Gamescom Day 1 Roundup

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The first day of Gamescom is always the most exciting. There is the chance to see old friends, make some new ones. We saw some very exciting titles today and even took some time out of the busy schedule to explore floors.

As is expected Blizzard, League of Legends, and Wargaming all have amazing booths. Check them out in the images below.


It may only have been the first day but there were tons of great meetings! Here are some teasers from throughout the day.



There was of course the great news that Neverwinter is headed for consoles. This news broke before Gamescom ever started. We also got thr chance to see Module 4, Tyranny of Dragons in action before it goes live tomorrow!


Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade

Miguel from Behaviour Interactive showed his passion for Warhammer and Eternal Crusade by explaining the universe to a total 40k newbie and talking about the razer integration which goes into such great detail that players will be able to sound like the race they belong in.


Guild Wars 2

The living story may be about to take a mid season break but there are othere exciting things to come. New features will be introduced to give WvW and PvP some much needed love. Though Arenanet isn’t quite ready to put a date on when the season will return they do say it will be in the fall. But most importantly there will still be things for us to do.



We got a quick 10 minute look at the companion app for Destiny. This handy little tool will allow players to organise meeting friends and maybe most importantly give them access to eveything they need for ultimate bragging rights.



Trading card game Hex has been focusing on their tutorial following player feedback. Gameforge, the makers of Hex also have a yet unannounced soccer game which will be announced any day now.


Orcs Must Die Unchained

Beta events for Orcs Must Die Unchained have been extremely successful. As a result this title isn’t far from launch.


World of Warships

MMOGames got to be one of the first to see World of Warships in Alpha. Such detail and love is going into this project that several of the ships took more than three months to complete.



BroForce is a console and PC game providing a hilarious combination between pixel and platform gaming. They’ve taken an interesting angle to the game by focusing on style elements from the ‘80s. Expendibros is their latest expansions adding multiplayer functionality up to 4 players. The characters are a direct tie in with the movie The Expendables. If that’s not enough, you’re aiming to kill a felon in the game who greatly resembles Mel Gibson! With its quick gameplay and hilarious effects it quickly grabbed our attention as worth mentioning. You can play the game single-player but it’s a lot more fun multiplayer (up to 4 players) to complete levels. The more players are added, the more chaos ensues and in this game that’s great!


Stelulu Presents Stinky

Is it a footrest? Is it a joystick? Is it a controller? Stinky is all of them combined! This brand new foot controller by Stelulu (Canada) reacts to placing your foot in the four different corners of the device. You can have several different ‘clicks’, or perhaps we should call them ‘steps’ custom made for your game. The concept was brought about to reduce the time spent between using WASD and different buttons or spell selections ingame. Aimed at hardcore PVP players, Stinky will alleviate your hand movement and increase your access for the quickest responses. Certainly it will need some adjusting to either perform movement or select spells with your feet but once you’ve mastered it, you’ve categorically upgraded from a race car driver to helicopter pilot. MMOGames will be soon testing the Stinky, named after the inevitable odor which will surround this controller as it is mostly used barefoot by experienced users, so you can expect a smelly review from us!


Playa Games

Shakes and Fidget should not be judged by its cover at all. While Play Games have their hands in several casual games, the truth behind Shakes and Fidget is that this game is highly demanding, difficult to master and endlessly challenging. It makes great use of humor which appeals to its core audience of players between 23 and 35.


The Talos Principle

Another non-mmo game title that MMOGames tried out at Gamescom is called The Talos Principle, which is a philosophical themed narrative puzzle game. It’s first person and consists of a combination of puzzles which also challenge you mentally to consider various philosophical propositions. You are guided by someone who claims he is God (or Elohim) to head to the next levels, and you are asked serious questions, for example why you are actually completing these puzzles. The game in some way resembles Portal with some of its puzzle elements, but has very much its own atmosphere and approach. The narrative style, implemented by Tom Jubert and Jonas Kyratzes.


As you can see we got off to a great start. Keep an eye on MMOGames for more details on all our meetings and follow our live tweets @MMOGames.



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