Developers Talk Future Plans For LawBreakers At Gamescom 2016

MMOGames met with Boss Key Productions at Gamescom 2016 for an exciting interview about their upcoming title, Lawbreakers! We had to wade through a massive crowd as Hall 9 was absolutely packed with players wishing to try out the game for the first time – but we can’t really blame them, the game looks absolutely stunning.

Lawbreakers is a 5v5 online first-person shooter where even the laws of physics can be shattered. The game is developed by Boss Key Productions and published by Nexon and is currently in Alpha. There are two factions, the Law, who stand for order and justice, and the Breakers, who are essentially rebels. Both teams have the same weapons, abilities, or characteristics, however we discovered that these play out in different ways depending on the side.

E3 LawBreakers

LawBreakers Setting

The game offers much more than team-based combat. The story tells of a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk-style America, where everything went to hell in 2049. Even gravity failed and had to be recreated with the help of powerful technology.The game is set in 2098, when society has built itself back up again with the help of new tech, and apparently so has the underworld.

Other interesting developments are that California has become an archipelago after the earthquakes of 2049, and the Grand Canyon has been purchased by the Japanese, who now house some shady research labs there.

Each of the playable characters have an influence in the game world. Some of them have a back-story that directly influenced major events, some of them as major as causing the Moon to explode. LawBreakers intends to have their players feel like they personally participated in those world-changing events, but also like they can move the story progress.

Original Game Modes

What makes this game truly stand out are its unique game modes, which sometimes reimagine known arena elements. One such element is the Capture-the-Flag mode called Overcharge. In this instance, each team is aiming to take control of a single battery and keep control over this for 20 seconds. If a team manages to do that, they score a point. However, the other team could take control over the battery and they would instantly be the owners of the battery’s latest charge levels, taking over the efforts of the first team.

Another game mode called Turf War makes use of capture points. The first team who has been in control of 13 capture points wins – but it’s not all that simple. A team can keep and hold a maximum of three capture points at any time. Then there will be an intermission (bonus points for killing other players during this time!) for 30 seconds and the team is awarded three points. Then all capture points become available again.

Another extremely remarkable mechanic of LawBreakers is its use of entirely flexible gravitational forces which will require great skill to navigate. One of the maps has a zero-gravity field in the middle, which allows you to turn in each direction in unprecedented gravity-based combat. Playable characters also have gravitational powers that can turn the tide of the battle. The Vanguard can strategically create a zero-gravity pocket that others can enter as well. The Assassin has a grappling-hook that he can use to move in all directions.

Finally, another unique feature which we personally find very interesting is called Blindfire. If you’re running away, you can aim your gun directly behind you and fire. It’s not simply to try and obtain kills (though bonus points if you do), but it’s also a way to propel yourself forward.

LawBreakers at Gamescom 2016

Ready for eSports

LawBreakers is in touch with the ESL and they’ve had several teams battle during Gamescom 2016. They will be streaming more battles on Twitch today and tomorrow so why not check out their Twitch channel between 6pm – 8pm CEST to watch the playoffs?

A few Gamescom attendees have asked us if we thought Lawbreakers might become a big eSports game. According to us, absolutely! The game is highly competitive, fast-paced, and has a variety of unique features which will challenge players in very different ways compared to other games giving it a unique flavor with a variety of interesting challenges.

Cream Team vs Dream Team

The developers are very actively playing Lawbreakers as well, and the rivalry is extreme! They have two fixed teams which are split up into the Cream Team and the Dream Team. The Cream Team is called that way because they always wagered with ice cream – life goals?

Coming Up Next

Recently, LawBreakers have started teasing the new Sniper role, which is a 5th class that can be chosen to play and that was experimented with  for quite some time to get everything right.

At the moment, a sniper in the original understanding of the class would slow the game down too much, but developers still wanted a highly skilled precision-based shooter to join the team. The Sniper that developers created will have two guns and will surely fulfill the audience’s request for a deadly long-ranged role.

Additionally, players can expect new maps, modes, game features and achievements to be added in the new updates to come. The game will stay in Alpha for some time, but they have plans for the Closed Beta already.

Stay tuned for more LawBreakers news coming up, including several Alpha Keys we will hand out in the coming week!

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