Life is Feudal: A Truly Unique Sandbox MMORPG

Life is Feudal is an upcoming hardcore sandbox MMORPG currently under development by a passionate indie development team. The team claims that they want to create a unique sandbox MMORPG with the best elements from games like Wurm Online, Mount&Blade, Ultima Online, Darkfall Online, Shadowbane, and EVE Online. A stewing pot of potential.

Set in a vast open and seamless world spread across 450 square kilometers of various landscapes and weather climates. Life is Feudal wants to be a medieval sandbox MMORPG geared towards hardcore gamers. It’s a game about fuedal life in The Middle Ages.

Like any aspiring sandbox, Life is Feudal is more a set of tools rather than a series of quests. Players are handed some tools, shown how to use them in order to achieve what they want, and then set free amongst the world to use said tools. Be who you want to be, do what you want to do. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, and one that should ring true with any sandbox.

The world is particularly huge, and rightfully so as players will probably spend a good portion of their time claiming it and building kingdoms. Politics will play a large role in a players life with three types of player organizations, an Order, Realm, or Kingdom.

An Order is a goup of players with no claim to land, such as mercenaries, bandits, or crusader knights. A Realm is an Order which has managed to claim land, which is claimed through authority points gained from the membership count of a player’s Order.

If more than one Realm decide to work together, one Realm can take others under them as vassals in order to become a Kingdom. Through this system, players can claim land in which they can build on freely, creating villages, farms, cities or whatever the heart desires.

Players can place pre-modelled buildings and objects within their claimed land to form villages, but location is everything. Life is Feudal will feature a full terraforming system which allows players to reshape the land, flattening hills, raising or lowering mounds of dirt, and even building tunnels or underground caverns. Build with 3 dimensions of freedom.

The terraforming feature will open up plenty of opportunities for players, an okay location for a village can become the perfect location or a moat can be built around a players town or castle for extra protection. Additionally, players can pave roads to allow faster access to the town, directly boosting the economy of the land.

The developers want to attract hardcore gamers, so the game is going to operate accordingly. Resources don’t respawn in the game world, meaning that once players strip down an area resources there will become harder to get and much more valuable.

When a realm is going hungry and resources are scarce, they may quickly become jealous of a neighbouring realm who is still abundant in resources. When men become greedy they often turn to violence or theft in order to obtain what they want, this is no different.

While players can claim land, they will also have to protect it from others who wish to claim it for themselves or steal the resources which reside there. Life is Feudal will feature open world PvP with full loot, meaning players can steal everything off your body on death.

The game will utilize a physics based combat system with realistic body damage and statistics. Each part of the body can be individually wounded upon being attacked and fighting doesn’t use any targeting system, where you weapons strikes is where you hit.

To facilitate the battles that players will partake in there will be full siege and field battle systems implemented. Sieges will be staged so players can’t just zerg their enemies during off-peak hours, and battles are complimented with a unique formation system.

Players can assemble in various formations, with a visual guide showing players where they should be standing in order to achieve the desired formation. This feature amongst many others lead to some exciting potential for combat in this vast open world.

Freedom of choice seems to be a strong theme for the developers of Life is Feudal. While Kingdoms are building their armies and giving jobs to the less combat focused, players are given the freedom to choose how they build their character – without class restrictions.

The devs don’t want players grinding for ages to level their character either. Players choose the skills they want to level, each skill ranking from 1-100, with the last 10 points of the skill being mostly cosmetic rather than actually beneficial towards the skill.

According to the developer levelling a skill to 90 should take 2 to 5 days of hardcore gaming or a few weeks of casual afternoon gameplay. Levelling a skill all the way to 100 will take longer but will only unlock a title to show off to other players, for those completionists.

For those not interested in playing the game of thrones, Life is Feudal will try to offer something to keep the crafters entertained too. With a deep crafting system, crafters will be given choices in how they gather and build. There’s automated gathering or minigames.

If a player just wants to gather and use their time for other important tasks, they can gather resources through a slightly automated process at the cost of lower yield. If a player is willing to put some effort in to one of the many minigames, they can obtain a higher yield.

There are minigames for actions like chopping down trees or cutting planks, success in minigames can offer more resources or resources of higher quality. Players can also request that their friends on the web and mobile play the minigame for them to assist in crafting.

Overall the developer is telling the hardcore sandbox community everything they want to hear, and with features like terraforming and an inventory system familiar to players of Ultima Online and the original Darkfall Online, they are sure to attract an audience.

It remains to be seen however if the developers can deliver, sandbox MMORPGs are a huge undertaking and something the majority of developers have failed to pull off in the past. We’ll have our eyes on this game, and if you’re a sandbox fan then you probably should too.

To find out more about Life is Feudal, visit the game page. Or watch two hours of Life is Feudal gameplay. If you want to support the project and help make it a reality, visit the Indiegogo campaign page.

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