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Blogger Bonanza: Survey Says

Survey Says

Earlier in the week, I put out a survey through various social media channels. In it, I wanted some basic information about various bloggers who have or haven’t been featured on this column. The idea was simple: get official names, titles, pronouns, and see who knew they had already been linked or see who still wanted to be linked. If you are a blogger, I strongly encourage you to take the survey. You can find it here. Not only does it make writing this column a lot easier, but it’s a great way to let me know you want your blog featured.

As a courtesy I promised to anyone who had filled the survey out already, if you answered ‘no’ to the question “To the best of your knowledge, has your blog ever been featured on’s Blogger Bonanza?”, then I am going to link you today. Some of these blogs have been featured, while others are new to me. I’ve made certain that each one of you is now on my regular blog reading list, so look forward to seeing some of your future posts highlighted here on the Blogger Bonanza.

The offer still stands. You don’t have to write only about MMOs or MMOs the majority of the time either – I am always looking for other content to further round out the round-up. Furthermore, if you have been featured already or don’t think I need your information, I would still appreciate you filling out the survey (again, it’s here). It helps keep me organized, makes sure I am referring to you as you wish to be referred to, and also makes certain you want me linking to your blog in the first place!


Murf’s Blaugust Challenge

As part of my own Blaugust challenge on Murf Versus, I made a plea to other participants to write a post highlighting some of their favorite posts on their own blogs. The idea was to aid me in finding the best way to introduce more readers to their blogs, especially if they weren’t reading them already or missed some of their older posts. Rather than just list their lists or highlight only a small part of them, I am instead going to focus on one respondent at a time and highlight every post they themselves highlight.

This week’s highlight is Wolfyseyes, over at Through Wolfy’s Eyes,whose challenge post included three links:

The Elder Scrolls Online Mountains

All MMOs

Every MMO is worth discussing, but some discussions apply to almost every MMO.

Final Fantasy XIV Beach

Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV continues to be a big hit with many bloggers.

Star Wars the Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic

After a few weeks of relatively few posts, SW:TOR saw a huge uptick in blogging activity this last week, with many bloggers deciding to journey back or feature their continued adventures in the game.


Guild Wars 2

The new expansion for Guild Wars 2 continues to be divisive, but things are calming down again.

EverQuest Kaladim

Other MMOs

While many of these games often have their own categories, this week, bloggers spread their interests pretty thin across the many available MMOs out there.

Other Games

If you’ve come this far, then you may need a reminder that the survey does apply to those bloggers who do write about non-MMOs. Here is proof I will cover some of those posts as well:


Screenshot Safari

Many of the above posts feature some excellent screenshots, but these posts have some of the best:

Other Highlights

These two posts didn’t fit into a particular category, so these two blogging gentlemen get a category all their own this week:

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