Play of the Fortnight: How to Get Demon Hunter Sombra

Blizzard just announced that Demon Hunter Sombra will be available as part of the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket (or regular ticket) purchase. Each year, BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket holders get a ton of exclusive content for various Blizzard games. This year, the reward for Overwatch is a Demon Hunter Sombra legendary skin, based on the class from Diablo III.

Overwatch - Demon Hunter Sombra

However, the skin isn’t only locked behind a Virtual Ticket or Blizzcon attendance. How else can you get a hold of the legendary skin?


What is the Demon Hunter Sombra skin?

First of all, it’s worth talking up this skin. It’s a legendary, meaning it’ll likely have new voice lines and interactions. It’s based on the Demon Hunter from Diablo III, a class that iconically uses dual hand crossbows (though can equip other weapons as well). The skin has Sombra in a hooded cloak with her weapons modified to look like the signature hand crossbows that really make up the Demon Hunter’s look.

Overwatch - Demon Hunter Sombra

The skin fits Sombra in particular because of her high mobility and stealth gameplay. The Demon Hunter vaults into (and out of) combat, and can seemingly disappear and reappear a few moments later. It also helps that the Demon Hunter aesthetic depends highly on those dual crossbows, fitting Sombra’s dual uzis.


How to Get Demon Hunter Sombra Without a Blizzcon Virtual Ticket

Blizzard has confirmed (in the small print of their Blizzcon 2018 Celebration announcement) that the skin will be available through other means. Sadly, at least right now, it looks like we just have to be patient. The legendary Demon Hunter Sombra skin will be available through other means sometime in 2019.

Overwatch - Demon Hunter Sombra

What could this mean? Most likely, it’ll be a skin players can pick up through another event. A good example would be the D.Va Police skin or the Genji Oni skin. These could be obtained by playing Heroes of the Storm. Perhaps Blizzard will give players another way to unlock the skin through playing Diablo III this time, such as completing certain season achievements.

However, we have seen Blizzard trialing selling skins for actual money, as in the case of Pink Mercy. While this was for a charity event, there’s no reason they won’t do it again.


Why This is a Good Move

Personally, I am not interested in a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket. I don’t play all of Blizzard’s games, and am only interested in the Overwatch and Diablo related news. For this reason, I won’t be picking one up, and therefore thought I’d be missing out on the goodies. This way, players who want the skin but only really play Overwatch will be able to get a hold of it separately at a later date.

Overwatch - Demon Hunter Sombra

It’s also a nice gesture for anyone who decides to pick up Overwatch in the future. This way they won’t be excluded because they were too late to the party. Often, coming into a game later in its lifespan, it can feel like you’ve missed out on all the good bits.


Is This a Sign for the Future of Skins?

With Belgium outlawing loot boxes as “gambling,” games like Overwatch has decided to remove access entirely for that country’s players. If they go the route of selling Demon Hunter Sombra for real money, does this open the door for them doing so with other skins, particularly special events skins?

This would be interesting. Loot boxes are fine, but it can be frustrating when you’re going for one specific skin and never get it. While I don’t imagine Blizzard will add a way to buy just any skin for money, it does seem pretty likely that they’ll start doing it on special occasions. This could be future charity events, or just special event skins.

Regardless of what route they go for Demon Hunter Sombra, I hope we see more events like the Nano Cola D.Va event. It was very simple, with players just needing to win games in any of the matchmade categories to unlock each step, but it was fun. It felt like we were accomplishing something, and there’s a certain amount of joy in unlocking a skin because of effort rather than just buying it or getting loot boxes.


What Other Crossovers Might We See?

Overwatch - Diablo III Crossover Skins

We’ve already seen a few Blizzard crossovers, including Diablo specifically. We’ve had Butcher Roadhog, Crusader Reinhardt, and Barbarian Zarya. What else might we see in the future?

For Diablo III specifically, it’d be great to see a Wizard Moira. It would suit her orb use and aesthetic quite well. The Monk is a little more difficult. It might suit Tracer because of her dashing movement, or Genji with his sword crafted to look more like a staff, but as the Monk look mostly centers around the fist weapons, there isn’t really a good equivalent besides possibly Doomfist.

However, the most exciting crossover skin would definitely be Necromancer Mercy. How amazing would she look with a scythe replacing her staff, and the bone armor associated closely with the grim and creepy class? Not to mention she raises the dead…sort of.


Closing Thoughts

Blizzard crossovers are always well received by the community. The legendary Demon Hunter Sombra skin looks great, and it’s exciting that we can obtain it without needing to get the Virtual Ticket (or attending Blizzcon). This is fantastic news for anyone who wasn’t sure about picking up the ticket, or for new players who start playing in the next year.

We hope to see some more Diablo III crossover skins in the future, or possibly some more skins from other Blizzard games. What Blizzard crossover skin would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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