Blade and Soul Vengeance Breaks Preview

It’s been about maybe two weeks or so, which means it’s almost time for another big content update for Blade and Soul! With the Vengeance Breaks content patch due in on June 1st, Jonathan Lien and Bethany Stout took to the Blade and Soul Twitch to show off some of the new goodies coming down the pipe. As ever, I will be your humble guide to this stream in this week’s column, so that you can get the rundown on Blade and Soul Vengeance Breaks without having to burn an hour watching a video. It’s a service I provide. Along with a mean fried chicken.

Blade and Soul Vengeance Breaks

The Sundered Nexus

The stream kicked things off with a run of the Sundered Nexus dungeon, one of the new Heroic dungeons being included with this patch. It was described as similar in style to Naryu’s Labryinth in that it will have random rooms that make the run a bit different each time, which is good as this particular dungeon drops one half of a Hongmoon Secret Technique book which unlocks a new skill. There will also be three parts of a new Soul Shield that drops in this dungeon, though it will not include any new weapons or accessories. Jonathan did state that the team will be doing a better job of communicating what is expected in dungeons to help players plan their farms or runs.

As the pair worked their way through a windstriding maze and a series of traps, they came to the first boss, which was killed in short order so as not to spoil the mechanics. Jonathan mentioned that CC and communication will be key in the fight. They also brought up the Nexus Fragments drops, which can be combined in to a chest after you collect 10 that drops goodies like Frozen Stingers, Ornament Bundles and other varieties of trinkets. They also displayed one of the outfits that will drop from the dungeon, a look called Ghost in the Shell, which features a very Tron-esque design aesthetic.

Another few rooms of traps, windstriding mazes for loot and the final boss is met – Be Ido riding atop a big mech. Which sounds kind of insane and ridiculous, but also quite a bit of fun. The final fight wasn’t shown, of course, but once again it was mentioned that coordination is key and that the mechanics are very fun. The run was breezed through with GM weapons and altered stats, but it was said that runs of Sundered Nexus are expected to take approximately 25 minutes or so.

Blade and Soul Vengeance Breaks

Zaiwei Ruins

Next up was a preview of the Zaiwei Ruins, a new 24-player open world instance set in an alternate universe where players are tasked with fending off a demonic invasion of the now-decimated capital city of Zaiwei. Comparisons to this instance were drawn to the Frostscale Basin and Beastbog instances that were added with Silverfrost Mountains, which means a large swath of real estate to whup up on some demonic face.

Upon entering the instance, Jonathan and Bethany were met with a pair of terrified NPC’s, and I can’t say I blame them, as the whole of Zaiwei was under constant assault with fireballs raining from the sky. I’m not sure of the lore reasons behind this instance, but it was pretty cool to see such a shining, massive capital being razed to the ground. Jonathan stated that doing Zaiwei Ruins is a way to get Frozen Stingers, gold, experience and some items that were necessary for the Altar of Divine Will story dungeon. I’m not really a fan of this concept, to be honest, but then the endgame of Blade and Soul does appear to be nothing beyond collecting mass trinkets to unlock bigger and better shiny.

The run of Zaiwei Ruins involved three different steps at different locations across the city. The first involved killing multiple demonic mobs to summon the priamry boss. After that, it’s back to the start and towards the House of Pleasures to defend it from attack. Because Zaiwei has its priorities in order. After beating off (sorry) waves of demonic enemies, the third stage begins at the start of the instance; an escort mission. Oh joy. However, if enough people are flooding the instance, ideally King Ogong won’t come to any harm. Completing all three events spawns the big bad boss, a giant dragon-demon-thing named Tarakhan. Overall the Zaiwei Ruins has a very obvious flow to it, which makes sense since it’s meant to be farmed and efficiency is key.

Blade and Soul Vengeance Breaks

The Rest of the Patch

There wasn’t enough time to display everything coming along with the Blade and Soul Vengeance Breaks update, but there were a couple of things that were displayed and discussed. Notably were the two new outfits in the Hongmoon Store and the reveal of a Recommended Content list, which considers your current equipment and lines it up with dungeon or other content appropriate for your level. In addition, this list also can state what quest is needed to unlock the content if you haven’t gotten that far. It was a pretty cool quality-of-life feature that sounds incredibly helpful to people who are just arriving to Blade and Soul’s expanding endgame.

The next stream will be focusing on the other content arriving with Vengeance Breaks, including the new Tower of Infinity solo challenge mode and some of the adorable pets that will be included. Since the Vengeance Breaks page mentions gaining defensive buffs from feeding these pets, I’m definitely curious to find out more.

Also, I really want that otter.

Blade and Soul Vengeance Breaks Otter

This taste of what’s to come with Vengeance Breaks pretty much helped me be prepared for the kinds of things I would be facing as I near endgame on my Destroyer. It definitely looks incredibly farm-y, but the dungeon content that’s out now and coming soon looks like a lot of fun, and I’m still eager to begin my climb of the Tower of Mushin. Before I get to do that, however, I have to clear out of the Cinderlands. Until next time, hope to see you in the field or soaring through the air.

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