Dragon Bones DLC

Coming Soon: ESO Update 17 and Dragon Bones DLC

The new year is bringing new updates to The Elder Scrolls Online with update 17 and the Dragon Bones DLC coming this February.

Dragon Bones follows the pattern of previous DLC in that it adds new dungeons, new motifs, and new achievements to the game. The content is included for players with an ESO Plus membership or can be purchased in the Crown Store, as per usual. The new dungeons will include Fang Lair and Scalecaller Peak.


Features for Everyone

A few new features that will be available to all players with ESO Update 17 include a new outfit system and housing storage capabilities. Some changes to combat will be coming as well, and it should be easier to identify and activate synergies when fighting amongst other players. For those who love PvP combat, two new battlegrounds will be opening: Mor Khazgur and Deeping Drome. Update 17 also brings new level up and skills advisor features.


Find a Fashionable Outfit

ESO outfit station

Dye stations are now outfit stations in Update 17.

Outfits will let you customize your look in ESO like never before. You can try out the new system by visiting any former Dye Station (now an Outfit Station). Each character has one outfit slot unlocked as a default, with extras available for purchase in the Crown Store. Outfit slots are not shared between characters. When you create an outfit, you produce a skin using any of your known styles. After the update takes effect, log in with each of your characters at least once to allow all known motifs to be available to every character.

You can also dye an outfit just like you would a costume, and this will be available to all players, not just those with ESO Plus. This does not change any of the traits of the actual items, just their appearance. Once you have picked out an outfit and/or dyed it, you will need to pay gold to finalize it. Of course, you can still dye your regular armor and costumes at the Outfit Station like before, too.

outfit station

The new outfit station is fairly intuitive.

The exact cost for outfits will depend on the size of the item, the rarity of the style, and if it is being dyed or not. Prices will range from somewhere in the hundreds to thousands of gold. If you don’t want to spend gold directly, you will be able to purchase Outfit Change Tokens in the Crown Store. These are single-use, so make sure you are certain about your choices.

One of the more hotly anticipated aspects to Update 17 is that you will now be able to change the appearance of your weapons. This system works the same as the rest of the outfits; pick a style from your known motifs and even dye it, if you wish. You will have some flexibility between weapon types. It looks like you can choose styles from similar weapons, so as an example, a sword can be made to look like an axe or a dagger (all one-handed), but not a bow.


Housing Storage

housing chest

One of the collectible chests for housing storage.

After this update you will be able to store items in your house in special collectible containers. These can be purchased in the Crown Store and come in various sizes, the chests available on the public test server had either 30 or 60 slots for your gear. They are easy to use, too, just access the housing editor with F5 and place the chest in your house.

Once you leave the housing editor you can interact with the chest like any other container, just remember that any materials that you leave in these containers will not be accessible to you when crafting.


Level Up and Skills Advisors

level up advisor

The Level-Up Advisor provides tips on the left side of your screen.

This new system will help players advance by suggesting skills for a particular play style or build whenever leveling up. Every time you reach a new level, you’ll now earn rewards of gold, mats, and/or consumables. You can even receive mounts or crown crates at certain milestones. Make sure to select the build you would like to aim for by clicking the settings icon on the upper right of the left panel.

skills advisor

The new Skills Advisor helps guide your advancement for the desired build.


New Battlegrounds

If you love PvP play, be sure to check out the two new Battlegrounds coming in the Dragon Bones DLC. Mor Khazgur is an orc stronghold found originally in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. If you have purchased Morrowind, then you’ll be able to visit Deeping Drome to do battle in the dark caverns of a Dwarven ruin.


New Dungeons

Fang Lair

The entrance to Fang Lair looks ominous.

Two new dungeons are coming in the Dragon Bones DLC, available in both normal and veteran modes. As soon as you visit one of the dungeons you will earn the Renegade Dragon Priest Mask, a collectible hat.

Scalecaller Peak is the burial site of a Dragon Priest, and some crazed cultists are using the place to try to unleash a plague upon Tamriel. Fang Lair is a Dwarven Ruin where a necromancer is performing a ritual to reanimate a skeletal dragon. Travel to the dungeons and stop these threats before its too late. Fang Lair is in the northeastern part of Bangkorai, and Scalecaller Peak is in northern Stormhaven.

Scalecaller Peak

Scalecaller Peak can be found in Stormhaven.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 17 will be available in February.


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