My Top Greatest Moments In Gaming Vol. 1

Sometimes it feels like I’m wading through a sea of blatantly incompetent new releases, looking for the pearls amongst the oysters. There are a plethora of new releases that simply do not impress at all, and in fact, go as far as to make me fear for the future of gaming.
The only way I can really keep an optimistic viewpoint on the industry sometimes is to strap on my nostalgia goggles and float, remembering all of the amazing gaming moments I have had in the past. What follows is a list of gaming moments that have really stuck with me and help remind me of the potential gaming has to be emotionally captivating, jaw-dropping and, most of all, beautifully artistic.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Queen Gohma Boss Battle


Even though I was very young when I conquered the Deku Tree for the first time, the memory of the final boss battle of the dungeon sticks with me even to this day. I even remember going and purchasing it”¦ or, rather, begging my parents to get it for me at full, ridiculous Australia price. To this day, I still have my (now rather scuffed) golden cartridge.
At the time, the graphics were absolutely stellar, and the gameplay was unparalleled. From the moment I put the cartridge into my Nintendo 64, I knew I was in for a real adventure.
So, when I first stumbled into the lair of the ‘Parasitic Armored Arachnid’ Queen Gohma, I was 100% immersed. I might as well have been in the game.
As you enter the lair, it seemingly empty. Nothing is really ‘off’, so to speak, and nothing sticks out or is memorable. That is, until you decide to look up and check the roof, which where—you guessed it—Queen Gohma is patiently waiting to pounce. She proceeds to then drop down and THIS music plays.
I have an incredibly vivid memory of me at this very point in the game, covering the controller in sweat, heart-rate through the roof, facing off against this monstrosity. How can I beat such a huge spider-thing; I’m just a little elf with a wooden shield!? How can I even grip this controller anymore!? Surely enough though, setting standards I still try to uphold today, I didn’t back down at the challenge and valiantly destroyed the beast and saved the Deku Tree. I’d have to say that this moment would have to be the most satisfying moment in gaming I have experienced to this day, and that saying something.
Little did I know, after an emotional goodbye to the beloved Deku Tree, the whole, gargantuan and mystical world of Hyrule was still waiting on this poor elf boy to save it from destruction.
Finishing The Deadmines for the first time

Greatest Moments
I don’t play World of Warcraft anymore; however, I’d like the haters to try and control themselves for five minutes while I dig deep and discuss just how this moment was special to me. Up until a friend bought his first copy of World of Warcraft and introduced me to the wonders of this new thing called ‘MMOs’; I was incredibly inexperienced.
The whole idea of an MMO, with its massive world, huge player base, and RPG elements that allowed players to play however they liked, seemed to me too good to be true. I must have this, I thought. Of course, my computer and internet connections were less than cooperative initially but eventually I was climbing the ranks and was on the path to becoming the saviour of Stormwind. Not having played an MMO before, in retrospect to how WoW is today, levelling was painfully slow for me. There was a great sense of wonderment at each new ability I would unlock, piece of armour I acquired and new locations I could explore. I was having fun.
Suddenly, I found myself in Westfall, gathering quests for this place called The Deadmines. I was still absolutely clueless at this point, and joined a party haphazardly, embarking on a journey through The Deadmines. Now, at this point I’m not going ot lie and say I finished it in one run, perfectly, because that not what happened. No; this is how I learnt of ‘wiping’, of ‘DPS’ and ‘Tanks’ and most of the essential elements you need to know to successfully run dungeons in WoW. Of course, learning all of this was not without the pain of many wipes and aggro from frustrated teammates.
Running through Deadmines for the umpteenth time, actually knowing what I was doing was a thrill. There was so much variety, so much teamwork, and so much loot!
I remember upon completing the dungeon and successfully besting the evil Van Cleef, all I wanted to do was run it again. Little did I know, countless hours had passed without my knowledge, I’d skipped dinner and literally hadn’t moved in hours. I didn’t care though; I was having way too much fun.
Greatest Moments
Can’t forget this obnoxious little guy! *cough*spawnofSatan*cough*

If a game can truly have an effect on you, like making your heart rate skyrocket or making you completely and utterly lose track of time, it done its job in immersing you and—most of all—being a really fun experience, which is what I believe is most important in a game, even to this day, above all else.

Tune in again next time to hear me gush about more games that have really meant something to me.

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