Marvel Heroes Hands-On Preview at Gamescom 2012

It might sound strange, but at events like Gamescom, it’s often the games that you know absolutely nothing about that grab your attention the most. Such is the case with Marvel Heroes, and upcoming Diablo styled MMORPG set in the Marvel Universe.

Going in, we knew nothing about Marvel Heroes. We speculated a little about how it was probably another typical Superhero MMORPG like DC Universe and hoped that we’d see something innovative take place with the generally generic quest mechanics. Oh, how wrong we were.

Sitting down for the presentation, we learned a little about how Marvel Heroes came to be; chiefly, that David Brevik, lead developer of Diablo 1 and 2, was leading the charge. It took us a few minutes to realise that the quiet guy standing in the back was he, and gushing ensued.

Post gushing, we learned that Marvel Heroes was to follow traditional Action gameplay standards, that it would feature an original story, that Brian. M Bands – responsible for writing just about everything in the Avengers Universe and many others – would be writing it (with a strong focus on the Tesseract Cube), and that unlike other Superhero MMOs, where characters like Captain n00bsauce roam the world, in Marvel Universe you’ll be playing as the Heroes themselves – and there’ll be more than 20 of them.

Sounds good, right? It is. But believe me, that’s just the beginning. Kicking arse as 20+ of the best superheroes ever created is one thing: doing it in an open world, persistent environment, alongside a capital city and group/solo instanced dungeons with full-scale PvP is another altogether.

Oh, did I mention that it’s Free to Play? My bad. It is, and that’s the icing on the cake here people. It’s not a ‘pay to win’ thing, either – it’s likely going to be something like LoL, with purchasable heroes and costumes – though they haven’t finished deciding how it’s going to work.

All you need to know right now is that we’ve played it, it feels incredible (no, really – it’s polished to hell, and we fought and killed Magneto – MAGNETO!), and it’s on its way to a beta near you. Get excited, people. If nothing else, this should help you forget that Diablo 3 ever happened.

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