MMO Black Friday Sale

MMO Black Friday Sales 2016

It’s that time of year again. Depending on where you live, that could mean snowy nights, turkey dinners, and long shopping lines. However, if you just want to stay inside and play video games this year, MMOGames has you covered. We’re providing you with the information on the best Black Friday sales for all types of online multiplayer games including MOBAs, MMOs, FPS, CCGs and MMORPGs.

Sales will continue to be updated throughout the week as they become available. If you find something that we’ve missed, please send us an email, or comment below, and we’ll be sure to update this information.

MMO Black Friday Sale


Great Deals on Games

Ark: Survival Evolved – 40% off on Xbox One and 50% off on Steam.

Battleborn – 67% off on the Humble Store.

Battlefield 1 – 33% off on Origin and on PSN.

Black Desert Online – 50% off all game packages.

Destiny – The Collection for PS4 is $34.99 at Gamestop.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition – 50% off on GOG.

Elite: Dangerous – 33% off on Steam.

Eternal Crusade – 50% off on Steam.

Final Fantasy XIV – You can pick up A Realm Reborn and Heavensward for PS4 50% off on Amazon, and for $20 on all available platforms through the Square Enix Store.

Grim Dawn – 40% off on GOG and Steam.

Guild Wars 2 – Technically the sale was supposed to end earlier this week, but it appears that Heart of Thorns is still 50% off. Now over!

Grand Theft Auto V – 50% off on Steam and Green Man Gaming.

HTC Vive – November 25 to 28. The HTC Vive and HP Vive Bundle will be $100 off on Black Friday and Cyber Monday online and in all retail locations.

Humble Bundle – Pay the average to unlock The Secret World and $14 or more to unlock Grim Dawn.

Livelock – November 22 – 29. Livelock is be 20% off on Xbox One/PlayStation 4 and 30% off on Steam. Xbox Live Gold Members/PlayStation Plus Members will receive an additional 10% off.

No Man’s Sky – 40% off on PSN and on GOG.

Offworld Trading Company – 67% off on GOG.

Overwatch Origins EditionAvailable for $34.99 on PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Plants vs Zombies GW 2 – 75% off on Origin.

Rainbow Six Siege – 50% off on Steam and on PSN, and over on Amazon it is 44% off on PC, 24% off on PS4, and 60% off on Xbox One.

Rocket League – 40% off on Steam.

StarCraft II – Wing of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm 50% off. Legacy of the Void 33% off.

Star Wars: Battlefront – 50% off on Origin and Amazon. The season pass is also 33% off.

The Division – 30% off on Origin, 50% off on Steam, and 60% off on Amazon.

The Elder Scrolls Online – 67% off on Steam and on PSN.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition – 50% off on Steam and on PSN, where you can also pick up the Premium Bundle, also 50% off.

The Secret World – 70% off on Bundle Stars.

Titanfall 2 – 33% off on Origin, 40% off on PSN and 53% off on Amazon.

Vermintide – 50% off on Steam.

World of Warcraft – The base game is currently $4.99, but Legion is still full price.

Titanfall 2


In-Game Sales

ArcheAge – November 25 – December 8. Bonus Hellwig Pegasus mount with purchase of Archeum Revelation Pack.

Atlas Reactor – November 23 – 28. All Freelancers Edition 33% off. All Freelancers Pro Edition, Ultimate Reactor Edition, and All Upgrades 50% off.

Black Desert Online – Up to 80% off on select items rotating in and out once per hour until November 28.

Chronicle: Runescape Legends – 50% off Foundation, Epic and Legendary packs on Steam.

Defiance – November 23 – 29. Obliterator, Sentinel, and Havok Titan Packs 65% off. Augment Titan Packs 35% off, Gold Edition 30% off, and 25% off Old synergy boxes including Spinal Tap, Hallow Point, Flames of Passion, and Plate Slicer. Additionally, receive jackpot weapons with the 55 Bit Ultimate Lockbox.

Devilian – November 23 – 28. Tempest Pack 33% off and all other packs 40% off.

Elsword – November 25 -– 26. BOGO Ice Burners, Ice Burner Fever double rewards, 50% off costume pieces, 30% off Accessories and 20% off Special items.

EVE Online – While now F2P, the Core Starter Pack is 75% off on Green Man Gaming.

Fasaria World – Ancients of Moons and Elite Sponsorship DLC 50% off on Steam.

Forsaken World – November 23 – 29. Select Orbs 53% off. Select Upgrade, Utility and Refining items 20-25% off. Handhelds and Fashion items 25% off. Everybody gets 15-25% off Zen purchases until November 28.

Marvel Heroes – Log in on Black Friday to receive Black Cat for free. There will also be a super hero and costume BOGO deal.

Neverwinter – Everybody gets 15-25% off Zen purchases until November 28 and 40% off all items. PS4 players can get 20-40% off select item packs, ARC players can get 50% off, plus adventurers who purchase Zen through Arc will unlock free items, including mounts like the Gilded White Steed, Ice Panther, Owlbear and more.

OGPlanet – Starts November 25. Up to 75% off items for Tales Runner, up to 50% off items for Uncharted Waters and LaTale, and up to 55% off select item packages for all games.

Paragon – November 25 to 28. Every Master Challenge, emote, and skin is 33% off. Additionally, there are two major bundles that include every skin/emote and every current Master Challenge for 50% off.

Path of Exile – 50% off selected packs and deals on other microtransactions.

PWI – November 23 – 26. Class pets 20% off, War Front Supply Crates 45% off, Medals of Glory 52% off. November 23 – December 7. Take 25-75% off select Mounts, Utilities, Shop and Fashion Items. Everybody gets 15-25% off Zen purchases until November 28.

Revelation Online – November 24 – 29. Up to 55% off the 3-person Flying Balloon mount depending on your Founder’s Pack.

Riders of Icarus – Lots of deals in the store including customization vouchers and shoulder kittens. Ends November 28.

RIFT – November 23 – 29. Mounts 25% off.

Skyforge – Discounts on all sorts of things in the store including mounts, pets, costumes and more.

Star Trek Online – Everybody gets 15-25% off Zen purchases until November 28. On Black Friday (November 25) and Cyber Monday (November 28) all players can save 25% on all items/packs. PS4 players can get 20-40% off select item packs, ARC players can get 50% off, plus captains who purchase Zen through Arc will unlock free items, including R&D Packs, a T5 Sovereign, a T6 Prometheus and more.

Swordsman – November 25 – 30, get 20% off on Lv. 3 Gems and 30% off on Boost items. Everybody gets 15-25% off Zen purchases until November 28.

The Elder Scrolls OnlineBlack Fredas sales on many in-game packs and Crowns until November 28.

The Secret World – 30% off all store items until November 28.

Trove – November 23 – 28. Essentials Pack 50% off. Class Pack (5 Class Coins), Creator’s Pack, Collector’s Pack, Adventure Pack, Radiant Pack, and Battle Pack 75% off.

World of Fishing – Pro Pack DLC 25% off on Steam.



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