Guns and Robots Interview

Guns and Robots – A Robotic Wild West Interview

First revealed last July, Guns and Robots is a multiplayer online shooter where players build their own unique machines with several different parts and fight it out in various different maps.

In this Guns and Robots Interview, we will be finding out what makes the game tick, what are some of the features it has to offer while taking a look at the game’s current status. Hop on aboard!

Guns and Robots

Q: Hello there, this is Robert here from Can you please introduce yourself and the studio to the readers?

A: Hello, my name is Orlin Doutskinov and I’m Guns And Robots Project team leader.

Q: Guns and Robots was announced over a year ago. How have things been in general since then and what stage is the game currently in?

A: The game is in Open Beta phase. We are constantly adding new content, fine-tuning all game parts, adding new features, improving players’ experience. We are also thrilled about upcoming features that have been set in motion and we are looking forward to hear what our players will say. The latest news is that the game has been live on Steam Greenlight for a week now with a lot of positive feedback from the players.

Q: Let us start right from the beginning. Why did the development team settled down with this robotic, Wild West title as its maiden title?

A: The idea behind Guns and Robots is that players will fight on arenas with different styles and themes. The Wild West theme is one of the worlds that players can play. We do have other arenas such as Suburbia, Pirate ships arena, Medieval Castle and many more planned to come to live upon official release .

Q: Were there any fears about the success of Guns and Robots, given that there is really no similar titles out in the market?

A: Not really. We believe a lot in the game concept and although the idea of robots fighting in the Wild West or Medieval Castle is very unusual, we stick to the classical third person shooter mechanics, which every gamer knows well. Understanding the game is easy.

Guns and Robots

Q: Since launch, what was the most difficult incident the team faced, and how was it resolved?

A: In the beginning we were experiencing some difficulties with balancing robot builds and matchmaking , but thanks to the feedback from our constantly growing community we were able to overcome those difficulties and solve issues while in closed beta phase.

Q: Most games will just give players default characters, only to look different after purchasing cash costumes. Why the decision to design so many robotic parts for players to mix and match? Isn’t this a very time consuming process?

A: Yes, yes it is indeed. Each part is different from the other with different statistics, look and adds different gameplay style value. Players are provided with a lot of situations to test different builds and each part can give them tactical advantage over other robots. Making such items is a challenge and can be very time-consuming task to fine-tune the details and balance the part. However, it is worth making it! Our players have been extremely supportive and patient!

Q: Are there different types of parts available? For example, common, uncommon, rare etc?

A: There are no generally rare parts or uncommon. Everything is available in the shop and purchasable with credits won after battles. There are, however, parts that can be won only from completing achievements.

Q: So tell us, other than building a full robot using different parts, what other features can be customized?

A: There are options for fine-tuning your robot with special devices that can be attached to your robot body module. There are shield and turrets, radar device, that help you in team fights. Besides the robot parts, there are different ammo types, accessories, personal avatars. In the future we have plans to add more visual customizations and garage customizations

Guns and Robots

Q: I am curious, how are better parts obtained? Are the best parts bought of the cash shop or from a random lucky box seen in many other games?

A: We do not have specific parts or weapons that are better than others. They are divided by three main categories – light, medium and heavy. It depends on the build whether a specific part or weapon will be useful for your robot build or not. Power of the weapon is well balanced and its effect depends solely on the gameplay- style preferences of a player. For example we have expensive energy weapons in the shop, but they will be of no use to you in close combat fights if you do not have build that allows you to regenerate your energy fast and player does not have enough accuracy. There are unique weapons that can be won after completing an achievement. There are also frequent giveaways or on sale options for players to get fancy accessories .

Q: How many parts are there currently? And to add on, how many robots have been built since Guns and Robots launched?

A: At this stage of development we have one hundred and fifty initial parts and we continue to add new weapons, weapon enchantments, chassis, etc. With this amount of parts it is possible to build between 50 000 and 100 000 different robots.

Q: Having played Guns and Robots at launch with just a handful battlefields, how many maps and modes are there now in total, and how different are they from each other?

A: Now we have 4 maps, that will grow upon official release. The available game modes are 3 – “Team deathmatch”, “Capture the batteries” ( which resembles classic “Capture the flag:) and “Bomb Squad”( Destroy base). “Team deathmatch” is classic game mode, available in other multiplayer shooters. In “Capture the Batteries” players of Guns and Robots work together to steal the other faction’s batteries and return them home safely protecting them from being captured.The first team to bring back in the home base the needed amount of batteries wins, while the challenge in “Bomb Squad”, is to protect yourself and deploy the bomb in the opposing team’s base before time runs out. We have planned the number of available modes to grow as well as the number of arenas, that our players will enter.

Q: Am I wrong to say that no single robot built by players will be able to dominate all the maps since they all have different terrains?

A: Different terrains have different speed penalties and specifics that a single robot cannot beat them all. So, you are right – there is no ultimate build. However, players can change and modify their builds according to their game-play style preferences. Knowing the different terrains will give them strategic advantage as well.

Q: Being the peace-loving player that I am, is there a PvE mode in Guns and Robots? If not, is there a reason for not designing such a mode?

A: No. We do not have PVE and PVE arenas, yet. We are working on this feature and we hope that our players will like it.

Q: Being a Free-to-Play title, how does the cash item shop ensure paid and non-paying gamers are competing on a level field?

A: All Items in the shop are accessible to all players. There is one game currency, which can be collected with gameplay not just real money. We have option those weapons, parts, devices to be rented before being purchased. There are even number of parts that are completely free. Recently, we have released achievements that assure our players gather much needed GAR credits to purchase even the highest price weapons with only being persistent in the game. Our matchmaking system does the rest. It assures that same level players can compete only against each other.

Q: Being a skill-based game, what features or channels are there for interested players to pick up new tips and tricks?

A:We are working on expanding our Wikipedia with strategies and tactics. Players can also gather much needed information about each and every part on the Official Forum, to exchange experience with other members or even join a guild.

Guns and Robots

Q: What is the team currently working on right now?

A: We are polishing some major features that will take place next months such as items upgrades. We believe this feature will allow our players experience more intense battles with more variety of weapons and weapon enchantments. We are also planning to release a new gameplay mode, which we will soon announce. Another major feature that has been set in motion is PVE and PVE Arenas. All of these are time-consuming tasks but we continue to give player regular updates as well and new weapon additions.

Q: Before I end the interview, please tell our readers why they should play Guns and Robots, and not the other online shooters in the market.

A: We are trying to look at shooters from whole different perspective and find what is missing, what we cannot find in other games. That is – deep customization features that allow players to immerse themselves and find exactly their build, the fun of making, creating your own character according to your personal game-play preferences, the thrill of shooting with several weapons simultaneously, combined with unique visuals.

Q: Thanks to Masthead Studios for this very insightful interview!

A: Thank you, Robert!

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