PAX East 2016: “The Great EVE War” Panel

Count me among those who find EVE Online to be far more interesting to hear about than to play. This is the game that very nearly killed my interest in the sandbox MMO and has installed a deep distrust of all sandboxes that I haven’t removed to this very day. Regardless, “The Great EVE War”¬†panel’s passion was definitely infectious.


Andrew Groen, author of “Empires of EVE: A History of the Great Wars of EVE Online”, headed a lecture that covered the first major conflict in EVE’s history from the Red Swarm Federation’s formation against the Band of Brothers, to the deception of F-TE1T, up to the near-dissolution of GoonSwarm and the destruction of SirMolle’s Titan.

Throughout the history lesson, Groen excitedly talked through the events at a pace that far exceeded his presentation slides, displaying a level of knowledge and enjoyment that took hold of the crowd as well as myself. By the time the presentation had ended due to time constraints, the entire crowd groaned in disappointment at the cliffhanger ending.


I went in to the lecture with passive interest and ended up leaving with a sense of pure enjoyment and appreciation. The Stories of EVE are always fascinating, but Groen’s talent as a raconteur made the lesson significantly more arresting. I still won’t be going near EVE with a 20-foot irradiated pole, but I sure loved learning about the conflicts that have happened.

I think I might pick up his book, now that I think about it.

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