HGC Western Clash

HGC Western Clash 2018 Round 2 – Lower Bracket

The lower bracket is the last chance for teams in the Heroes of the Storm HGC Western Clash. Despite being knocked out early North America still has two more opportunities to advance with HeroesHearth and Octalysis, but they’ll have to fight through EU’s Leftovers and Method.

HGC Western Clash Method

Method (EU3) vs HeroesHearth (NA1) Match 1

Map: Volskaya Foundry
Method: Yrel, Malfurion, Abathur, Garrosh, Maiev
HeroesHearth: Deckard, Genji, Diablo, Leoric, Fenix

Method is able to take control early and hold on. By the 12-minute mark, Method has already cleared all HeroesHearth forts and has a decent 17 to 15 level lead. HeroesHearth tries to regain momentum with a team fight on the bottom objective but Leoric falls early and Genji, Fenix and Diablo are cleaned up for a 4-0 fight in favor of Method.

The Protector gives method a chance to easily clear the bottom keep towers and obtain level 20 Storm talents. Aggressively looking for a fight, Maiev drops early but Method picks up three kills in return. With the Protector and two more heroes alive, Method ends the game.


Method (EU3) vs HeroesHearth (NA1) Match 2

Map: Infernal Shrines
Draft Method: Alex, Zarya, Muradin, Malthael, Maiev
Draft HeroesHearth: Diablo, Fenix, Uther, Thrall, Dehaka

This match was significantly more even during the early game than the previous. After 10 minutes, both teams are still relatively even in experience, but Method is able to secure the top Shrine and burn HeroesHearth’s top fort. HeroesHearth responds by picking off Muradin and then Malthael gets caught.

The teams clash again once the Shrine spawns middle lane. An excellent engagement by Maiev allows Method to bring down Uther and Diablo then take the middle fort. Around 15 minutes, Muradin is assassinated after a tricky grab and Isolation by Dehaka. HeroesHearth then attempts to dive Zarya behind top tower, but Method responds quickly picking up 3 kills in the process.

Method picks up an Arcane Punisher and bruiser camp top to push in the keep. Trying to end the game, Method gets wiped while HeroesHearth has 6 percent core left. HeroesHearth responds by taking bottom keep and look to end the game but are forced to retreat due to catapults threatening their core.

The final Shrine spawns middle and HeroesHearth has control. Method tries to fight but notices catapults on their core and are forced to back. Instead of finishing the Shrine, Dehaka and Thrall attempt to backdoor the Method core but Thrall gets caught. Method is then able to finish the Shrine and march with the Punisher to victory.


Method (EU3) vs HeroesHearth (NA1) Match 3

Map: Dragon Shire
Draft Method: Muradin, Fenix, Rehgar, Cassia, Blaze
Draft HeroesHearth: Yrel, Abathur, Tracer, Johanna, Li-Ming 

In a last-ditch effort, HeroesHearth puts together a risky Abathur solo support team. Their team has a lot of self-sustain but will have difficulty with burst damage and Method drafts Cassia to deal with Tracer.

Sticking with their aggressive strategy, HeroesHearth invades Method’s giant camp early but Johanna pays for it. Knowing that HeroesHearth has a disadvantage early, Method aggressively pushes bottom while Abathur is top. Li-Ming is caught out of position taking the shrine bottom and then Johanna falls while trying to defend.

HGC Western Clash Method

Method hits level 10 first and tries to press the advantage with the knight camp bottom. However, HeroesHearth soaks to 10 and deletes Muradin, which forces Method to retreat. Things continue to look up for HeroesHearth when they take out Fenix and Muradin middle lane then grab the Dragon Knight at level 13. This gives HeroesHearth a level advantage and allows them to unlock the 16-talent tier first.

HeroesHearth looks to start a fight, and both teams exchange Heroics, but no one falls. This gives them a chance to grab another Dragon Knight, though. As the Dragon Knight ends, Yrel gets put in an awkward position and Method capitalizes. Tracer falls bottom lane, but HeroesHearth is able to soak to level 20 first. However, Li-Ming is caught out of position again and HeroesHearth can’t fight back with Tracer still dead.

With Li-Ming dead, Method grabs giants and knights to push through bottom keep to the core. The teams exchange kills and Abathur tries his best to keep the core alive, but it isn’t enough. Method takes the victory and the series.


Leftovers (EU4) vs Team Octalysis (NA4) Match 1

Map: Volskaya Foundry
Leftovers: Deckard, Fenix, Thrall, Johanna, Genji
Octalysis: Blaze, Medivh, Garrosh, Raynor, Malfurion


In this battle of the 4th Seeds, Leftovers and Team Octalysis are fighting for survival. There are interesting hero picks on both sides with Leftovers securing Genji and Octalysis picking up Medivh, who was incredibly strong for Team Freedom earlier in the day.

With an early level 4 talent advantage, Leftovers start a fight at the support camp while Blaze is showing bottom. However, Octalysis doesn’t back off and they’re able to pick off Deckard once backup arrives.

Shortly after the first objective spawns and Octalysis is able to body their opponents off the point. Leftovers comes back strong to force overtime on the objective and pick up two kills. Refusing to concede, Octalysis reengages when both teams have 99 percent control, but they’re forced to retreat and Leftovers claim the Protector.

Leftovers destroy top fort with the Protector and put some damage on middle fort. This gives them an experience lead and allows them to hit level 10 first. Octalysis tries a risky play invading Leftover’s turret camp; they’re able to steal the camp and kill Fenix.

The second objective spawns top and even though Octalysis has caught up in experience they don’t have a top fort to retreat to. After the initial clash, Leftovers are able to heal at their well while Octalysis must retreat back to base. Octalysis returns then Johanna and Genji fall attempting to kill Malfurion. Thrall finally secures the kill with a Chain Lightning bounce and Octalysis has to back with their healer down.

After claiming the Protector, Leftovers push bottom but go too aggressive chasing Malfurion. Fenix and Genji initially drop and Deckard is forced to sacrifice himself. This gives Octalysis a chance to catch up and both teams sit relatively even 16-minutes in and level 18.

Looking for a chance to close out the game, Leftovers engage Octalysis at their own turret camp but Blaze reacts with a well-placed Bunker to negate Salvo and X-Strike. At 17:30 the third objective spawns and Octalysis sets up, however, they back off to soak 20. Octalysis attempts to reengage but miss times the situation and Leftovers pick up the Protector along with a kill on Garrosh. Down a hero, Octalysis is unable to defend their core from the Protector. Leftovers secure the game.


Leftovers (EU4) vs Team Octalysis (NA4) Match 2

Map: Braxis Holdout
Leftovers:  Diablo, Deckard, Fenix, Ragnaros, Greymane
Octalysis: Dehaka, Muradin, Blaze, Kharazim, Raynor 

HGC Western Clash Octalysis

With the interesting map choice of Braxis Holdout, Leftovers drafts Ragnaros for his insane lane presence. Octalysis tries an early level 2 invade but Leftovers is ready for them and they’re forced to back out. Lots of skirmishing takes place between the two teams and Blaze eventually gives first blood.

Octalysis manages to bait out Fenix’s Warp and then reengage on him for their first kill of the game. This gives them an opportunity to take the bottom control point. Leftovers tries to push them off but Deckard pays the price. Despite taking command of the objective, Ragnaros easily dispatches the Zerg wave top.

During the lull between objectives, Octalysis takes bottom fort while Leftovers destroy top fort. After the next objective spawns, a 1 for 1 trade happens top and Diablo loses his souls. Octalysis is able to reach level 16 first and commands a huge Zerg wave. Leftovers again easily deal with the Zerg but this gives Octalysis a chance to clean up top fort.

Trying to even the score, Leftovers push bottom. Fenix and Ragnaros fall in the ensuing team fight, but Greymane is able to turn on the low health team and create a 4-2 advantage. The teams regroup as the next objective starts. A clash happens around the top beacon. Leftovers combine an amazing Stay Awhile and Listen with Purification Salvo to erase Octalysis. Without anyone to contest them, Leftovers walk to the enemy core and destroy it.


Leftovers (EU4) vs Team Octalysis (NA4) Match 3

Map: Battlefield of Eternity
Leftovers: Fenix, Muradin, Blaze, Malf, Li-Ming
Octalysis: Hanzo, Deckard, Hammer, Johanna, Dehaka

In this third match, Leftovers is looking to close out the series while Octalysis just wants to stay alive. Both teams soak and rotate mercenary camps until the first Immortals spawn. A few skirmishes take place in the middle but Leftovers keep the poke consistent on their Immortal and win the objective.

Leftovers push with their Immortal but it doesn’t quite take bottom fort. The teams go back to soaking and taking mercenary camps until the next Immortals spawn. They start the race but Leftovers hits level 10 first and secures the objective. While the Immortal pushes top, Octalysis attempts to counter but a well-placed Bunker saves Fenix after being Isolated by Dehaka; Leftovers manage to clean up four kills afterward and take a 13 to 11 level lead.

The third objective spawns around the 12-minute mark and Leftovers has a commanding lead. Octalysis attempts to defend their Immortal but Deckard is picked off. This allows Leftovers to finish the Immortal, which takes bottom keep.

Afterward, Octalysis starts the top merc camp when Leftovers invade, however, Octalysis is able to turn the fight around and kill Li-Ming. The next Immortal spawns and Octalysis is able to quickly take it to halftime. This gives them a chance to back off and secure level 16.

This still isn’t enough to beat Leftovers in an even team fight as a clash happens between the Immortals. First Deckard falls and then Hammer and Johanna. This allows Leftovers easy access to the enemy core and the series victory.

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