DC Universe Online: Bizzaros, Bats and Doing the Time Warp

With the launch of DC Universe Online’s ORIGIN CRISIS, the 7th DLC pack for the long running MMO, heroes and villains across the world are facing their toughest challenge yet.

Having spent the last three weeks or so up against some pretty tough adversaries I can confirm, this new content is not for the faint hearted.

Origin Crisis Trailer

The main theme of the new DLC is as follows; Batman and Lex Luthor have been battling across time from the very beginning of DCUO’s storyline and these two foes have returned to the present day, and they haven’t come alone.

Both men have gathered their counterparts from across the Multiverse and have formed their own Councils.

Five Batmen, five Luthors….battling for the safety and dominance of all of time respectively. The Council of the Bat are enlisting the aid of the world’s heroes to ensure that Luthor and his cohorts do no further damage to the already delicate timestream. And Luthor? Well, he wants the same thing as always….to rule it all.

First up; Running Solo.

The newest Challenges (DCUOs single player instances) are a little different from anything that has come before. Rather than playing the character you have developed over the last two and a half years, you instead fill the purple high heels of the Huntress and the kinda filthy red boots of Superman’s doppelgänger, Bizzaro.

These characters have been playable in Legends PvP for a long time, but this is the first time they or any of the Iconic DC Comics characters have been available to players for PvE content. In the role of the Man of Steel’s failed clone, players must escape the facility in which he was “born”.

As Bizarro you must battle your way through waves of Lexcorp security, mad scientists and failed clones to reach the outside world and gain Marks of Reality along with new high level gear.

In the guise of the Huntress, players must defeat the worst of Gotham’s mob to reach the man that destroyed your family. Unfortunately, they have back-up in the twisted forms of some of the most dastardly villains in the Batman’s Rogues Gallery.

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Tier 5 PvE and PvP gear

These daily missions are just the first step on the journey to completing Tier 5. And they are tough. After two years honing the skills and abilities of your character, being thrown into an entirely new “build” on an unfamiliar character is a little bit of a culture shock.

The rewards make it well worthwhile.

This content has been specifically designed to drive players in a certain path. Those that had topped out gear wise less than a month ago need to complete the Solo and 4 man instances before they have the required gear to enter the Raid content. This is a whole new way of approaching things and I for one applaud this new way of doing things.

Next time we will take a look at the group Alerts, and an entirely different vision and version of the DC Universe as we know it.

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