What MMO Sequel would you most like to see?

Every week we try to sit down and discuss hotly debated topics, ask silly questions, and answer questions we hear a lot while gaming in FAQ. This weeks question is inspired by the news that SEGA registered www.dawnofwar3.com and a dim memory of NCSoft once registering City of Heroes 2, just in case.

So this weeks frequently asked question is this..

What MMO Sequel would you most like to see?



Hannah : I don’t really think about MMO sequels really.. I mean EverQuest Next is very much a game I want to see released and in a glorious state but aside from that… maybe something like Rift or Ultima Online? I’ve talked a little before about how I really want to see a next-gen high fantasy MMORPG with lots of exploration and pretty things to see and PvE things to do. Perhaps Rift, while still very much a decent MMORPG, could give us a worthy sequel. I don’t say this because I think Rift has “had its day”, but purely because it has gotten a little too old to do exactly what I would like to see from my personal “next big thing”.


Karl : I would without a doubt chose a new Star Wars Galaxies. There has yet to come another game which can compare to greatness I think SWG had, and still has on the private servers trying to bring Pre-CU back to the gamers. If you don’t know the differences between the versions of SWG and only know the mainstream game we had the last couple of years before it was shutdown, look it up.
Back to business. While I would like to see a new Star Wars Galaxies with all its freedom and the player driven Star Wars world back, it might not be in the plain sequel sense, but more of a reboot. Even if I might see it possible with a sequel that exists in the same time as the upcoming movies, there was something special about the galaxy under The emperors rule, something that made living in it even more special. So to all you employs at Disney and the hard workers at Daybreak Game Company, hear my plea and give me the Star Wars sandbox game that you know you want to do.

Jacob : I second Karl. When I saw this week’s question, my knee-jerk response was “give us Star Wars Galaxies!” Knights of the Old Republic and Battlefront fanboys, step aside. Galaxies was the ultimate Star Wars game. Players could do literally anything they wanted in a real-time online scifi community with a working economy. When BioWare first announced Star War: The Old Republic, I was excited to see Galaxies merge with the KOTOR timeline. But that’s not what they delivered. Instead, I we received an Old Republic re-skin of World of Warcraft.

The world needs a new SWG. A reboot with updated graphics would make my cold, dead heart pitter patter once again.

Asheron's Call

Laguna : Asheron’s Call 3. I actually loved AC2, but feel every project from Turbine since then has gotten away from the things that made the company great: frequent updates, sandbox play, and GM events with a story line players could actually change

EVE: Valkyrie

Amanda : I suppose a new EVE online would be what I’d like to see? With more content outside the ship.

Ultima Online: The Real Beginning of the MMO

Ultima Online: The Real Beginning of the MMO

Murf : I’d be the first to admit that Ultima Online’s first planned sequel didn’t look that great. It had this weird mixed aesthetic, making it almost like steampunk, but as if Sosaria itself had imagined it (so it wasn’t overwrought with Victorian Era references). Ultima X: Odyssey looked more promising, but neither sequel panned out.

Perhaps you can’t follow-up a first love with anything other than something completely different, but I really wish UO had gotten a sequel. Shroud of the Avatar may do it justice, but newer MMOs are so big and so loaded with things these days. Sometimes, I just want to go back to simpler times. Ultima Online was never a hard game to learn and it didn’t take much to figure out all of its systems, but it still became so much more when people had a chance to build and interact with one another without instances or groupfinders.

Minecraft may be the closest sequel yet, but oh what I would give to have a true Ultima Online 2.

City of Heroes

Shannon : Without a doubt the MMO I’d love there to be a sequel to is City of Heroes. Even before the sunset there were dreams of a City of Heroes 2, ways to improve on the City of Heroes formula which worked so well. With newer technology we would have heroes and villains in the same town. PvP could be a major part of the game as heroes try to stop evil plots from villains. Newer technology also brings with it more customization. Yes there were face sliders in City of Heroes but for the most part faces looked the same. Take Rift’s Dimension system and put something like it in for base building. City of Heroes was an amazing game for the time it was made in. With today’s technology it could set a new standard in MMOs.


Jonathan : Give me some Warhammer. Give me a WAAGH. Give me da boyz an sumfin ta krump. Give me the forces of order or the forces of Chaos. Give me something we never quite had with Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning. Give me a full on three way war. Why even stop with that? Warhammer is getting a wonderful new fantasy game in Vermintide. Vermintide itself is set during the closing days of the last version of the Warhammer Fantasy tabletop, quite accurately named The End Times. So why not do that? Plenty of fantasy games have tons of races and sooner or later show off each races ancestral lands. Start there, start with the Empire, with the mountains, with the Chaos wastes…. and then just go for it. Go nuts, every race for itself. Every man, woman, lizard and rat for themselves. Warhammer Online : Age Of Reckoning had things I loved, things I thought they did right. Ultimately though it also had its flaws. The next time the wheel comes round and we get a Warhammer Fantasy MMORPG, why not build on what we had and learn the lessons of WAR?

Then again if all else fails you can set it in the Age of Sigmar. After all, we are talking about moving forward and having new games based off of the old ones. From the Age of Reckoning to the Age of Sigmar. For the glory of Sigmar!

These were our picks for MMO Sequels. Any you agree with? Any you’d want that we didn’t think of? Leave a comment and who knows, maybe someone up there is listening.

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