FAQ: Your Dream MMO Reveal at E3

Every week we try to sit down and discuss hotly debated topics, ask silly questions, and answer questions we hear a lot while gaming in FAQ. This week is the last quiet before the storm of E3 descends upon us all. There have been great occasions at E3. There have been disasters. There has been everything in between, but this weeks frequently asked question is this..


If you could have a dream MMO reveal at E3, what would it be?


Hannah: I keep telling people that all I want is an open world PVE-focused high fantasy MMORPG (PVP is allowed but separate servers or flags or areas or something) with lots to explore and work on. I like collecting, questing, building, killing non-player characters/monsters, and okay I’m pretty much describing Rift but is that so much to ask for?! I just want to be immersed and currently I feel as though the MMORPG world is somewhat lacking in the game I want to play. Perhaps an announcement that Daybreak have been fooling us all along and they’ve been working hard on EverQuest Next with Dave Georgeson and Storybricks and it’s all going to be okay, it’s releasing in 2016 and it’s going to be the best thing ever. Right?


Karl: For everyone who has had Pokémon in their lives. Meaning everyone who has grown up or been a gamer since the  90s. I at least, and I think almost everyone who have played some version of Pokémon have dreamt about how it would be to live the world of Pokémon. To have your very own [insert favorite Pokémon here] waking around the town with you, or brining you a drink, or just hanging under the stars talking about life with. While most of know this could never happened in real life, given that we have yet to see any real life Pokémon moving about. And trying to catch a pigeon in a ball does not count. A Pokémon MMO is the closest we could get to this amazing reality.


While a Pokémon MMO really does not need an explanation, I will shortly give you one thought on how it should be made and played, the context itself should be very given, otherwise read the article Here on: Will we ever see a true Pokémon MMOG). The most given about the Pokémon MMO, and the only thing that would really matter given how great a game it already is, it has to have full VR support. Nothing will beat the feeling when you are fully immersed in the world of Pokémon and easily can move around your head and look down, or up, on that mystical wonderful creature of yours. Of course the game should be played in first person, have 4k support, made in the Unreal4, no one plays a hearo and everyone can be a gym master. But without VR support, a Pokémon MMO would be nothing.


Belghast: The game I would be most interested in and at the same time most shocked to see, would be a Sandbox MMO set in Frank Herbert’s Dune universe.  The scale of the game however would end up being so massive, because the part I would be interested in would be each player “guild” representing a minor house of the Lansraad, that could develop their own connections with the key power sources in that universe.  I think probably the most interesting time to set the game in would be the Brian Herbert “prequel” era before things started falling apart.

Nick: This wasn’t a very hard decision for me because I’ve had the same idea for an amazing MMO in my head for the past decade. I would love to see a persistent, sandbox BattleTech MMO. I remember playing MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries as a child and thinking that it would have made the coolest multiplayer game ever. Players would start out as low ranking officers for the various factions or work freelance until they’ve made enough money to fund their own outfit. With the massive size of the universe there would be enough room for multiple, major factions to create outposts on worlds and harvest resources while having to repel both real players and NPC invasions. Furthermore, planetary defenses could also be implemented to destroy enemy dropships before they even get into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, all we’ve received so far is an instanced, entirely PvP focused battleground simulator in the form of MechWarrior Online.

MechWarrior Online

Shannon: This was a bit of a difficult question to answer. In reality there are a ton of different ways I could have answered this. Do I go with a sequel to an already popular MMO I love? Do I pick something based on some other form of media, a book, a tv show, or a movie? Or do I pick a single player game I’d love to see as an MMO? I certainly know while watching things I’ve wished they would be made into an MMO fairly often. Unfortunately, I can’t remember any of those ideas right now. So instead, I’ll cheat and go with…my MMO. Yes, I am working on an MMO, no I’m not telling you much about it. Right now it’s really just a dream. But hey, if this is supposed to be about my dream MMO reveal why not mention my dream MMO? Here are all the spoilers you get, it’s based in a totally new fantasy setting that I’ve created with my husband, there will be tie in novels. There are Dwarves and Elves, but they aren’t what you’d traditionally think of as Dwarves and Elves. And it’s a three faction system. There, all the spoilers you get. I would love to be able to present my MMO to the world at E3. That, for me, is the ultimate E3 dream.

Elder Scrolls Online

Elves, but not like this.

Jonathan: Okay. Shannon stole my thunder with that dream so I’ll tone my fantasies down a little bit and go another way. Off the cuff elevator pitch dream? A concrete release date for The Division. That’s just me being difficult though. My actual dream E3 announcement? The resurrection of Paragon Studios. They wouldn’t even need to work on a City of Heroes type of thing, though if anyone wants to suddenly magically release City of Heroes 2, I’ll give you my bank details and you can have the money.


I got into MMOs thanks to Westwood. I didn’t know anyone in Westwood. Only that they made an excellent game series that I adored. They were advertising making Earth & Beyond, that was what hooked me. If it was Westwood, it’d be fun. I am sure others got into MMOs through World of Warcraft on the same basis. Blizzard made those games you love and now they were/are making an MMO? To the sign up page! For me while I would love to ask for a specific game or a dream property, I think what I would like most of all is the return of the Studio over the Personality. Don’t pin my game hopes on one or two really engaging really passionate people. Don’t pin your game on having X publisher or Y personality. Give me back a studio that you could feel safe and warm with, that you knew would do the job and whose games you could trust would appeal to you.

Failing that, dream E3 announcement? Dial us back a bit and give me Command and Conquer Red Alert 4: The MMO. The Empire of The Rising Sun, The Soviets and The Allies just going at it from a ground level. What….? It worked for Warcraft after all.


So those are our dream E3 announcements. The ones we all know aren’t coming next week but we can hope for anyway. What would yours be?

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