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FAQ: Best Reveal At E3

Every week we try to sit down and discuss hotly debated topics, ask silly questions, and answer questions we hear a lot while gaming in FAQ. This week is the obvious question. The one that barely needs asking, but ask it we will. This weeks frequently asked question is this..

What, for our writers and editors, was their favourite reveal from E3?

Horizon Zero Dawn

Belghast: There were a lot of interesting titles, but the one that absolutely blew me away has to be Horizon: Zero Dawn. I mean who doesn’t want to play a game that seems to be Clan of the Cavebear meets Zoids? Everything I am hearing says this is a big open world action role-playing game, but I am secretly hoping they have some really awesome cooperative action as well. I am still waiting on a game that is essentially Just Cause 2 with all of my friends, but no one has fully delivered on that promise yet. The setting and the world of bio-organic dinosaurs however is enough to keep me interested, and if it keeps looking good it will absolutely be a day one purchase for me.

Final Fantasy Vii

Nick: There’s no doubt that my favourite reveal at E3 this year was the Final Fantasy VII remake announcement. While we didn’t get much, it was enough to keep my hopes up and probably hold me over for the next few years while it gets developed. With the way Square Enix has been prioritizing HD remakes for more recent games in the franchise, and neglecting to comment about Final Fantasy VII, I was worried that we would never get an updated edition of it. The announcement for a complete remake totally blew my mind and I’m now more excited about this than any game I can ever think of. Final Fantasy VII was my first true RPG adventure, besides Pokemon Red, and opened my eyes up to a completely different world of gaming. Before I got hooked on RPGs, games were simply a way to pass the time, but then they became living worlds and interactive movies. RPGs became to me what books are to most people, except you can actually see what’s happening in real time, and I owe this all to Final Fantasy VII. It also helps that this was the first 3D version of the game, albeit very graphically dated now, and had one of the best stories in the series. Now all we can do is hope that the next generation of it is just as amazing as the original and that nothing gets screwed up in the process.

Sea of Thieves

Karl: My favourite and most surprising reveal this E3, was Rare´s Sea Of Thieves. Ever since Sid Meier’s Pirates!, I have had the urge to play pirate with my friends and now that seems like a possibility. While there is still much unknown about the game, the first in game trailer shown at Microsoft show really blew me and my pirate fantasies away. This game could really be the online game that brings me away from my family. Where I together with friends could roam the open sea in our very own pirate ship, encounter and board other ships, search for treasure in mysterious new lands, and just exist in the pirate world where we belong.
While some people have argued against the art style for the game, I really like it. There is no need for Rare to make this game ultra-realistic looking, since this would surely harm the game more then make it better. But while I cannot wait to get my hands on the game, I´m still worried that the online aspect will be instanced, that the world is very small, that there is too little to do, and no crafting. But until then, I will dream wet pirate dreams.

The Last Guardian

Hannah: This is a tough question.. Being the first time I’ve really paid extensive attention to E3, I was overwhelmed by some of the bizarre and wonderful things different companies had throughout their press conferences. I mean, nervous Yarn guy, Moonface, Pele?! And sharing the experience with the community on Twitter and here at MMOGames has been absolutely amazing. But my favourite reveal? Well, we were a little low on the MMO front, in my honest opinion. We had a new Star Wars the Old Republic expansion which sounds amazing but I’m still very new to the game, and some great details on Guild Wars 2’s Guild Halls, but my favourites must come in the form of the smaller artistic concepts. Unravel was a great one that made you feel like the game just wanted to give you a big hug, and that Horizon game looks incredible, but I’m going to have to go for The Last Guardian purely for the reaction my husband had watching that gameplay trailer. I expect when we finally get our hands on that game we’ll have a great time experiencing it together. Also, I have to give a bonus point to Microsoft Hololens for actually making my jaw drop to the floor. Incredible.


Shannon: While I will typically only play online games it was actually a single player that caught my attention this year. A little indie studio from the far north of Sweden got thrust into the spotlight with their adorable puzzle game, Unravel. While Martin Sahlin was on the stage of one of the biggest press conferences of E3 you could see him shaking from nervousness. His story of creating Yarny and Yarny’s world in Unravel stole my heart. I may be lusting after the HoloLens now, and I’m excited to see a new Rare game being featured there was only one game to come out of E3 that I know I have to get and that’s Unravel. Oh, and I need to get myself a Yarny plushie. He’s just too cute for words.


Jacob: Fallout 4 is the biggest E3 reveal, and it may be the biggest reveal of 2015. Bethesda has been working on this title for years, and it shows. The result: a seamless, beautiful game that simultaneously expands the franchise and changes the way we define and view “gaming.” As the line between games and movies continues to blur, Bethesda introduces us to a fully customizable story experience that transcends medium or genre. In the 20th century, films like Ben Hur, The Godfather, and Apocalypse Now revolutionized storytelling. Fallout 4 does this, too, but it makes us an active part of the process. I can’t wait to play it.

Runners up: Dark Souls III, DOOM, Halo 5: Guardians, Cuphead, The Last Guardian, Star Fox Zero, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kingdom and Hearts 3.

So there you have it. Rare and Hololens make a pair for Microsoft. Final Fantasy VII is being remade and “remixed”. Yarn, lightsabers and action RPGs. All in all a great E3.

What was your favourite reveal?

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