous when I saw footage of the giant just spinning against a lookout tower and the tower just comes crumbling down.


As per usual in MMOs, players can obtain mounts to ride on. These mounts can vary from horses to elephants. I’m not sure how many mounts there are or how many can be obtained at a time, but I can assure any player that there will be more. While a player is on a mount, most skills will not be able to be used, but they can still attack from the mount. The ability to attack is a very basic one and from what I can tell, using any advanced abilities from a mount isn’t possible, but it’s still a good thing that attacking from a mount is possible. However, something to note is that players do have the ability to be extremely mobile and fight on a horse. I personally think that these horses seem extremely useful for archers more than the melee classes.


Players have the option of choosing from various crafting skills. The particular crafting skills are yet to be specified, but there will most likely be the basics of weapon, armor, and accessory crafting. As players advance into their crafting, they will craft items that other players may want. This can bring the player to opening a store or selling to other players by trade. The crafting is an important feature for Black Desert as players find and gather materials for crafting in order to get equipment of better grades.

Housing System

This is probably my favorite feature in Black Desert. There is a housing system that basically allows a player to set up a room in the style similar to Sims. The player can put furniture and flourish their home with items they have found or bought. One source states that players can establish their homes as stores or trade stations for their own products. These houses are the houses that are in the towns. There is also an option to setting a tent up in the middle of nowhere if one must camp rather than making their way back to town. These tents can be easily removed and placed. It seems that there are quite a few items that can be placed. My guess is that players have the option of placing down a fireplace to cook some food or something along those lines.

Faction Wars / Seige Wars / Mass PVP

There seems to be an implementation of mass PVP. Some other games will call these factions wars or siege wars, but overall, they’re basically large groups of players charging at one another. In this case, the war seems to include players and NPCs that may be fighting with the players and NPCs from the other side rather than the typical strictly players fighting against players that we see in most MMOs. These battles seem to be set up in a matter of – possibly – invasion and defending. The elephants that I mentioned before are also mostly used for this. The elephants seem to be able to carry more than a single player as they have a small riding carrier on their back. These battles may end up being very long and strategic. Who knows, maybe a commander will even be needed.

Final Note

The game is looking promising. The features that will be included and the open world environment is what players have been looking for. Although there is no announcement for it coming this year, it should be well around the corner. The game is in its testing phases and it won’t be too long from now that it will be released. There is a ton of hype circulating about for this game and my only hope is that all the hype comes granted. My final note is that the Black Desert looks very promising and the bosses look especially creepy and challenging.

For more articles, screenshots, and videos about Black Desert, visit the game page.

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