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Greed Monger: A Crafting Focused Sandbox MMORPG

Greed Monger is an upcoming sandbox MMORPG that has turned a lot of heads, boasting features that many fans of older MMOs such as Ultima Online have been waiting for.

Picture a world, vast landscapes of different terrains, animals roaming through nature, monsters in the dark corners of the world, but nothing else. That’s the world of Greed Monger, an empty one. It’s empty because it’s up to players to shape the world themselves.

True to the sandbox genre, players enter a world where they are free to live however they choose with no pre-defined skill trees, whether it be through peaceful means or as a fighter. Players will set out to build a civlization, with every item crafted by the players themselves – no swords dropping from pigs, or magical armour dropping from a dragon.

Players make everything in the game, while the environment only provides the resources. With a heavy reliance on crafters, even those who don’t want to PvP can live a fulfilling life. But what would that life be without a piece of land to call your own, a place to build a home.

In Greed Monger, players will be able to purchase land plots and can build a house on that land. Land plots are sold for real cash, Greed Monger will be a free-to-play MMORPG and this is how they will support themselves. Limiting each player to four land plots, the more land you have the bigger your house can be and the more you can do on your land.

And you will be able to do what you please, the developers have shared that you will be able to decorate your homes however  you like. This would normally be a very dull feature in an MMORPG, but in this case the player houses are all non-instanced.

Having land will offer more opportunties than just a house though, your land could cover great terrain for hunting or harvesting and other players will want to use that location. Land owners in Greed Monger will have the ability to charge rent for accessing their land.

In order to fully immerse players in the world, there will be no global chat – instead only chat bubbles above peoples heads. This is intended to bring a real sense of community, players will become familiar with those living near to them and may become wary of strangers that don’t often roam around their neck of the woods.

Immersion is something that Greed Monger hopes to offer on several levels, even including player written lore based on adventures within the game to become a part of the official Greed Monger Cannon – in-game literature. Community events will also bring players together and keep the adventures going.

The developers seem quite interested in being active within their community, even stating they will be taking control of certain raid bosses to provide a real challenge to players. The game will feature a full Player Vs. Environment and Player Vs. Player system, much like other MMORPGs.

When players aren’t fighting dragons and monsters, they will be battling the market in the fully player driven economy that will drive the world forward. Literally built from the ground up, players will build a civilization that will progress economically and technologically, possibly making it to the space age and reaching another planet.

The developers say Ages of time will pass and technology will evolve as the population and economy grows, players working together will obviously move things forward faster. It all sounds like a sandbox fans dream, and many have already gathered behind the ambitious MMORPG.

The developers recently reached their funding goal on Kickstarter, making this project possible. The game as mentioned previously will be free-to-play, but will feature no micro-transactions or cash shop – it will purely run off land sales. If you want to show your support now, you can still head over to the Kickstarter page and help fund the project.

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