Blogger Bonanza: Only Three Days Left in Blaugust

Well, we’ve done it everyone. Whether you are still writing or not, each and every participant has collectively made it to this point. There are effectively zero weeks left in the month of Blaugust and only three days left to write. Even if some of us have slowed down, many of you continue to write great posts that are worth highlighting.


Missing Links

Last week, I tried a slightly different method for organization. While away from my computer, I saved a few articles to highlight here on the Bonanza inside my Feedly app. Afterward, I promptly forgot to retrieve. As penance for my failures as a writer, I’d like to highlight the three posts that I forgot to mention last week:


EverQuest II’s Prison Server

As a follow-up or continuation of last week’s news that Daybreak wants to make a server specifically for those it deems unfit to stay play their game, several more bloggers expressed their opinions on the matter.



As WildStar’s big switch looms, it continues to be a real treat to see bloggers returning to the game. WildStar has always been a photogenic MMO, and, in the right hands, that continues to be the case.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is the perfect evergreen game for many of its biggest supporters. As news about its expansion continues to trickle out or attract fans back, posts about the game have gotten even better. Plus, the game’s three year anniversary is today!


The Secret World

I’ve still yet to give The Secret World my full consideration, but many bloggers who have swear by the game. Their loyalty to it shows whenever they write about it.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The new SWTOR expansion may be the best yet, or it may not, but everyone agrees that some big shake-ups may revitalize the game for old veterans and newbies alike.

FFXIV: Yoshi

Final Fantasy XIV

Patch 3.1 seems to be the big news item right now. As it increases in size/scope, so does the anticipation for its release.


Other MMO Discussion

Blaugust has given us a wide variety of topics to write about, and many bloggers have continued to take advantage of that or go their own way.

rocket-league-new-map-utopia-coliseum blaugust

Not MMOs

It can be hard to divide the line between following a MMO or following other games, especially when so many MMOs splinter into mobile titles or non-MMOs have fans even more rabid than the most passionate MMO player bases.

Screenshot Safari

It’s always a pleasure highlighting games for their beauty. Several bloggers focused on screenshots or added spectacular media to some of their posts.

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