Eorzean Evening Post: Love and Fortune Telling

When it comes to quirky little holiday events, Final Fantasy XIV has always got you covered. You can usually expect their events to include a good dose of humor, a short story, and sometimes a heartwarming outcome.

It really feels like the team is experimenting with their holiday event format over the last few years, but has been settling more on the short and sweet route. I remember years where you had to race through cities with eggs on your head and avoid spriggans. And the scavenger hunt for lost lovers throughout the world, with only a few clues to go on. Sometimes events are tied to special FATEs, sometimes they require crafting or gathering, and sometimes they require repeated quests.

Lately, we’ve been seeing less time-consuming events. Often, housing items are purchasable with gil – likely to prevent one-time rewards for being sold for exorbitant prices on the market board.  The cosmetic items are generally the rewards for those who complete the story quests. Cosmetics and pets from the years before are offered in the cash shop to those who are interested.

While the mechanics may change a bit from event to event, the stories are often short and easy to complete in less than half an hour. That’s the case with this year’s Valentione’s event, which we’ll be exploring in this week’s Eorzean Evening Post. Similar to other holiday events, this story adds on to the tale that was woven with last year’s event.


Those Valentiones

As in years before, Lisette de Valentione returns from the cold reaches of Ishgard with her crew of retainers in tow. Their mission is simple, but not easy: they want to spread the passion of love to the people of Eorzea, as is the motto of their noble house.

So they basically go around playing matchmaker for all the love-lost folks, and encourage those too shy to confess to make that affectionate connection. Interestingly, despite Lisette’s mission to spread love, she’s hardly a sappy character. In fact, she’s got quite a scathing tongue, especially when it comes to her retainers getting out of line.

So, those who have played FFXIV for years have probably helped Lisette on her quest to unite hearts throughout the land. Last year, one of her retainers, Hortefense, was inspired to seek out his own lost love.

Apparently, he was lost out in the snow of Ishgard, and almost left for dead until a lady happened to rescue him from the cold and save his life. Only, he doesn’t remember any details of the lady, so he doesn’t know how to look for her. Though he’s sure if he could find her, that he could proclaim not just his eternal gratitude, but that he would find the woman he is fated to love.


Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, our quests last year uncovered the identity of this lady to be none other than Lisette de Valentione. However, when Hortefense realizes this and comes to proclaim his love for her, all he gets in return is the sharper side of her tongue. Poor guy has been friend zoned… if that’s what you can even call it in this situation.

I had a feeling, however, that Hortefense would not give up so easily. And this year’s event has proven that to be true.

Love and Fortune

This year, Lisette has returned to Limsa Lominsa with a new idea on how to link yearning hearts together. She brought fortune tellers from Ishgard who can read the will of the stars and the destinies of lovers. Lisette believes that through fortune telling, she can help people determine what fate has in store for their future love lives.

The only problem is that people are shying away from getting their fortunes told together. Maybe they’re worried they’ll get a bad reading from the fortune tellers? Maybe they’re scared to know the truth of their fate? Whatever the reason, it falls to us adventurers to set the example for the rest of Eorzea.

So, the first quest rewards you with two heart Paramour Earrings, one platinum and one regular. Once you have the earrings, you have to pair with another player to continue. The gender of the character doesn’t matter, unlike a previous Valentine’s Day event which forced players to pair male and female.

You each put on an earring, though it has to be different from your companion’s. So if you wear the regular, your partner must wear the platinum. You then talk to each of the three fortune tellers, providing a card to them to start your fortune.


This is fun because it looks at aspects of your character, such as your birthdate, your associated god, and even your current job. Then they compare them to your partner to see if you are a match in love, loyalty and fortune. I’ve heard that you can get very different outcomes, and seeing as you can repeat this part of the quest even after you’ve finished the whole thing, it’s silly fun to try it with your friends and FC folks.

Of course, there’s a story to it all, mostly which happens after your love fate is revealed. But I won’t go into it, because no spoilers here. You’ll have to see what happens when Hortefense takes it upon himself to get his fortune told.

Event Rewards

Like previous events, there are both cosmetic and housing rewards to this event. As I mentioned earlier, you automatically get the two earrings from completing the first quest. After you finish the entire story, you get a cute feathered flat hat – red feathers for the girls, black feathers for the guys. I also read that if you use the /visor emote, you can turn the bow decoration on and off.


The housing décor is… interesting. Usually huge pink pieces furniture aren’t my thing, but these are pretty cute.

The Broken Heart Chair comes in two pieces – left and right. It takes a little finagling to get them to line up right when placing them in the house, but it makes a full love seat once you do. Right-clicking makes the wings spread from either sides of the seats.

The Paramour Bed is a huge pink heart-shaped bed with flowing curtains and wings that has enough room for three (?!) players to get comfy. I’ve already seen all sorts of interesting room layouts created between the different pieces, especially the bed. It has a peeky-hole between the curtains that provides an interesting spot for your favorite NPC portrait to show through.

Whether you go solo or duo, I wish you the best fortune and Valentione’s Day fun in Eorzea this year! The event runs through February 15th!

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