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The New Life Festival: A Winter Holiday in the Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online has introduced its second holiday event, the New Life Festival, featuring quests, achievements, crafting motifs, recipes, and other special items.


Getting Started

In order to participate, open the crown store and look for the New Life Festival Scroll. Purchase it (for free) and then find it in your inventory. Read the scroll to start the holiday fun.

New Life Festival


The New Life Festival has begun throughout Tamriel. This holiday is celebrated in different ways, and the quests take you across the world to celebrate each type of event. Travel to Eastmarch and find Breda, just north of the Kynesgrove wayshrine. She will welcome you to the festival, directs you to each individual celebration, and hands out rewards.

New Life Festival


The order of the quests varies, and you can complete each one daily. As you proceed, be aware that some of the achievements for the New Life Festival require you to do more than simply finish the quest. Before you set off, make sure to drink from the keg next to Breda for double experience.


The Snow Bear Plunge

Join the people of Skyrim in their celebration by jumping into freezing water in three locations near Windhelm. You have to proceed in the correct order – the first location is on the docks of Windhelm, the second is the bridge leading into the city, and the third is just southwest of the Voljar Meadery wayshrine.

Be careful, because you will become hypothermic after your icy plunge. Look around for the bonfire near each site and warm up before you freeze to death! To complete the achievement for this quest, you’ll have to unequip all your armor before you leap into the water.


The Trial of Five-Clawed Guile

This quest takes you to Rawl’Kha to test your dexterity. From the wayshrine, head west over the bridge to begin. Speak with Tumira first, and then look for the three locked chests in the campsite. You will have to unlock each one within 1:05 to finish the trial. This isn’t too tough if you have a knack for lockpicking, however it may take a few tries. If you fail, simple talk with Tumira again to reset the task.

New Life Festival


The best strategy for this is probably to start with the most difficult chest. If you flub the tumblers or break too many picks and can’t get the advanced chest open on your first attempt, you’ll probably run out of time on the others.

The achievement on this part of the New Life Festival was the toughest of all of them. It requires you to pick all three chests in thirty seconds. After fumbling at this for several attempts, I discovered that your only chance to race through the chests was to force the locks rather than to pick them. Again, start with the most difficult one and proceed to the others if you get the first one open with enough time to spare. After about a dozen attempts, I was able to get through this one.


The Lava Foot Stomp

New Life Festival

This event is straight-forward and takes you to Stonefalls, where you must dance in four different taverns. Travel to each location and select E to begin the dance when prompted. When you have done this at each inn return to Breda for your reward.


Mud Ball Merriment

In Auridon, it’s traditional to pelt the citizens with mud balls rather than snow balls. Travel to Skywatch to join in the fight. You need to hit ten random NPC’s with mud balls, followed by one of three ambassadors in the city. To complete the achievement for this one though, reserve some mud balls for the leaders of each alliance.

You can find Queen Ayrenn, Jorunn the Skald-King, and High King Emeric in different locations depending on how far you have worked through the quests for each alliance, so this will be different for each player. Once you find one of them, fire off a mud ball and get ready to run. This action earns you a small bounty, and the guards are close by.


Signal Fire Sprint

New Life Festival


This part of the New Life Festival takes you to Bergama in the Alik’r Desert. Meet with Aubatha near the western gate. Your goal is to light each of four signal fires within a specific time allotment. In order to complete the achievement for this one, you’ll have to be even faster. I was able to do this by using a speed potion, but I’m not sure if it is possible otherwise.


Castle Charm Challenge

This quest takes you to Alcaire Castle in Stormhaven to help celebrate in three different locations in the city (very similar to the Lava Foot Stomp). As you arrive in each designated place, use E to activate your performance. This action didn’t always work, as the game apparently doesn’t allow more than one player at a time to perform. You may need to remove any costumes and spam E until you’re successful.


War Orphan’s Sojourn

The War Orphan’s Sojourn is another quick one. Travel to the Temple of the Eight in Grahtwood and speak to Ormurrel. You will need to donate a small amount of gold and then kill some wildlife next to the temple. Once this is done, return to Breda for your rewards.


Fish Boon Feast

New Life Festival


I have never seen so many players fishing in this game. To complete the Fish Boon Feast in the New Life Festival, travel to one of the marked locations in the southeast of Shadowfen. You need to collect one of each special fish type: the Histmuck Blobfin, Shadowfen Creeping Leech, and Black Marsh Cucumber.

The fishing spots dry up quickly with so many players trying their luck at once. However, they respawn very quickly, so it is arguably easier to just wait in one spot rather than dash around trying to get to the next one. The quest only requires one of each fish, but in order to complete the achievement you will need five. You can also purchase the fish from other players if a day of fishing isn’t your style. Bring the fish to Gentle-Heart in Hissmir when you’re done.


The Stonetooth Bash

The last of the quests in the New Life Festival is the Stonetooth Bash, taking you to Betnikh for a feast. Speak with Matron Borbuga once you arrive, and she will task you with obtaining eight pieces of Stonetooth Mystery Meat and one Betnikh Honeycomb. Travel to the designated area just outside the village and kill wolves and bees to obtain the items.

New Life Festival


After you turn these in to Borbuga, you have to sample the feast set out nearby. Be aware that if you are trying to complete the achievement for this quest, you’ll need to drink Betnikh Twice-Spiked Ale before you feast. This item is new with the New Life Festival, and can be made if you have already found the recipe for it. Otherwise, it is easiest to purchase from another player.



The New Life Festival provides plentiful rewards in the New Life Gift Boxes awarded for each quest. Every one contains a crafting material, a consumable memento, a Skinchanger style item, and one of the following:

  • a Skinchanger motif chapter
  • a new recipe
  • the Mud Ball Pouch memento
  • the Nordic Bather’s Towel costume
  • the Colovian Filigreed Hood hat
  • the Colovian Fur Hood hat

If you complete the achievements, you can earn the New Life Cerulean dye or the title Magnanimous. What are you waiting for? Get out and explore Tamriel and the celebrations across the world in the New Life Festival.

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