Kritika Online Psion

PAX West: A Look at the Kritika Online Psion

Despite having entered Open Beta only a couple of months ago, there have already been a lot of exciting updates in the works for Kritika Online in Europe and North America. Late last month, the Shattered Table update was introduced that added an EX-Danger Zone to Starhenge with five challenging bosses, a reworking of the PvP systems, and improvements to the EMP Store. However, that was just the beginning and the most exciting updates are just around the corner.

Kritika Online Psion


Steam Release Imminent

The September update for Kritika Online, which should be coming any day now is taking huge steps to bring quality of life improvements to the hack-and-slash MMORPG. Most importantly, Kritika is expected to launch on Steam in late September or early October. Additionally, GameGuard is being replaced with Xigncode. Finally, the Xanadu side story, with four new Danger Zones with a range of difficulty levels, and the Random Dungeon mode are being introduced.

The move from GameGuard to Xigncode could be hit or miss because there are a lot of people that don’t like either anti-cheat program for various reason, but adding a Steam client could really help the game’s population. Obviously, Steam is quite popular among PC gamers because it allows the construction of a game library in a single, easy-to-access location. It’s also incredibly simple to download, uninstall, and reinstall games whenever something becomes boring or sparks an interest later down the line. Bringing Kritika Online to Steam is going to make it accessible to one of the largest gaming communities in the world, which should (at least temporarily) significantly boost the player population.


Psion Style

While introducing a few new dungeons is a nice touch and adding a Steam client is great for the game overall, what most players are probably interested in is the upcoming Psion class. The Psion will be the first class introduced into that game that doesn’t have any branching sub-classes. Additionally, while Psion is the class, players will actually be controlling the character Éclair, who is the granddaughter of the legendary swordsman Ruweiss. Her lineage consists of mixed mage and swordsmanship blood, which is represented in-game by her ability to summon Mana Swords.

During my time at PAX West 2017, I had the opportunity to test out the Kritika Online Psion in all her glory. My wife and I were setup with characters equipped specifically for this demo, both high-level Psions with top-tier gear. Being handed a new, powerful class that was armed to the teeth would have normally trivialized the play test, but we were being thrown into the middle of some of the most difficult content in the game; the developers had us facing off against the five new bosses from the Starhenge EX-Danger zone. Needless to say, it still wasn’t easy and a couple of the bosses required some decent coordination and timing. However, we managed to clear the zone without a single wipe. So then, how is the Kritika Online Psion?

Armed with both guns and swords, Éclair is deadly at close and mid-range combat. This combat style makes her feel a bit like a mix of the Valkyrie and Shadow Mage. Éclair’s range is rather limited with her sidearms, but many of her sword abilities still have a decent reach, which gives the player a lot of choices on how to utilize her. You can dash around the field getting up close and personal with enemies or stay at a slightly safer distance and focus on using guns or other ranged attacks.

Furthermore, as Éclair attacks enemies she builds up additional swords to increase her damage and they can be unleashed with her powerful cooldown abilities. One thing I noticed with the Kritika Online Psion class is that her damage is incredibly bursty. While her standard abilities are fine for clearing normal enemies, it was very important to time her cooldowns during key moments in boss fights or she simply might not put out enough damage. During one of the battles in the demo, the boss would separate from his sword and if enough damage wasn’t done he would heal back to full. This happened once after wasting my cooldowns early in the fight; thankfully, we were still nearly full on health and were able to make a comeback.

Another thing to note about the Psion is how incredibly flashy her attacks are. If style is just as important as effectiveness then this should be your go-to class. I mean, what’s cooler than being surrounded by a bunch of glowing swords? You can even summon more swords to spin around her and cut down nearby enemies. One of my favorite abilities that she has actually rains swords down from the sky to do massive damage (of course this one has a hefty cooldown attached). As far as over-the-top blade wielding women go, Éclair ranks up there with the Dark Knight from Black Desert Online on the coolness meter.

There is, however, one aspect of her “personality” that I feel is important to point out. She does happen to wear an incredibly short skirt and it doesn’t always cover everything. If this is something that offends you or would rather just not see all the time then the Psion should be avoided, or this just provides an excuse to buy a different costume from the EMP shop.

Kritika Online Psion


To wrap things up, there should be a Steam release for Kritika Online during either September or October with a few other addons like the Random Dungeon system, and Éclair should be coming out in October; you should definitely give her a try.

Let us know what future content for Kritika Online has you the most excited in the comments below!

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