How to Do Just About Anything in Guild Wars 2

When looking for what to cover related to Guild Wars 2 this week I found that there are a lot of people searching for answers to questions that start with “how to…” So, I thought it was time to answer the internet’s most asked how to questions from Guild Wars 2.


How to Get Ascended Gear in Guild Wars 2

These days there are a number of ways to get ascended gear. Some of them are more complex than others, and some cost more than others. Which method works best for you is something only you can decide.

Crafting. Get your crafting profession up to level 500 and start crafting ascended gear. This is incredibly expensive and time-consuming because there are several time gates in the process.

Dropped Loot. There is a small chance of getting ascended gear drops from Tequatl, Triple Trouble, Daily Fractal chests, Raid Bosses, WvW rank up rewards, PvP loot boxes, guild missions, and a very small chance from champion loot bags.

Vendors. You can buy ascended armor from vendors for taking part in modes of gameplay that aren’t in the open world. You’ll need quite a bit of the currency for the method you pick. These vendors are for Fractals, Raids, PvP, and WvW. You can also get an ascended breather from a living world season 3 vendor.

Finally, there are a few achievements that offer ascended gear as a reward.


How to Change Server in Guild Wars 2

Before you consider changing servers any further ask yourself why you want to do it. The only reason you should change servers is for WvW or if you want to go from North America to Europe or the other way around. If you want to play with friends on another North American server you can do that without having to change servers, unless you’re on a European server.

If you still want to change servers you’re left with two options.

Option 1, delete all your characters and transfer your account for free. I don’t advise this because you will lose all your character’s birthday time that you’ve put in.

Option 2, log into the game and on the character selection screen look at the bottom left corner of the screen for World Selection. Here you’ll find a list of all the servers for North America and Europe. Pick the server you want to go to, and, if it isn’t full continue on. Depending on what the population of the server you’re transferring to you’ll have to pay between 500 and 1800 gems. Yes, real money.


How to Craft in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

There are 9 crafting disciplines in Guild Wars 2. They allow you to create armor, weapons, jewelry, foods, and more. Crafting can only be done at crafting stations which are located in every city and in certain zones. If you want to unlock a particular craft discipline talk to the NPC near the crafting station who will help you get started. You can only have 2 disciplines unlocked at a time on a character, so consider which ones you will want most. Once you have it unlocked go to the crafting station.

On the production tab, you’ll see the recipes you already have unlocked. You can start crafting these if you have the materials but a better option is the Discovery tab.

In the Discovery tab, you’ll just throw random materials together and see what you get. If you discover something you haven’t unlocked yet you’ll get a large amount of XP as well as that item.


How to Earn Gold in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 - Shooshadoo

There are a number of ways to earn gold in Guild Wars 2, far too many to go into detail here. So check out our separate article that just talks about how to earn gold quickly in Guild Wars 2.


How to Get a Glider in Guild Wars 2

Central Tyria Gliding

If you’d like to have a glider the first thing to do is make sure you own Heart of Thorns, Guild Wars 2’s first expansion. To get the glider you must complete the first mission of Heart of Thorns to get you into the jungle and unlock the mastery system. Work on unlocking the Glider Basics mastery by earning XP. Doing events in the zone is the fastest way to earn XP and unlock the mastery.


How to Use a Glider in Guild Wars 2

guild wars 2 rising flames

Once you have a glider using it is as simple as jumping off a height then hitting jump again. If you hit jump again once you have it deployed the glider will fold up and you’ll begin falling. Hitting jump again will open the glider once more. As you unlock masteries you’ll be able to glide into updrafts that will push you higher into the air to let you reach places you couldn’t otherwise or to glide further. You’ll also learn to lean, glide in stealth, and learn to use your glider in ley lines. The best way to get familiar with the glider though is to jump off a really high point and practice. If you splat at the bottom waypoint and do it again. You’ll get the hang of it!


How to Get a Mount in Guild Wars 2

In order to get a mount, you must first own Path of Fire, Guild Wars 2’s second expansion. After that, you’ll need to play the first mission in order to the to the Desert where the expansion takes place. In that first mission, you’ll get your first mount, the Raptor. Once you’re in the desert there are three mounts to get by completing a particular heart in three zones. This is where you get Springer, Skimmer, and Jackal.

For the Springer head to the north end of the Desert Highlands to the Springer Ranch. To start the heart you must have the third Raptor mastery unlocked. Once you’ve finished the heart you can buy a Springer for 50 Trade Contracts and 1 gold.

For the Skimmer head to the heart of Elon Riverlands to the Skimmer ranch. To start the heart you must have the third Raptor mastery unlocked. Once you’ve finished the heart you can buy a Skimmer for 50 Trade Contracts and 4 gold.

To get the Jackal you’ll need to make your way to the floating djinn area at the bottom of The Desolation. To get the Jackal you’ll need to complete the third level mastery of either the Springer or the Skimmer. Help the Djinn to prove you’re worthy of one of the jackals. It then costs 200 Trade Contracts and 20 gold to buy the Jackal. If you don’t buy the Jackal the same day you finish the heart it will cost you 30 gold 40s instead of 20 gold, and yes, still 200 Trade Contracts.

There are two additional mounts that haven’t been mentioned yet, Griffon and Roller Beetle. Both of these require the completion of a long series of achievements. But before you’ll get these achievements unlocked you’ll need to do some story. For Griffons you must complete all of the story in Path of Fire. For the Roller Beetle, you must complete the Forearmed is Forewarned story of Episode 3 of Season 4 of the Living Story. If the story is important to you then you’ll want to play through Path of Fire and the previous episodes of Season 4 before you begin. Once you’ve done that follow the guides on the official wiki to unlock the Griffon and Roller Beetle.


How to Tame Pets in Guild Wars 2

Rangers are the only profession that can tame pets, so first, make sure you’re playing a Ranger. Next, head out into the world, specifically looking for locations where a large number of the same species of animal is at. If you have a particular pet in mind you can look up where to find them in the world on the official wiki. Only animals that have the word Juvenile in front of their name can be tamed. Which makes a lot of sense, it’s MUCH harder to train a wild adult animal than it is a younger one.


How to Trade in Guild Wars 2

There is no trading in Guild Wars 2 between two players. Your only options are to sell on the trading post which everyone has access to or take the risk and trade via in-game mail. Trading through the in-game mail is extremely risky as it isn’t a fair two-way system. So, if you don’t know and trust the person you’re trading with there is a very good chance you’ll get ripped off. There’s also a weekly limit of 500 gold that you can accept through the mail system. This means you should never use it to trade expensive items that are worth more than 500g.


How to Repair in Guild Wars 2

When your armor has been damaged it doesn’t work as well, when it gets too damaged you’ll end up naked which can be a tiny bit embarrassing. Thankfully there are a number of ways to repair your armor without having to replace it.

Out in the world, you’ll see anvils you can interact with as well as repair NPCs. Interact with them and you’ll be able to get your armor repaired at no cost. NPCs will also buy all the junk items you’re carrying around.

Repair Canisters are another option, these, however, cost real-world money to obtain. You can buy 5 for 150 gems. They also can be found in Black Lion Chests, and a few other chests and containers scattered in the world. I personally wouldn’t suggest anyone ever pay for them as they aren’t very useful. There is also an Endless version of the repair cannister that is a rare drop from Black Lion Chests. You can also buy it for around 700 gold, but again, they aren’t worth it.

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