MMOGames Livestream Weekly: BAMFXO

BAMFXO is a 19 year old gamer from Vancouver in Canada who enjoys streaming World of Warcraft and League of Legends. Currently in Texas, she has been taking a small break from streaming – if you need something to tide you over while she gets settled in, check out her recent streams in our weekly recap with the MMOGames Livestream Weekly!

April 6th – Minecraft w/ selenagomez

April 7th – World of Warcraft Priest

April 8th – World of Warcraft LFR

April 22nd – World of Warcraft

April 27th – World of Warcraft: Welcome to my gaminghau5

May 1st – World of Warcraft: I love Alinity

May 2nd – League of Legends: Trying to fit in to the LoL community

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