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No matter what the genre is, where there are fans there is fan fiction. If you’ve ever done any digging around the fan fiction circles for your favorite thing you’ve almost certainly seen shipping. For those not in the know, shipping is quite simply putting two characters together in a relationship, whether already together in-universe or not. We’re more interested in those who aren’t, though. For example, Mickey and Minnie wouldn’t be shipped because they’re already together, but Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny would be.

So what happens when you take this idea of shipping to MMOs? Well first, you get a whole lot of people pairing their characters with NPCs. Who doesn’t love the idea of their charming warrior wooing the sexy faction leader? But once you go beyond that you start looking at just the NPCs, and that is where it gets much more interesting.

Sworn enemies can become lovers. The unspoken can finally be spoken. In fan fiction anything is possible. That’s why for Valentine’s Day this year, I polled the writers at MMOGames to find out which NPCs from MMOs they would enjoy seeing shipped. Here is what we came up with…


Theron Shan and Lana Beniko

MMO shipping

He aims to please. She aims to kill.

While Bioware gives us the chance to woo characters left and right, who is to say that two of them couldn’t get together themselves?

Theron Shan is the child of two Republic heroes and his family history goes back a long long way. He’s talented, he’s capable, and the Strategic Information Service makes good use of him. He has the skills and the ability to inspire and lead as well as causing mayhem in the name of the Alliance.

Lana Beniko on the other hand, she’s a full blown Sith Lord. Hardly bombastically evil, but thoughtful and driven. She has the power and the abilities that come with the Dark Side as well as the Sith outlook on life. Why refuse to enjoy yourself? Why not see what the light side has to offer in terms of roguishly good-looking spies?

If nothing else we all know that Dark side users have more fun with Force power than the Jedi…


Razum-dar and Queen Ayrenn

MMO shipping

Really you could pair Raz with anyone and it would be perfectly acceptable. Since the rules I made for this article said that I couldn’t pair myself with Raz, the next obvious choice was to pair him up with his Queen, the lovely Queen Ayrenn. Razum-dar is known both for being wonderfully handsome and incredibly dedicated to Ayrenn and the throne.

While he could easily get any woman he wants, his heart belongs to his Queen. He jokes with the player character often and flirts with just about every woman who crosses his path but we know this is just a mask. Deep down he longs for the one woman he cannot have. Perhaps the feelings are shared and Ayrenn loves Razum-dar in return. Why wouldn’t she? He’s charming, funny, and handsome. But as he is one of Ayrenn’s top agents, she cannot be with him publicly. Behind closed doors though…Razum-dar is just a simple Khajiit.


Sylvanas and Illidan

What? You think we would have a list of ships and not include Sylvanas? Wasn’t ever going to happen. Sylvanas and Illidan are a pretty obvious choice, but a popular one. They have a lot in common. They both have an Elven background, they both sacrificed their lives to become who they are now, they’re misunderstood, oh and they both look really cool.

Both characters have long and lonely stories. The paths they walk are not for the weak and the choices they make aren’t always easy to swallow. When the lonely path you walk on is right is right next to someone else’s, wouldn’t you reach out and hold hands? They both understand hardship, why wouldn’t they find comfort in each other?


Logan and…

It would seem there is trouble in paradise for those who were pushing the Logan/Queen Jennah relationship. After spending the last year recovering from his injuries from the events of Heart of Thorns, Logan is taking a new position that will keep him far away from the Queen. He’s taking over as the leader of the Pact. In a small comment that could be easily missed, he says that his time recovering at the Queen’s side has opened his eyes and he realizes that nothing will come of the relationship.

That’s ok though! No one really wants to see Logan and Queen Jennah get together. That’s too obvious and it’s what everyone expects. No, the real pairing is between Logan and Rytlock. A Charr and a Human, opposite sides of a war that some don’t yet want to be over. Former guildmates who went their own way after a terrible incident. At the beginning of the Guild Wars 2 story, these two characters hated each other. As things progressed through the dungeons they were able to come together again for the big fight against Zhaitan. But maybe there was more to it than what we saw. Everyone assumes Rytlock was so upset with Logan because he left the guild to aid the Queen and it cost lives, but maybe Rytlock was jealous.

Rytlock never knew how to express his love for his dear friend and he was bitter for a long time. Just as their friendship showed the chance of being repaired Rytlock jumped into the mists. Maybe while he was gone Logan realized what Rytlock meant to him after he was presumed lost in the mists. But he knew he had to play his role as the lovesick soldier at the Queen’s side, so he did. Now that he’s getting stronger he was able to accept a position further away from the Queen where there would be no expectations on him and he can finally tell Rytlock his true feelings…once he’s out of jail. This is a love story that is still unfolding but the MMOGames office totally ships that.

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These were just my favorites from the massive list of suggestions that the MMOGames team came up with for MMO shipping. Do you have any you would add to the list? Do you disagree with our pairs? Maybe you’d like to see Logan end up with someone else? I would love to see your ideas in the comments!

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