PAX East 2017: Trion Worlds Previews

With so many games under the Trion Worlds umbrella, it can be challenging to know which to pick. So I didn’t bother picking and instead had a full Trion Worlds hands-on session, checking out several things that are available now and coming soon to ArcheAge, RIFT, and Atlas Reactor.

trion worlds previews


Senior community manager Seraphina “Celestrata” Brennan showed off the recently released Reedwind zone in Auroria, including the new in-game flight mechanics. We weren’t able to summon it, but these wings are instrumental in taking on the new Thunderwing Titan world boss, which involves aerial maneuvering in addition to the challenge expected of a world boss fight.

In addition, Celestrata covered the newly-arrived stat-affecting underwear, providing a literal new layer of stat adjustment to characters. These undergarments offer up class-specific stats and can even be enhanced with gems and synthium. Just like other garments in-game, however, proper washing will be needed in order to maintain underwear stat boosts. Which is as much a life lesson as it is good in-game sense.


Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor continues on with its second season, which introduced the new Freelancer Khita. There’s also a new game mode called Overpowered Up, which raises Energy gains and overall damage output across the board by a full 50%. With the newly raised power levels also comes a new score raise as well, with the first team to six points taking the win instead of four.

Moving forward, Chapter 4 will arrive on March 14th, which will offer up the return of the Extraction game mode that’s featured in the game’s release cinematic.

Extraction operates similarly to a capture-the-flag mode, where players have to retrieve a briefcase and keep it in the possession of their team. Each kill the team scores is worth two points, and the first to earn 10 points opens up a portal where the case can be extracted. However, the person with the case is revealed to everyone on the map and can only move four spaces, and if a player takes too much damage or uses a Dash ability, they’ll drop the case.



Of the games on offer at the Trion Worlds booth, RIFT had a lot to discuss for its future. While the devs have recently released 4.0 and everything that came with Starfall Prophecy, they’re already looking towards update 4.1.

The LFR tool will add the new Tartaric Depths raid, which will be an all boss experience without any trash mobs. I was given a preview of the first boss: Beligosh, a dragon who has been held prisoner in the Depths. The fight involved familiar but enjoyable mechanics to other raids and was described as an encounter for players who don’t have a lot of time but want a fun experience. To further make the raid a fun affair and eliminate loot fights, there will also be an individual reward system that grants players their own loot without having to roll.

There are also going to be four new Souls for the Primalist calling, filling out missing roles for those who play the base class, including an AoE healer, a support class, and two DPS Souls. The new DPS roles include a limited stealth class that is somewhat similar to the Nightblade class, and a class that is able to attack enemies by summoning creatures at range, which was affectionately referred to as “a class that throws kittens at foes.”

Update 4.1 will also offer up some new weapon skins, new costumes, and the return of the Carnival of the Ascended, which will offer up a bunch of new costumes for players. These new updates will arrive on March 28th.

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