DC Universe Online: Halls of Power II Developer Preview

The DC Universe (Online) is about to get bigger for non-members, with new heroes, new villains, and new zones to explore. Halls of Power II is serving up content like you’ve never seen before, with Mr. Miracle defecting to the side of the heroes, and Granny Goodness making her debut in the fast paced DC Universe Online.

The new content is live now for Members but will be purchasable in-store 5/19 for all players. The way Daybreak will be serving up their content is even changing, but we’ll get to that later in the article. The first, and most important thing, is that there will be a new shared space for heroes and villains to congregate in, and you will access, it as usual, by visiting your  headquarters and using the teleporter. Naturally, you will also be able to teleport back to your own headquarters using the teleporter located on New Genesis.


The Situation

Apocalypse is launching the invasion of New Genesis, and you get to be right there, on the surface of the planet as the war commences. Unlike some other content, this expansion features several solo missions that allow you to personally take part in the battle rather than simply presenting you with Alerts or raids. Raiders don’t despair! Though there is a definite focus on solo missions there is plenty of group content with a 4 player alert, a raid, and even an Elite version for those with a more sadistic streak.

Now if you played through the amazing content that was Halls of Power I, then you know it took place in the Necropolis where Darksied was searching for artifacts and managed to stir up the dregs. Now Darkseid is up to something new as he pushes forward in his agenda, yet unknown, and is having his partner/minion Granny Goodness test the heroes and villains of Earth to determine just how much of a threat they pose to him now and in the future.

Granny Goodness, rather than baking cookies like the grannies we all know and love has been spending her time abducting the heroes of Earth and turning them against, well, everyone, meaning you could face virtually anyone as you take the fight to New Genesis. One of the brainwashed heroes we definitely saw during the Halls of Power preview was Hawk Girl, but the developers confirmed that during their playthroughs they had actually fought many different brainwashed heroes, most of which you’ll recognize and relish fighting as the war for New Genesis rages on the planet below.

As you do explore new Genesis you will find lush, highly detailed terrain based on canon, and plenty of areas to test your fighting prowess. The world of New Genesis is yours to explore and conquer, but you have to share your space with several new gods introduced as part of the episode, one of which is the biological son of Darkseid. The world just got a whole lot more interesting.


A System of Rewards

Sure the content is fun but if you’re like most MMO players then you’re probably asking the universal question: What do I get in return? Don’t worry, Daybreak has you covered with a brand new loot and equipment system allowing players more choice in what they get, and even alternatives if they don’t get what they want. During the stream, the developers mentioned that there will actually be a new ‘set bonus’ system, though they adamantly denied that it will be anything like a set bonus.

For those unfamiliar, a set bonus is achieved by combining all armor in a set, which gives your character extra stats. In some games, the set bonus can mean the difference between life or death in a raid. Well, the problem with these bonuses in most games is that they require a specific set of armor, and therefore cause the player to have very little choice in what their character looks like. Daybreak has always been very liberal on what the character looks like(see Everquest 2’s appearance system), and they certainly haven’t broken tradition here. In Halls of Power 2, players will literally be able to choose their set bonus based on items that they like, giving their character the look they want. It’s your hero, so like Bruce Wayne, you can become the person you’ve always wanted to be; even if it’s a bat.


One of the most pressing questions asked by players and press alike is whether or not there will be any new high level gear and the answer is absolutely! There will be new high level gear inspired by characters such as:

  • Mister Miracle
  • Big Barda
  • Kalibak
  • Stepphenwolf

Players now have the opportunity to become more powerful than ever before by entering Halls of Power Part II, and we’re convinced that this is only the beginning of the fun.


New Release System

As you probably know, DLC was replaced with episodes some time ago, and Daybreak promised to release one episode every three months with the assumption that it would take three months for the players to finish said episodes. Now, players are demanding more content more often and Daybreak is listening!

Rather than releasing once every three months, Daybreak will now be releasing two episodes per month, but it gets even better than that! Daybreak’s DCUO team is now working directly with DC comics to help coincide their content with content that is already being released in the actual universe, giving readers a reason to cross over to the MMO side of things, which is certainly good news for current players(we need some new faces in game).Players, will of course be able to purchase the new episodes and have them added permanently to their account.

Halls of Power II, as we said is just the beginning of a series of new monthly episode releases, and we can expect not only new content to tear through, but gear completion quests as the game continues onward. If you’re already a member, there’s no reason to delay; jump into the game and experience everything that Halls of Power II has to offer. Darkseid’s agenda has not been revealed as of yet, but you can be certain that he’s up to something sinister.

Oh, and as for Granny Goodness and her brainwashed heroes? She has a surprise for you; a certain hero under her control that you didn’t expect and might just dread fighting.

DCUO Halls of Power Part 2 Superman


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