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Pantheon’s Brad McQuaid AMA

We’ve picked out just a few of the best questions from the Pantheon AMA with Brad McQuaid.

Does the team have a contingency plan if this KS effort fails to fund?
We may do it again and we will be approaching investors and publishers. That said, I think we’re going to make it

What are your thoughts on Vanguard closing down?
I have mixed feelings. I’m bummed, but also very happy that it was profitable enough, despite its very rough start, to last 7 years. EQ is at 15, Vanguard went 7… not a lot of other MMO games can say that.

What other features are planned in Pantheon to generate that old school feeling of Community?
Groups, guilds, lots of mechanics to help people find each other and get together. Offline travel (Caravan system).

Pantheon's Brad McQuaid AMA

One of the pledge rewards is a very early access to the game as a tester. Can you provide an estimate as to how early that would be? 1year from now? 2 years from now?
We are looking at a three year development cycle, with the last year also being the beta test, broken up into phases. Alpha would be before that, but I can’t go into timeframes on alpha now — too early to say.

I would love for Common Tongue to just not exist at all.
That would be something we’d probably do on an RP server.

Can we expect corpse run? I dont know why but i miss it
Some backers posted a video of the possibilities of weather effects of the unity engine. I was absolutely amazing and i already felt immersed into the world. Will you use something like that as well?
Yes, corpse runs will return. I was actually the first to post that weather demo. We will definitely be looking at that tech.

Will camping for ultra rare loot make a return in Pantheon? Example: super low spawn/drop rates of things like Fungi Tunic, Ancient Cyclops Ring, Glowing Black Stone?
Yes. We aren’t ruling out a scenario where you can stop and pull mobs, waiting for a rare spawn. Hopefully most of the content will be such that it is more efficient to travel around. ‘Camps’ may also move around or have different spawn locations. Obtaining the Glowing Black Stone is a great example. Quillmane is another great example.

Pantheon's Brad McQuaid AMA

How do you plan to make it so that people can jump in for an hour and still feel like they are able to make progress?
Do you expect there to be a large divide like EQ had with a few “end-game” guilds (per server) and the rest being more casual ones that progress at their own pace?
By making sure there is a tangible reward and sense of accomplishment in those fewer hours.
Probably something that’s inevitable, yes.

Would love to hear more about the dynamic weather system you plan to incorporate and the possible effects on characters as they adventure.
We’d like to see things like Call Lightning. We’d like to see some abilities or spells work differently depending on weather; some worse, some better.

What’s the one thing that you could say that separates this game from other MMO’s?
Challenging, open world, planar, group based exploration and combat.

Any exclusive news you can let slip today!? Maybe a chunk of Norrath or Telon landed in Terminus?
Each race will have their own starting area.
We are announcing Dwarfs tomorrow.
Also working with P1999 to do some cool stuff — more on this soon.

Pantheon's Brad McQuaid AMA

Are female characters going to be overly sexualized in Pantheon? Please tell me that I won’t be a DK wearing high heels.
I’d like to avoid that. Male and Female characters should look stunning, attractive, and formidable, not overly sexualized.


If you want to see the entire AMA you can see it on Reddit here.

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