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Maximising your Level 100 in Warlords


Tanaan Jungle can be quite intimidating for a freshly-minted Level 100, but it doesn’t have to be. In what is going to be the first in an occasional series leading up to Legion’s release, we’re going to talk about maximising your level 100 in Warlords. I’ve currently levelled seven alts to max level, and with the same again waiting in the wings, I think I know a thing or two about the process.First up, I’m not going to instruct on how you sort 90-100, you’re on your own there, but needless to say if it all gets too much, you can do it in about two hours (if you have the resources to do so.) This will show you how. Let us assume for the sake of argument that your ding is still ringing in your ears, and you’re raring to go. I’m also going to work on the theory that for the purposes of this exercise you have flying already (if you don’t, go watch this.) It is time to get to Tanaan and do all those introductory quests, and more importantly bring that Shipyard up and running. Because if we’re maximising your Level 100 in Warlords?

It is all about doing lots of things at once.


You Want a L3 Shipyard ASAP

Most people believe that the key to making money with your Garrison is the magic combination of a L3 Inn and Barracks. Now, I’ll grant you that there is some cash to be made with this route, but that does involve levelling Followers quite a bit, and can become fairly tedious over time. The overriding advantage with your shipyard is that Blizzard have made it a lot easier to cut corners with a recent change that means, not to put too fine a point on it, that you don’t lose ships nearly as often as you did. This means that if you can get your structure to L3 (and you’ll need to if you want to complete the Legendary Ring quest) then there’s some lovely opportunities to rake in quite stupidly large amounts of money without ever stepping into Tanaan to do so.

The problem however, is what it takes to get to that stage, and that’s Oil. Your ‘normal’ Follower Missions inside the Garrison will provide a measure of this, but there’s a reason why all those Tanaan dailies offer it as a sweetener, because you do end up in rather a co-dependant relationship until you can hit revered with the Order of the Awakened. Once that happens, then you can buy a blueprint for an Oil Rig, which gives you an effective daily you simply complete in your Town Hall, and then you don’t ever have to go back to the jungle ever again. I cannot stress this enough: if you can stomach the grind to Revered, the money you’ll make becomes quite phenomenal, and nobody has to do anything at all. Maximising your Level 100 will never be this simple again, and it will get nerfed to within an inch of its life come Legion, so make the most of it. Four out of my seven 100’s have a Rig, and if I wasn’t writing this I’d be in Tanaan grinding the other three before I start my new 100’s on the same path.



Tanaan Really can be Easy Mode.

A lot of the complaints I hear about Tanaan centre around it being hard for a new 100 to make headway, especially if gear is sub-standard. Well, one hopes you’ve been collecting all the Baleful Tokens on your Main that they’re already reaping from that first Shipyard you completed. If you haven’t, there are other ways and means to pick up your Apexis that don’t involve you having to hit the Jungle: all those incursion quests that are on the table in your Town Hall, for instance. Very few people do these and that means quieter areas and more opportunities to pick up the currency you need to buy the basic 650 gear. As a reminder it only costs 5000 Apexis for an armour token (10,000 for a weapon) and every one you have gives the chance for the item to scale to 695 without the need for the second additional upgrade token (which cost 20,000 Apexis.) However, these tokens also drop from mobs around Tanaan or, more importantly, from chests that randomly spawn in the Zone. The Suspiciously Glowing Chest is a thing of beauty, and if you know where to find them? It can take fighting down to a minimum. That link will take you to a list of all the spawn points, and a smart person can do reasonably well farming these without ever having to quest at any length.

However, you should quest, because maximising your Level 100 in Warlords means knowing there’s a spot in each ‘engagement zone’ inside Tanaan where fighting can be minimised. For instance in Zeth’Gol it isn’t just destroying the guys who worship the blood globes; the globes count more towards your completion total than killing the mobs do. Similarly, destroying the Arakkoa in Kra’nak is all well and good but many of them drop scrolls on the ground that are worth more to burn. Every area has ways and means to make up totals without ever hitting a mob, and you’ll be amazed at how much of a pacifist you can become. Pick your spots, and choose your moments, and ever the squishiest of classes can make light work of the dailies. Also, organisation is key: if you can stomach the Group Finder, absolutely get a bunch of people together to quickly clear the content.


Doing Multiple Things is Worth your Time.

The weekly World event starts on a Wednesday, and runs until Monday of the following week, and if maximising your Level 100 in Warlords is all about getting more bang for your buck, then know what’s on offer. This week, for instance, it’s all about pet XP, which might not seem much fun for many of you but for me it’s a great way to max spare pets to 25 and shove them on the Auction House for some lovely extra cash. The week after THAT is Timewalking and even if you have no interest in either gear or rewards, it’s still 1000 Valor to do five and that’s not to be sniffed at. On that point, LFR over the last few weeks, especially in the EU, has seen the Savage Satchel of Co-Operation make an appearance for DPS participation in the low level Raid Instances (Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry) I was amazed when this happened, but even more so when I saw the rewards on offer, which include Baleful Items I’ve not seen available from Follower missions, which are all BoA.

Needless to say, it is worth paying attention to the days when those Satchels are available (more likely at weekends, during holidays or school vacations) because it allows you to combine several things at once for maximum return. Also, if you’re looking to level a gathering profession? Don’t bother with guides that tell you to hit individual zones across Azeroth, just go straight to Tanaan. You can still gather, but with the added advantage of every once in a while you’ll do so and get a group of 5 Felblight in one hit, due to the unique way that Blizzard altered the levelling process. It’s selling for about 150g a piece on my server, and that’s money you’d never even get if you ran the traditional route to max level. Mostly, after nearly a decade of doing this, undoubtedly the simplest way to make money is to do it then you’re actually doing something else. I’ve heard tell of LFR tanks earning 30,000 gold in a weekend just from the satchels, and I have no doubt at all that this figure is accurate.


So, there you have it. Maximising your Level 100 in Warlords isn’t nearly as complicated or tedious as people will undoubtedly tell you, mostly because people like me have done all the hard work for you to begin with. The thing to remember, especially if you’re looking to make serious amounts of cash, is that patience is its own reward. You will learn over time which missions you should always accept in your Shipyard, how you ensure multipliers are active when big gold missions finally appear. Needless to say, if things continue on their current course, I’ll have legitimately have made my first million gold by this time next week, with no appreciable end in sight. That’s not bad for someone who really has not made that much of an effort to pull in the cash this time around, and who has more significantly dropped quite a lot of money on vanity pets and mounts in the intervening period. In conclusion therefore, it is all about understanding the shortcuts, maximising the time you spend online in the most efficient manner possible and above all remembering that some days, try as you might, the RNG will always hate you. There’s nothing to be done when this happens except sit back, smile and help yourself to a tasty snack of your choice.

Even multi-millionaires have bad days. You just smile, eat cake, and move on.

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