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Echoes of Eorzea: GPose Wishlist

If we could have more features in group pose, what would they be? Following on from last week’s GPose Studio Guide I’ve been thinking a lot on the future of the group pose tool and how it could potentially be expanded in upcoming patches. With this in mind, I’ve created this ‘GPose Wishlist’ containing my most sought-after additions to the tool. Some of the ideas are just some small tweaks on pre-existing features and others are rather hefty unrealistic ideas, yet there’s no harm in dreaming!

gpose wishlist

Before I begin I want to emphasize that I’m very grateful for everything we already have within the tool, it’s amazing! Group pose can be used quite extensively and has a very large fan-base of players who create incredibly beautiful works of screenshot art, or as I’m still determined to call it: screenography. This is merely a set of ideas, as I can’t help but hope that development will continue for this in-game tool which would inevitably lead to increasing the creative options even further. I can only hope that somehow, somewhere the GPose overlords hear my prayers and perhaps one day, will answer them!

The Wishlist

gpose wishlist

Dungeon Explore Mode:
This is my number one hope. Final Fantasy XIV has some of the most picturesque dungeons and raid content that I’ve seen implemented in an MMO ever (let’s just divert that comment past Copperbell and Sastasha!). The attention to detail is incredible and some of the lighting within the dungeons is just to die for, literally (The Vault and The Great Gubal Library for example). It’s such a shame that the dungeons and raids are all gated behind timers and thus we aren’t always able to take the time and care that we wish to have to capture those precious shots! Yes, we can sometimes manage sneaky shots during a dungeon run or if there is the ability to, run back and use the remaining dungeon time, however, this is not very long once the final boss is killed. These environments have clearly had so much work put into them, so wouldn’t it be lovely if they didn’t become moderately obsolete with new patch content and that they could have a new lease of life breathed into them by the creative community? Screenshots of this game showcase its potential and can be a big selling point, so why not let us use them to their full potential? Imagine being able to run around Dun Scaithe undisturbed for longer periods of time!

I understand it’s likely they limit these things due to the instance servers, but I’m sure there must be some way! If this is the main problem perhaps it could be possible to toggle on an ‘Explorer Mode’, still with a timer, but having the dungeon emptied of enemies when you enter (surely this takes up the same space as someone unsyncing a dungeon to farm it). Let us show off your beautiful content more, Square! If only one more addition could ever be made to the GPose tool, this would be it!

Emote List Dropdown:
One problem I often come across is that I will have set up my lighting and filters then realize that I want to change the pose. To do this you have to come all the way out of GPose, which resets the lighting and camera positioning. Having the option to change emotes directly within GPose would be invaluable.

Limit Break & Action Dropdown:
Currently, we have many avid screenographers trying to be the player who pings the Limit Break and then stops DPS just so that they can hold the action for LB1, 2 or 3. The action is then lost upon re-instancing. Some of these animations are staggeringly beautiful in effect and yet it can completely mess up the end of a raid if someone prizes their screenshot above the raid. Obviously, if you’re in a group of friends, that’s great! For ‘action’ shots we have to rely on a local training dummy or for mobs to be in the vicinity for the action abilities to be available. Both these sets of animations already appear, yet could be maximized with a wider choice of locations in the game. In the same way that an Emote List dropdown is useful, so would these!

gpose wishlist

Custom Environments:
The ability to view a character model within an enclosed environment already exists in-game, we use can use this to preview a character during creation. This could potentially be adapted to use within the GPose tool by having a set of environments to choose from and then use the emote/action dropdown (mentioned above) to pick the pose.

Improved Camera Rotation:
Currently the camera swivels from a set axis, yet some actions and abilities extend further than the axis is able to control and so lighting and framing a paused emote becomes very difficult. A free camera might be a bit too much to ask but just an axis that takes a little more reach into consideration would be very welcome!

Expression & Emote Reset:
Sometimes when you re-enter GPose with a new emote, the facial expression will remain from the previous pose. A dedicated button to wipe the facial expression and emote might come in handy!

Weather & Time Control:
Yes, I very much want to be a weather god! But more seriously, the weather effects in this game are so beautiful and atmospheric. It would be nice to utilize these more within our screenshots to add atmosphere, much in the same way that we can add sakura or the particle effects.

Slow Motion:
Each emote has a very wide array of poses to potentially capture yet it’s often challenging to pause the emote in the same place twice or capture some intricacies. As the image is already on a loop, it would be nice to have a slow-motion option which can allow you to pinpoint the moment you wish to screenshot with greater ease (inclusive of a speed slider).

gpose wishlist

Live Action:
This would grant us the ability to run or jump on the spot so that can create some live action poses with those movements included (not in combination with another emote of course!).

Some basic brightness, contrast and saturation controls would be very useful as currently, we have to use a combination of lighting and filters to create that effect.

The filter system can be very useful to make screenshots look more unique, yet it’s often the case that you cannot get the best out of them without specific lighting. A wider variety (rather than Bright 1-2-3-4 etc) of filters would be nice to keep in line with those available in current 3rd party editing mobile apps, along with the removal of slightly outdated ones. For those not wishing to spend a long time fiddling with lighting and filter combinations a greater selection, or some tweaks to the contrast/brightness in current filters might be of use.

Although minions are wonderful, sometimes they clutter an image or manage to casually wander/fly over a point you are trying to screenshot. Summoner pets can end up providing an unwanted overexposed area in an image where the remainder is underexposed, making it very tricky to edit or filter. A removal option would be very useful!


Brief History of Group Pose

gpose wishlist

The group pose tool arrived in Eorzea as part of the Patch 3.1 content and was rather simply marked up as “A new group pose feature has been added that allows player characters to synchronize a pose with their party members.” Who would have known back then that the tool would be so hugely popular with the creative screenshot community?

Since November 2015 the group pose tool has been through a series of developments:
Patch 3.1 [11/2015] – Release of group pose tool. Synchronises group and includes depth of field.
Patch 3.2 [02/2016] – Facial positioning, player focus change, framing composition, minion behavior.
Patch 3.3 [06/2016] – Non party members included in group pose. Camera angle covers wider area.
Patch 3.4 [09/2016] – New interface inclusive of filters, lighting and limb darkening.
Patch 3.5 [01/2017] – Gpose status icon, hotbar icon, filters, frames and screen effects added.
Patch 4.0 [06/2017] – Battle actions, color filters, frames and screen effects added.


Final Thoughts

gpose wishlist

Although there are several other options such as a ‘free camera control’, there are practicalities to consider including the pressures it would put on the running of the game itself. Such additions to the tool might warrant it being an entire program within itself and as much as that would be amazing, I would imagine the game content might be a higher priority! We’re already incredibly lucky that the development team has put so much care and effort into the Group Pose tool, for which I am very grateful as it’s given me such a wonderful creative outlet.

Group pose could really be a separate program/game all in itself! As much as I would put that forward as an idea (much like WoW has WoW Model Viewer), I think that could perhaps encourage the more creatively based players to spend more time in a separate program than in the game itself. It’s a nice thought though!


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As always, thank you very much for reading this article! If you have any questions, advice or comments please don’t hesitate to get in contact either through here, my gallery site or Twitter. 

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