A Star to Guide Us preview

Guild Wars 2: A Star to Guide Us Preview

Before we dive into the article I’d like to get the usual spoiler warning out of the way. In the following article, there will NOT be any story spoilers. Just based on the little snippet of story that I saw in the press preview I know that I wouldn’t want the story spoiled, so I’m not going to do that to you, my reader. Please keep this in mind when you’re on social media as well and don’t post spoilers. So you might be wondering what will this article be about? Well, I’ve decided to focus on the little things that make a big difference. There’s the second outing of new technology, a little nostalgia, and something fans have been asking for. So let’s dive in.


Legendary Technology

It amazes me that even after 6 years of Guild Wars 2 being live, and 13 years of the original Guild Wars new technology, that new ways to use the technology are still being found. I mention Guild Wars because GW2 uses a heavily modified version of the Guild Wars engine. New technology was used to create The Binding of Ipos, the Legendary focus which featured a floating book along with a giant demonic hand. When that was created ArenaNet started considering other ways to use the technology. Specifically, they wanted to create some sort of pet that would go along with you. This is how Xiuquatl came to be.

Xiuquatl features a very cute little flying serpent who will accompany you in battle. Out of combat, the serpent goes away so you aren’t stuck with a little beast following you around everywhere. It was honestly so distracting that I forgot to look at what the footfall is like. Sadly, the scepter isn’t a weapon that Rangers can use at the moment but hopefully, this will change in the future as this scepter would be perfect for them.


Hitting Guild Wars Fans Right in the Nostalgia

A Star to Guide Us gives players who also played the original Guild Wars game a nice shot of nostalgia with the introduction of Sun’s Refuge, formerly known as the Sunspear Sanctuary. Sun’s Refuge is an underground, instanced zone that offers the opportunity to expand through the exploration of lore and completing tasks given by those inside. There are also things to do inside Sun’s Refuge including a small battle arena with an NPC who will kick your ass. For roleplayers, Sun’s Refuge offers somewhere safe to roleplay that still has a sense of urgency in the air. Sure, you can rest there for a little while, but ultimately you need to get back into the fight. It also presents a fantastic opportunity for those who are in small guilds that struggle to complete a Guild Hall, like my two-person guild with my husband. No, it doesn’t have any of the features that a Guild Hall has, but it does offer somewhere to be that you can call your own and you can bring friends. Unlocking it is quite easy, all you have to do is play the story as you will be anyway.


Player Requested, ArenaNet Delivered

One thing that players have often asked about is seeing important NPCs out in the world. You never see Dragon’s Watch outside of story instances but finally, that has changed. They aren’t quite out in the open world like we had hoped for but it is a step in that direction as once you’ve unlocked Sun’s Refuge, Dragon’s Watch can be found inside, giving us the opportunity for the first time, to interact with these characters outside of the world-shattering story taking place. They all have a variety of things that they’re doing, but it is nice to see them doing more than getting stuck into battle. I only hope that we see more of this in the future.

Another highly requested feature that has been introduced is the new upgradable Elegy Armor. What makes this armor so special isn’t that it glows, plenty of armor does that, but you can change the color of the glow. See the image below with a side by side visualization taken just moments apart.

The world is about to get a whole lot more colorful.

by the amazing Stjepan Sejic who is a GW2 fan.


Blowing in the Wind

Jahai Bluffs has a lot of things going on, but there is one feature that stands out more than the others: a massive purple tornado. This tornado travels the map, picking up adventurers and tossing them into the air with ease. Not only is it a great way to get up to some of the higher levels of the map, but it also gives you access to a sky full of volatile magic. The tornado is best used by griffon owners but those who have a glider will also benefit from it greatly. It’s also just a lot of fun to play in and made a great ending to our preview of A Star to Guide Us.


A Star to Guide Us is available to play right now so log in and get started! There’s so much more in this living story update that I haven’t mentioned yet, including a raid that ventures into the mystic toilet. Here you’ll finally get to meet Zommoros, the djinn who is the source of all your mystic forge woes and the great hoarder of legendary weapons. There’s also a very handy new mastery which every mount owner will want to get as soon as possible. Six years after launch, Guild Wars 2 is still finding new and interesting ways to keep bringing players back for more.

Please remember to keep social media spoiler-free for a little while so players have some time to get through the content. If you know you won’t be able to log in and play right away, I highly recommend you avoid social media until you’ve played. You won’t regret it.

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