Echoes of Eorzea: FFXIV Player Survey & Giveaway

FFXIV is a complex MMO in many ways and has a great number of aspects to experience. Although many players enjoy the game, some have not had such favorable experiences. For a long while it has been my intention to create a Final Fantasy XIV survey to ascertain opinions from the community including players both old and new.

To create factual articles regarding the pros and cons of this game it is essential that I have a wider range of views than just my own thoughts. The opinions of current and former players are crucial to gain an understanding of where the game is excelling and also the significant drawbacks that can alienate a player.

FFXIV Player Survey and giveaway

The FFXIV Player Survey has now been created and will run for a month from this date. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated if you have ever played Final Fantasy XIV, even if it was only for a short period. The survey looks at many aspects of the game such as character creation, user interface, combat and technical issues.

As an incentive to participate, I will be giving away 3 Moogle Caps on the closing date of the survey. To be entered into the giveaway you must include either your character name and server or Lodestone URL on your completed form. This will allow me to verify the account.

Following the closing date for the FFXIV Player Survey, the information collected will be analyzed in detail. I will proceed to create a series of articles focusing on the Pros and Cons of playing Final Fantasy XIV with the inclusion of the information collected.

I would like to thank all players in advance for any and all information provided. It is my hope that this survey can provide both useful and interesting information.

Link to the Final Fantasy XIV Player Survey

The closing date for the survey is June 2nd, 2017.


A Change of Name

As you may know from last week’s article, I have inherited the Eorzean Evening Post column very recently. The title struck me as one that would resemble newspaper style articles. Although I realize the title of the column was suited to its previous style, I do not wish to inadvertently mislead any readers. I feel that my articles will be more focused on experiences within the game as I continue to learn and grow. The community will also play a large part in what I hope to achieve through my writing. With this in mind, a more suitable name for the column has now been created and will now be known from this time forward as ‘Echoes of Eorzea’.

FFXIV Survey

For those readers that may not know, the Echo is a rare ‘gift’ possessed primarily by the Warriors of Light and plays a prominent part throughout the main storyline of the game. Those who are gifted with the Echo have the ability to see into the soul of another individual and experience visions of past events, yet are unable to alter them in any way. The Echo also enables the individual to speak all the languages throughout the world. Sadly I do not personally possess these gifts but you, as the reader will hopefully experience a fragment of the Echo through my writings about Eorzea.

As ‘The Echo’ is often a name used for newspapers here in the UK, I feel the title has not strayed too far from its roots!

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About Aeyvi

Aeyvi is the author of the Final Fantasy XIV column, Echoes of Eorzea, and primarily writes with regards to the creative aspects of the game. From an early age, she acquired a love for gaming with the arrival of the Nintendo 64 and The Sims. In late 2007 Aeyvi discovered the universe of MMOs and began her journey with World of Warcraft. Although her main MMO is now FFXIV, her love for creating screenshot art and exploring digital worlds provides the most enjoyment and takes hold in every game she plays.