Hands-On with Dreadnought

I Crash Internet Spaceships: Hands-On with Dreadnought

I’ve never met a spaceship I couldn’t fly into something. EVE: Valkyrie has floating debris for you to collide with and every year at the last three Gamescoms I have managed to hit that debris. This year was no different. So I tried Dreadnought. I thought the slower pace and being in the atmosphere rather than space might help. But it didn’t. I managed to fly my massive Dreadnought class ship right into a building. Wonder what happens then? You stop. PLUNK and it all stops. Of course being a big heavy Dreadnought I couldn’t quickly or easily get myself out of that situation quickly. So I became an easy target. Yep, I crash internet spaceships. To my teammates in the demo, I apologize, but I still had a blast.

dreadnought_gc16onslaughtaiheavy01 Hands-On with Dreadnought

You might be able to guess that I’m not very good with depth perception and movement in three-dimensional space, what with all the crashing into things. I’m really not. As a result, I tend to stay away from space games. Even though I’m a huge Star Trek nerd I can’t play Star Trek Online, everyone calls EVE spreadsheets in space and even though I loooove me some spreadsheets I stay away, Elite? No Man’s Sky? No fun at all. In fact, Dreadnought may be the first spaceship game I’ve actually really enjoyed. I don’t mean the fleeting enjoyment I get from the VR of EVE Valkyrie, I’m talking about something I would actually play. (Who am I kidding, I’d play Valkyrie no matter how bad I am at it.) But Dreadnought? Aside from that one little accident with a building, I actually had fun and didn’t do completely horribly. I had two kills! Not bad for my first time I’d say.

I died. A lot. Something I couldn’t really get the hang of was moving power from weapons to shields and all that. This is a fair representation of how I play every game, though. When death has little or no consequence, who cares how much you die as long as you’re having fun! Sure, that might mean that your team loses. But I don’t have much of a competitive spirit when it comes to gaming. My playstyle isn’t recommended for everyone. In fact, I don’t recommend it at all. I do highly recommend you try out Dreadnought, though.

Hands-On with Dreadnought

Going back once again to my depth perception issues and the fact that I’m a total noob, I couldn’t tell what the range was on my weapons or how far away the enemy was. So I basically adopted a spray and pray method. I’m sure that if I’d had more experience with the game I would have already known the capabilities and been familiar enough to know when I needed to get closer. Working out ranges is a part of learning every game. I still managed two kills in the end. Not too bad for a total newbie.

The short Dreadnought demo at Gamescom was a blast. If in the future you see someone flying into buildings or completely missing everyone, that’s almost certainly me. Go easy on me, I’m a noob and I don’t care if I die.

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